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"I am very happy to be the part of kalptaru.To accept a plant I feel that I become mother."
"love seeing it grow, fighting with heat"
"I plant Apple tree, because we live in Canada, Winnipeg. our weather is too cold in winter with lots of snow. I water now everyday, it feels good with value I pick peace."
"I'm Anurag Ansh Gupta and I want to say that the soil or plant both are important for human's whole life and the human don't understand it , they are destroying the whole world from their bad activities My humble request to the humans that please understand the importance of the soil and plant . Then , please Take 1 Chance to take 1 Choice to Change 1 Life Thanks"
"We are enjoying while planting together. Feeling wow & together we have started giving positive vibes to each and every plants."
"I feel I have done great job and feel joy inside."
"I am growing every day with my plant"
"Growing a plant , is like growing your own self. It's a humane feeling."
"मेरा पौधा बहुत सुंदर दिख रहा है ये मुझे खुशी देता है मैं इसको एक बच्चे की तरह पालती हूं"
"We are enjoying while planting together. Feeling wow & together we have started giving positive vibes to each and every plants."
"A community project where I was planting my favourite fruit tree. we were all so excited and admired them as our adopted babies.Felt being so close to nature Mother."
"while digging deep in the soil and prepairing it for planting the sapling it felt like my journey of the soul wherein i am digging deep inside myself to remove the impurities and old sanskars and reemerging my eternal original sanskars and virtues. planting the sapling was like planting my true identity again within myself"
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Kolkata, West Bengal
Aaj kalp taruh ke saath rehke aisa laga sansaar ko hum apna yogdaan dene aye hain aur kuch bhi ho jaye bina murjhaye dete rahenge. Meri kalp taruh aur main.
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Bhiwadi, Rajasthan
"आज मुझे एक आंतरिक सकून अनुभव हुआ जब मैंने पौधों को अपने हाथ में लेकर उस गमले में बोया एक शांति की अनुभूति हुई शुक्रिया आपका और कल्पतरू का"
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
BK Phalguni
Bhiwadi, Rajasthan
"First time i planted a tree. I felt extremely beautiful and satisfied. I will take care of this tree and take pledge to plant many others"
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
"today was very simple day for my belpatra. its growth is very low but now i have decided to start a mission to make my belpatra strong and green so from i will my belpatra will get special attention amd care from me. so bye bye we will meet tomorrow"
"5th June is my father's Birthday....he has left his body in the year his loving memory we gift plants on this day....he is great inspiration to us...Today also we had a great day when we gifted plants and also planted a Mango Tree"
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
"I love plants since my childhood. I have learnt how to grow Bonsai during my college time. I too have 25 to 30 plants at home. But this is like my boon granted by Baba. Since long I was willing to plant 1 Neem plant and unknowingly I got this opportunity from my BK Center and so I selected Neem Plant. I have grown all big trees in pots like Billipatra, Asopalav, Daadam, Banana, Khijdo, Parijaat, Champi, Jasood, etc."
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Priti Mehta
Bhavnagar, Gujarat
"I have planted Tulsi and I love this new baby plant to see it grow more"
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Swathi Chinthapatla
Certified Wellness Advisor and Cleansing Therapist, Telangana
आज मैंने पौधारोपण किया जिससे मुझे बहुत खुशी और प्रकृति के प्रति उमंग बढ़ा।
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Mahendra Lodhi
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
I feel very happy when I am pouring water to my plant
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Andhra Pradesh
"I will take care of my cute plant all the time. It gives oxygen, not for me but to all. It’s a gift to Prakriti, to make Swatantra Bharat pollution free. "
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Mukesh Sen
Madhya Pradesh, India
""First time I planted any tree..a very good experience..thanks Brahmakumaris for guiding to this beautiful task. om shanti "
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Supriyo Majumdar
West Bengal
I am super happy that I contributed to this mission with BK
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Raveena Dewangan
I am so excited to plant a tree
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Andhra Pradesh
"आज अपने पौधे को देखकर बहुत संतुष्टि मिली। मैंने पौधे को शांति का सकाश दी।"
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Kamini Dewangan
Bhilai, Chhattisgarh
"Today on 7th June 2022, I, BK Banani have planted snake-plant in a tub at balcony of our home. I chanted Om Shanti during pit preparation and watering in my plant to give positive vibration for proper growth with care of the plant. I kept the name of the plant ""Ananda"", which means Joy. I have pured water to my plant with great care and watched its progress of growth. I love you my little sweet plant "Ananda".
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
Dr Banani Ray Chowdhury
Kolkata, West Bengal
I am very happy and proud that I am doing it for the country
Kalp taruh desktop wallpaper
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