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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it”. Earth, the liveliest planet of our Solar System carrying the weight of 775.28 crore human population is remarkable in its own way. But the destructive actions of this massive population are gradually leading to the demolition of Our Mother Earth. And here comes the need for us to accept and follow a lifestyle healthy for sustainability of the entire ecosystem and its wildlife.

The term Sustainability when seen through an environmental aspect becomes the answer to our various ecological problems. It demonstrates the natural ways in which humans can co-exist with the nature and protect its ecosystem for the wellbeing of the present and the future. It represents the societal goals that widely aims to guide people to the path of self reflection of their own actions. The rapid growth in population has resulted in increased farming and manufacturing of goods, leading to increased greenhouse gas emissions, unsustainable energy consumption, global warming and deforestation. This invites the requirement to accept an alternative way of living to be a necessity. A self sustaining as well as nature friendly lifestyle creates harmony between the environment and its people. The need to educate and make more people aware of this, environmentally sustainable lifestyle, is to establish a better future where people can enjoy their lives without any worry.

Sustainable living is the pillar of a promising future and can be exercised by everyone based on their comfort level and needs. Even small changes in daily routines such as less usage of plastics, reusing and recycling, commutating through public transportation, buy less and buy better, being water wise, cutting down food wastage etc. can make a big difference. Even a small effort from every single being can together make a huge difference. The huge energy usage and high costs can be maintained by efficient use of electricity and power, installing wind mills and solar panels, adopting rain water harvesting method etc. These long term investments largely benefit the environment and are sustainable by nature. Embracing such techniques work as killing 2 birds with one stone, that is, saving human efforts and conserving nature.

Lifestyle for Environmental Sustainability can be summarised as a need to protect what matters the most to us, to improve the quality of our lives and to protect the ecosystem for our future generations instead of a luxury to be enjoyed anytime. With the passage of time, the Mother Earth keeps losing out on its nature and wildlife by various harmful human activities. To protect those splendid memories of nature like that very first snowfall, rainbows appearing at the horizon, the beautiful sunsets, we must put in effects by accepting changes and encouraging others to understand it too. Lifestyle is just a way to express your true motive for the cause but the urge for a change is felt from within. If a small change can save thousands of lives, then it is worth giving a try. Nature is the essence of life and time its key.

Kalp taruh

Kalp Taruh

“With the intention to promote environmental conservation, the Honourable President of India smt. Droupadi Murmu, ceremoniously planted a Bay tree, symbolizing growth and prosperity for

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