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31st Jan – Soul Sustenance
Being Determined To Be Who You Are On some days we wake up feeling so fresh and enthusiastic, we decide to remain in the same state of mind the entire day…stable, relaxed and happy. We will visualize ourselves succeeding and be very sure not to get disturbed. But just moments later there comes a scene - something happens and our anger or ego takes over completely. It feels as if the scene was constructed with the sole intention of breaking our inner promise to ourselves of stability and happiness. Similarly, sometimes we become very determined to watch our diet that day. But the same day we find the most inviting menu or a favorite dish being cooked, so we end up overeating.Such situations come to challenge our will power once in a while. But the very first time we succumb to it, we tend to give in permanently. Instead of saying – I will remain stable during the rest of the day, we start over-thinking, criticizing ourselves for that failure and that depletes our soul power further. So we become more vulnerable in subsequent interactions with colleagues, friends and family even in trivial matters. Thus the whole day goes in a state of turbulence. Few of us believe that small bouts of anger help to create an adrenaline rush to perform better, or that anger gets work done. But there is enough scientific evidence of how anger harms. Apart from hurting relationships, anger outbursts lead to illnesses like blood pressure, blockages in arteries, insomnia (inability to sleep well), body aches, digestive disorders. Few others believe that ego gives a sense of power and helps to be successful. Truth is that ego is a huge weakness. It demands respect instead of commanding, so eventually people move away from us and we do not experience success. Certain emotions test us the most when we least expect. Anger and ego top this list, apart from the temptation to go towards wrong habits. This means our virtue of will power also gets tested often. But it is up to us to be determined and emerge and use our inner resources of peace, power and happiness. A little attention helps us see everyone as beautiful souls. Our pure energy motivates other people to emerge and use their virtues. This means not only will our day be beautiful, but our energy influences people around us to be beautiful too. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
30th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Harmonizing Relationships … Taking Up Responsibility In a conflicted relationship, the problem is neither with that person, nor between us. Conflict is in our mind, in how we think about the other person - blaming, resisting or rejecting them. We believe both of us created the conflict, so both are required to resolve it. Truth is, even if one of us thinks nicely for another, the conflict starts dissolving. When you have differences with someone, do you get hurt or angry, and expect them to do what it takes to restore harmony? Do you step up voluntarily to get it back to its original, cordial terms? Or, do you believe that since two of you initiated the conflict, both of you need to heal the relationship? A relationship starts crumbling, when one person starts thinking negative for another. Words and behaviors may be perfect, but negative thought vibrations hit at the foundation of the bond, create undercurrents and quickly escalate it into a conflict. It needs only one person to heal a conflicted relationship. Let us be the one. It doesn’t matter whether one or both of us contributed to the issue. It doesn’t also matter how negative the energy exchange had been. When one of us start thinking positive and pure for the other person, our vibrations radiate and change their thought process too. And once they are healed, the conflict dissolves and harmony is created. Take responsibility to heal any conflicted relationship you have. Let go of the past, forgive them and think pure and beautiful thoughts for those people. Change your thinking for them to change the energy of the relationship.Your relationships are a source of happiness and harmony if you get along well with everyone. If there is any differences or disagreements, withdraw from conflicts. Even if you cannot understand the other person’s perspective, know that what they say or do is the truth for them at that moment. Prioritize harmony over ego of being right or being superior and genuinely try to resolve the conflict. Do not wait for the other person to heal you, they are pain, they may be sending you negative energy, but you be stable and counter their negativity with your caring and loving vibrations of much greater magnitude. Keep the energy of love flowing from your side, create thoughts of harmony, visualize your relationship being perfect. Radiate pure vibrations so that they raise their emotional frequency and make it more positive and pure just like yours. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
29th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Success And Its Right Essence (Part 3) Whenever you begin any task, stand back from the task and observe the thoughts in your mind. If the thoughts are of worry, a lack of determination or a feeling of difficulty or you possess a negative attitude - that means you are not internally happy. This type of mindset is a negative start to the task and prevents success from being achieved. A positive and powerful thought and a happy thought is the fuel for everlasting success to be achieved. Determination attracts success and a lack of hope and positivity is sowing the seeds of failure. Also, there are many people who are looking to succeed fast and in a short span of time but they experience failure at the level of the heart. They are not only themselves discontented but no one will be content with them. So, always look for success but before you reach those important milestones, which will always exist in your life, also look for happiness and contentment at every step. Otherwise, all those loved ones and the beautiful relationships you share with them and also the beautiful roles that you take pure pride in will leave you. This is because many times, in trying to achieve too much and too fast, we are taking the wrong road to success. It is sometimes said – Success comes at a price. This holds for true for many young achievers. They have done a lot and done good, but they did not follow the real meaning of success and take the right path to success, as we have defined in this message.Always remember, we are human beings not human doings. Always keep the being before the doing and success will be at your doorstep all through your life. Even if you achieve a little less on a physical level, you will achieve a lot more in terms of love and respect received from everyone around you. Also, the true wealth of happiness will be with you all through your life and you will live life much stronger and more peacefully. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
27th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Success And Its Right Essence (Part 1) We all live our lives in the pursuit of many goals and achievements. Although, life presents to us different types of situations and life in its every moment has something to be achieved. It is in living every moment of our lives in happiness and contentment that true success is attained. On the other hand, reaching important goals and achieving important milestones in life in different spheres is very important. Yet while reaching these goals and milestones and on our journey towards reaching them, if we remain light and keep our actions positive and correct and as a result we remain happy, that is in fact true success.Very often, when we try and move too fast to our goals, there can be some success achieved. But while reaching that goal if you perform actions that give sorrow to others or you are not honest or you lose hope and confidence or even for that matter your relationships or health our affected because of that, then that is not true success. Success means experiencing a sense of achievement at every step and not just when the final destination is reached. Also, success means sharing good wishes with each other and giving love to each other, giving blessings and taking blessings from each other, serving and sustaining everyone with good qualities and powers and being a good person. Materialistic success in wealth or role but not experiencing success in these different emotional and spiritual terms is not complete success and not 100% success.(To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
28th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Success And Its Right Essence (Part 2) Success has wrongly been defined as the happening of a positive event or reaching an important milestone in your life. We often say we have done well in an exam or we have got a degree or we overcame a serious illness or we finished a project at work. These are all outer events when something good happens in our life. We have always thought that success came from outside. On the other hand, success in every sphere of your life will be much more and much more long lasting if internally you are powerful, content and joyful and full of truth. This is because our internal state of mind along with our intelligence and other important personality traits and also our physical skills bring us success.Sometimes our internal state of mind is very good but we lack positive skills and maybe a good physical personality suited for a task, and yet we do well in the task. This is because your inner state influences the task much more, even if you have not worked very hard or used too many skills. On the other hand, when our internal state of mind is sometimes not so positive, clear and powerful or our mind is full of unnecessary and negative thoughts but we are extremely talented and possess good intellectual skills, we don’t perform well in a particular task in life. In this case, the skills are not enough to achieve the required purpose. So, long term success is attained more by what we think and positivity in character than by the different positive skills and talents we possess externally. (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
26th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Start Influencing, Stop Controlling Whenever we complain about someone not being our way, we essentially imply that if we could control them, we could have guaranteed right results. The truth is we cannot control anyone, but we can influence literally everyone. Control radiates dominance, influence radiates care. Do you live with or work with someone who uses control tactics to change you? Have you also met people who have inspired you to change, just by being who they are? Let us accept that people will not be our way. Maybe they see nothing wrong with themselves, or they disagree with us, or they don’t want to change. Exerting control or pressurizing people to change their habits or behaviors is never a solution. If we do that, people repel us, leaving no chance for them to listen to us. Our sphere of control owing to position, seniority or role is limited. But our sphere of influence through our personality is infinite. When we consistently live the right way and when we consistently bless them instead of feeling irritated about them, our vibrations radiate to them. Our pure energy empowers and influences them to change. Start connecting with people with acceptance and respect for who they are. Remind yourself daily - I am a powerful being. People can be their way. I remain my way, the right way and influence them. Letting people be their way, I influence their habits and behaviors with my perfection and pure intention.Look to control yourself and influence others. Bring your cheerful energy into every interaction.  Listen to others, intuitively understand others, highlight their potential, give them a sense of purpose, guide them to achieve their goals. Being naturally motivated and wise, inspire everyone to bring out their best, appreciate and celebrate their success. Even if they fail to listen to you or fail to achieve, guide them and encourage them to try again. Lead by example. If someone is not your way, do not get disturbed. Empathize and influence them with your stability and unconditional acceptance. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
24th Jan – Soul Sustenance
5 Tips For Dealing With Death Of A Loved One 1. Experience Yourself And The Loved One As A Soul - The moment your family is shaken by a sudden death, remind yourself a few times everyday - We and the loved one who has left us are beautiful and special souls ... We are connected by vibrations ... we radiate vibrations of peace, love and power to the soul ... The soul is happy in its new family and environment ...2. Create A Collective Positive Consciousness In Your Home - Losing someone can cause you and your family pain if your thoughts are not powerful and full of wisdom. So it’s very important for the entire family to build their spiritual immunity and spiritual strength. Reading and listening to positive wisdom by the family together helps empower everyone.3. Make Your Conversations Positive And Powerful - As a family member it is very important to take emotional responsibility of your family. Make sure that no one indulges in any negative conversations of hopelessness and sadness. When your words for your self, your family and the loved one are full of positivity and power, that will create vibrations of support for each other in the family.4. Don't Absorb Any Pain From Anyone - In a negative environment that can get created after a death, it is very important to remain connected with God closely and not create negative thoughts by absorbing pain from other family members and friends. The more united the family is with each other and with God every moment, the more stable it will be.5. Create A Positive Vision For The Future - When the loss of a loved one is disturbing the family, it is very important for everyone to have a clear vision of moving ahead and keeping oneself busy in positive actions and habits and interacting with positive people. Positive energy use and energy exchange maintains and builds the soul's abilities and strengths in a negative scene of life. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
23rd Jan – Soul Sustenance
The Invisible Support System Of Life (Part 3) The most important and primary influence on our relationships and making them full of love and happiness is of our own mental state. Very often, we talk very positively with people or act very sweetly with people but our mind is full of emotions like jealousy, revenge, hatred and even doubt, suspicion and insecurity. This can harm our relationships immensely and make them internally weak. Sometimes the effects of these hidden emotions don’t show up very soon but they keep harming the relationships internally, without us realizing it. So, a mind which is always light and transmitting the energy of sweetness as a form of love, contentment as a form of joy and calmness as a form of peace, gets the same energy back in all its relationships. This makes relationships full of success and free of obstacles that arise primarily from different personalities and different view-points.Lastly, all of us live our life in this world and we play different roles. One person will play different roles of father, son, husband, brother, engineer etc. in one’s life and all these roles require different qualities and powers as well as skills and attitudes. The more the mind is calm and stable and an embodiment of the three primary virtues of peace, love and joy, the more it is focused and positive. As a result, it can not only choose the right qualities for every role but also implement them in action. Also, the mind saves a lot of its energy and can remain powerful in every situation when it is charged with positive thoughts full of these three virtues. The more powerful the mind is, the more it can take right decisions and discriminate between right and wrong easily, which is the primary key to success. So, roles benefit immensely, under the influence of the mind. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
22nd Jan – Soul Sustenance
The Invisible Support System Of Life (Part 2) The mind is the basis of all existence. Nature, which is made up of five elements is eternal, but it undergoes change from good to bad, from positive to negative. The mind possesses the power to transform nature positively and also can negatively influence nature if it is negative. Every cell of the body is influenced by each and every thought that we create. It is said that our mind is constantly talking to each cell of our body. We are, at every moment, giving a positive or negative message, through our thoughts, to our body and all its systems which are made up of these billions of cells. The message is positive if our mind is full of peace, love and happiness and the message is negative if it’s the opposite. The mind possesses immense power to heal the body just by creating good thoughts and it can also increase the intensity of physical illnesses or create illnesses by creating negative and toxic thoughts.Also, the more the mind always radiates peace, love and joy to everyone around, the more the different mediums in your life which are responsible to bring you physical wealth, become positive. E.g. a positive mind will attract positive circumstances and appropriate people, which will help you in earning more money. Many a times it’s about the right opportunities and they need to come to you at the right time, from the right people. Sometimes people call it luck, but it’s more a direct result of the energy we radiate to the universe and the more positive this energy is, the more the universe will give back to you in many positive ways. So, always think, speak and act positive and you will create positive circumstances in your life, of gaining financially.    (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
21st Jan – Soul Sustenance
The Invisible Support System Of Life (Part 1) Our lives on a physical level, at every step, are based on an invisible spiritual support system. Can you imagine life without peace, love and happiness? These are our basic spiritual qualities of the soul. Once upon a time, a king of a little kingdom was asked, how fulfilled is your kingdom? He thought of the different aspects of life and how fulfilled they were, like health, wealth, relationships and roles. He was asked, how healthy is your kingdom? He thought of physical health and the magnitude of illnesses in the people of his kingdom and replied that all was not well. Then, he thought about how financially well-off his kingdom was and replied there was a little poverty existing in the kingdom. He also thought of relationships and roles, and realized that there was sorrow in relationships and some people were not satisfied with their roles and jobs they had. The king realized soon that to make his kingdom, healthy, wealthy and happy in all respects, was a difficult task but did not know where to start. Just like the king and his kingdom, health, wealth, relationships and roles in the whole world are all physical aspects but to make each of them positive and free of obstacles, we need to look at the invisible spiritual support system of peace, love and happiness. The more all of us become full of these three qualities by making ourselves full of positivity and strength, the more the different aspects of life will be full of success. We know the mind’s health influences physical health and the mind’s fulfillment attracts physical wealth. Also, the mind’s goodness makes relationships beautiful and the mind’s focus and clarity makes our roles free from problems. (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
25th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Replacing Negative Labels Given To The Self Using people’s opinions or our own perception, we sometimes put labels on our self, such as - I am slow, I am aggressive. Repeated negative affirmations of labels on the self increase that behaviour in us. Labels we put on our self or people put on us, become repeated thoughts and words about our personality. They become our reality, till we decide to change our labels.1. Check if since your childhood, people had certain things to say about your incorrect habits or behaviors. Their intentions were pure, and they wanted you to change. But they gave you negative labels like you are lazy or you are careless and so on.2. It is possible that you accepted the labels people gave you, made them your identity, thereby reaffirming that personality trait of being lazy or careless. When you repeatedly say - I am so and so, you reinforce it. It signifies who you are and who you will be.3. Make a list of all the negative labels you have absorbed from others and are still holding on to. Over a period, they have become affirmations and a part of your vocabulary, obstructing your success and happiness.4. Check if you say anything negative about yourself. Even if it is a reality, replace them with pure, positive labels. Repeat it for a few days till it becomes your positive identity. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
20th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
పరిష్కారాల గురించి మాత్రమే ఆలోచించండి మరియు మాట్లాడండి కొన్నిసార్లు పరిస్థితులు సవాలుగా లేదా వ్యక్తులను మేనేజ్ చేయడం కష్టంగా ఉన్న సమయాలను మనం ఎదుర్కొంటాము. మనము సమస్యపై దృష్టి పెడితే, మనం కలత చెందుతాము, చింతిస్తాము, భయపడతాము, నిందలు వేస్తాము మరియు ఫిర్యాదు చేస్తాము. ఇవన్నీ మన శక్తిని క్షీణింపజేస్తాయి మరియు క్షీణించిన స్థితిలో, మన సమస్య మరింత పెద్దదిగా కనిపిస్తుంది. మనం మన శక్తిని ఆదా చేసుకొని పరిష్కారాలపై దృష్టి పెట్టాలి. మీరు తరచుగా మీ సమస్యల గురించి పరిష్కారాల కంటే ఎక్కువగా మాట్లాడుతున్నారా మరియు నెగెటివ్ భావాలతో ఉంటున్నారా? కఠిన సమయంలో మీరు అసలు ఎవరు బాధ్యులు? ఎందుకు జరిగింది,? నాకే ఇలా ఎందుకు జరిగింది? అని ఆలోచించడం, చర్చించడం చేస్తారా ? లేదా ఇప్పుడు ఏమి చేయాలనే దానిపై దృష్టి పెడుతూ ఇతరులకు కూడా చేయాల్సిన వాటిపైన ఆలోచింప చేస్తారా? మన పరిస్థితి ఎంత కఠినంగా ఉన్నా, దానిని పరిష్కరించటం ఒక్కటే ముఖ్యమైనది . విపరీతమైన ప్రశ్నలతో మనస్సును లోడ్ చేయడం వల్ల సమయం వృధా కావాటమే కాక మన శక్తి కూడా క్షీణిస్తుంది. నిందలు వేయడం , స్వయాన్ని బాధితుడుగా భావించడం, పరిస్థితిని విమర్శించడం లేదా తిరస్కరించడం వంటి ఆలోచనలు మనస్సు నుంచి మనం దూరం చేయాలి. ఈ ఆలోచనలు మనల్ని మరియు ఇతరులను క్షీణింపజేస్తాయి మరియు పరిస్థితిని ఇంకా దిగజారుస్తాయి. సమస్య మరింత పెద్దదిగా కనిపిస్తుంది. కనుక వెంటనే చేయాల్సింది సమస్య యొక్క వివరాలలోకి వెళ్ళడం కాదు పరిష్కారానికి మార్గాలు వెతకడం. ఇది ఇప్పటికే జరిగిపోయింది కాబట్టి సమస్యను అంగీకరించి వర్తమానం పై దృష్టి పెట్టాలి. మన ప్రతి ఆలోచనను పరిష్కారాన్ని వెతకడానికి మరియు దానిని అమలు చేయడానికి ఉపయోగిద్దాం. మీ బాధ్యతను గుర్తుంచుకుంటూ ప్రతి ఒక్కరూ కలిసి సమస్యను పరిష్కరించడంపై దృష్టి పెట్టడానికి సహకరించండి. ఈ రోజు నుండి మీరు కఠిన పరిస్థితులలో లేదా కష్టమైన వ్యక్తితో ఉన్నప్పుడు, మీ జీవితం పర్ఫెక్ట్ గా ఉందని మరియు ప్రతి సన్నివేశం కళ్యాణకారి అని మీకు మీరు చెప్పుకోండి . సమస్య పెద్దదైనా చిన్నదైనా, సమస్య వచ్చినప్పుడల్లా మీ శక్తిని పరిష్కారాల వైపు మళ్లించండి. ఆ పరిస్థితిని, వ్యక్తిని అంగీకరించండి. సన్నివేశాలు లేదా ప్రవర్తనలను ప్రశ్నించడంలో మీ శక్తిని వృధా చేసుకోకండి. ఇది ఆ వ్యక్తుల సంస్కారమని తెలుసుకోండి, ఇది మీ పూర్వ కర్మఫలం అని తెలుసుకోండి, మీ విధిలో ఈ సన్నివేశాన్ని మీరే వ్రాసుకున్నారు . మీపై, మీ కర్మలపై , మీ ప్రవర్తనపై దృష్టి పెట్టండి. మీ లక్ష్యాలపై, తరువాత చేయాల్సిన వాటి పై దృష్టి పెట్టండి మరియు మీ శక్తిని వర్తమానంలో ఉండడానికి ఉపయోగించండి. వర్తమానంలోనే మీ శక్తి ఉంది. కాబట్టి ప్రశాంతంగా ఉండండి. పరిష్కారంపై దృష్టి పెట్టండి, పరిష్కారం గురించి ఆలోచించండి, పరిష్కారం గురించి మాట్లాడండి మరియు పరిష్కారాన్ని రూపొందించండి. చివరగా పరిష్కారాన్ని అమలు చేసి పరిస్థితిని దాటండి. దీనినే పరిష్కారం-ఆధారితమైనది విధానం అని అంటారు. ఇదే పాజిటివిటీ , ఆనందం మరియు స్థిరత్వానికి తాళం చెవి . ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
20th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Think And Talk Only About Solutions Sometimes we face times when situations are challenging or people are difficult to manage. If we focus on the problem, we get upset, we worry, we fear, we blame and we complain. All these deplete our energy, and in a depleted state, our problem appears even bigger. We need to save our energy and focus it on creating solutions. Do you often keep talking about your problems more than solutions, and dwell on negative feelings? During a crisis do you get stuck ruminating, thinking and discussing - Who was responsible, why did it happen, how could things go so wrong with me? Or do you remind yourself and others involved, to simply focus on what is to be done now? However bad our situation is, its solution is the only thing that really matters. Loading the mind with overwhelming questions drains our energy apart from wasting time. We need to silence the mind, not allow it to go on with thoughts of blame, feeling like a victim, criticizing or rejecting the situation. These thoughts deplete us, deplete others and deplete the energy of the situation. This approach magnifies the problem. Details of the problem can be thought of later, immediate need is to shift to solutions. Let’s accept the problem. It has already happened so we need to focus on the present moment. Let’s divert our every thought to seek a solution, create a solution and implement it. Remember your responsibility and empower everyone to together focus on solving the problem.From today, when you are in the middle of a difficult situation or with a difficult person, tell yourself your life is perfect and every scene is beautiful. Direct your energy towards solutions whenever there is an issue, big or small. Accept the situation, the person. Do not waste your energy in questioning scenes or behaviors. Know that it is people’s sanskars, know that it is your past karma, you had written this scene in your destiny. Focus on yourself, your actions, your behavior. Focus on your objectives, on the next scene and use your energy to be in the present. Your power is in the present. So remain calm. Focus on the solution, think of the solution, talk of the solution and create a solution. Finally implement the solution and cross the situation. This is being solution-oriented and the key to positivity, happiness and stability. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
19th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
భగవంతుడు ప్రపంచాన్ని ఎలా పవిత్రం చేస్తాడు (పార్ట్ 3)? మనం నిన్నటి సందేశంలో చర్చించినట్లుగా, ప్రపంచంలోని అన్ని ఆత్మలు రాగియుగం మరియు ఇనుపయుగంలో అనేక నెగెటివ్ మరియు అపవిత్రమైన కర్మలను చేస్తారు . ఫలితంగా, సృష్టి నాటకం యొక్క ఈ చివరి రెండు దశలలో ప్రపంచంలోని ప్రతి ఆత్మ నెగెటివ్ మరియు అపవిత్రమైన సంస్కారాలతో నిండి ఉంటారు. అలాగే, పరంధామం అనగా ఆత్మల ప్రపంచం అన్ని మానవ ఆత్మలకు నిజమైన ఇల్లు, వారు ఈ భౌతిక ప్రపంచంలోకి వివిధ జన్మలలో వివిధ భౌతిక శరీరాల ద్వారా తమ పాత్రలను పోషించడానికి ఆ పరంధామం నుండే వచ్చారు. మానవ ఆత్మలందరూ ఆత్మల ప్రపంచమైన పరంధామంలో ఉన్నప్పుడు, మరియు ఈ స్థూల ప్రపంచంలో తమ పాత్రలను ప్రారంభించిన క్రొత్తలో పూర్తిగా పవిత్రంగా ఉండేవారు. ఇప్పుడు, ఇనుప యుగం ముగింపులో, మానవ ఆత్మలందరూ తమను తాము పూర్తిగా శుద్ధి చేసుకొని తిరిగి ఆత్మల ప్రపంచమైన పరంధామానికి తిరిగి వెళ్ళే సమయం వచ్చింది. పరంధామానికి వెళ్ళేందుకు రెండు మార్గాల ఉన్నాయి. అవి -1. భగవంతునితో కనెక్ట్ అవడం ద్వారా మరియు నిన్నటి సందేశంలో చర్చించబడిన నాలుగు అంశాలు - ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం, మెడిటేషన్, దైవిక గుణాలను నింపుకోవడం మరియు ఆత్మిక సేవ. 2. పూర్వ జన్మలలో చేసిన చెడు కర్మల ఫలంగా ఈ రోజుల్లో ఏవైతే అనారోగ్యాలు, ప్రకృతి వైపరీత్యాలు, వాతావరణ మార్పులు, గ్లోబల్ వార్మింగ్, ఆర్థిక సమస్యలు, సంబంధాలలో విభేదాలు, దేశాల మధ్య వైరాలు వంటి ప్రతికూల పరిస్థితులు మరియు వాటి ప్రభావాలను ఈ జీవితంలో అనుభవిస్తూ ఆ పూర్వ కర్మల లెక్కలను క్లియర్ చేసుకోవడం అనేది రెండవ పద్ధతి.ఈ పరివర్తన ప్రక్రియ జరిగిన తర్వాత, ప్రపంచంలోని మానవ ఆత్మలందరూ తిరిగి ఆత్మల ప్రపంచమైన పరంధామం తిరిగి వెళ్ళే సమయం వస్తుంది. అలాగే, ఇతర జీవ రాశుల ఆత్మలు వివిధ రకాల ప్రతికూల పరిస్థితుల ద్వారా శుద్ధి అవుతాయి . వారు మానవ ఆత్మల పవిత్రమైన ప్రకంపనల ద్వారా కూడా ప్రభావితమవుతారు. వారు భగవంతుడునితో కనెక్ట్ కాలేరు లేదా అతని జ్ఞానాన్ని అర్థం చేసుకోలేరు. కనుక మానవ ఆత్మలు మరియు ఇతర జీవరాశుల ఆత్మల శుద్ధీకరణ ఫలితంగా, పంచ తత్త్వాలు శుద్ధి చేయబడతాయి. ఈ విధంగా మానవ ఆత్మలు పరంధామం నుండి ఈ ప్రపంచానికి తిరిగి వచ్చిన తరువాత, మిగిలిన వారు అక్కడ కొంత కాలం శాంతిలో ఉంటారు. విశ్రాంతి తీసుకున్న తర్వాత, వారి పవిత్రతను బట్టి వారు తమ పాత్రలను పోషించడానికి ఆ ఆ వేర్వేరు సమయాల్లో భూమిపైకి వస్తారు. పవిత్రమైన ఆత్మలు ముందుగా భూమిపైకి వస్తాయి. పవిత్రమైన రెండు దశలు అనగా సత్య,త్రేతా యుగాలు భూమిపై మళ్లీ జరుగుతాయి మరియు అపవిత్రత మరియు నెగెటివ్ ప్రకంపనలు యొక్క రెండు దశలు అనగా ద్వాపర,కలి యుగాలు కూడా మరోసారి జరుగుతాయి. 5000 సంవత్సరాల ప్రపంచ నాటకం ఈ విధంగా పునరావృతమవుతుంది. ఈ మొత్తం ప్రక్రియలో, భగవంతుడు శాశ్వతమైన వారు. వారు ఎల్లప్పుడూ ఆత్మికంగా , గుణాలు , శక్తులలో నిండుగా ఉంటారు. సృష్టి అపవిత్రంగా మారినపుడల్లా పవిత్రము చేస్తారు . ఈ పరివర్తన ప్రక్రియ కూడా సృష్టిచక్రము వలె శాశ్వతమైనది. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
19th Jan – Soul Sustenance
How Does God Purify The World (Part 3)? As we have discussed in yesterday’s message, that all the souls of the world perform many negative and impure actions in the Copper Age and Iron Age. As a result, sanskars of negativity and impurity have got created in every soul of the world in these last two phases of the World Drama. Also, the soul world is the original home of all human souls, from where they have come in this physical world to play their roles through different physical bodies in different births. All human souls were completely pure in their original stage when they were in the soul world and when they began their roles in the physical world. Now, at the end of the Iron Age, it’s time for all human souls to purify themselves completely and then return back to the soul world. This will happen through two ways – 1. through their connection with God and the four aspects discussed in yesterday’s message – spiritual wisdom, meditation, imbibing of divine qualities and spiritual service. 2. And also, by settling some of their past negative actions by facing different types of negative situations and their effects, like illnesses, natural calamities, climate change and global warming, financial problems, conflicts in different types of relationships, conflicts between countries and between different sections of society, criminal activities, and others, which are increasing in the world everyday in people’s lives and on a global level.After this process of complete purification takes place, there will come a time, when all the human souls of the world, will start returning back to the soul world. Also, souls of other species will get purified by going through different types of negative situations. They will also get influenced by the pure vibrations of human souls. They will not connect with God or understand His wisdom. As a result of the purification of human souls and souls of other species, complete physical nature will also get purified, because it will receive their pure vibrations. After this return of human souls to the soul world, they will stay over there in silence for some time and then after rest in that world, they will come down on Earth at different times to play their roles, depending on how pure they are. The purer souls will come down on Earth earlier. The two phases of purity will take place on Earth again and then the two phases of negativity and impurity will take place after that once more. This is how the World Drama of 5000 years will repeat itself. In this entire process, which is eternal, God is always constant in His spiritual stage and purifies the world, whenever it becomes impure. This happens again and again and is an eternal process, just like the World Drama is eternal. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
18th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
భగవంతుడు ప్రపంచాన్ని పావనంగా ఎలా చేస్తాడు (భాగం – 2)? భగవంతుడు పరివర్తనకు అతీతుడు. భగవంతుడు ఎల్లపుడూ పవిత్రత, గుణాలు మరియు శక్తులతో నిండి ఉంటాడు. భగవంతుడు తన ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం ద్వారా చెప్పినట్లుగా, భూమిపై ఈ సృష్టి యొక్క ఆయుష్షు 5000 సంవత్సరాలు. కాలచక్రంలో ఈ సృష్టి నాటకం నాలుగు సమాన భాగాలుగా నడుస్తుంది, అవి - స్వర్ణయుగం, వెండి యుగం, రాగి యుగం మరియు ఇనుప యుగం, ఒక్కొక్కటి 1250 సంవత్సరాలు. మొదటి రెండు దశలు మానవ ఆత్మలందరితో పాటు ఇతర జీవ రాశుల ఆత్మలు పూర్తిగా పవిత్రంగా మరియు సంతోషంగా ఉంటాయి. ప్రపంచమంతా 100% సామరస్యంగా ఉంటుంది. ప్రకృతి కూడా పూర్తిగా ప్రశాంతంగా మరియు స్వచ్ఛంగా ఉంటుంది. మూడవ దశ లేదా రాగి యుగం ప్రారంభంలో, అంటే స్వర్ణయుగం నుండి కొన్ని జన్మల ప్రయాణం తర్వాత, మానవ ఆత్మల ఆత్మిక శక్తి కొద్దిగా తగ్గుతుంది. ఆ కారణంగా, వారు శరీరం అనే భ్రాంతి మరియు పంచ వికరాలు - కామం, క్రోధం, లోభం, మోహం మరియు అహంకారం యొక్క ప్రభావంలోకి రావడం ప్రారంభిస్తారు. అపవిత్రంగా మారడం ప్రారంభిస్తారు. అలాగే, ఇతర జీవరాశుల ఆత్మలు కూడా వారి ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తిని తగ్గడం వలన మరియు మానవ ఆత్మల యొక్క నెగెటివ్ వైబ్రేషన్స్ యొక్క ప్రభావం వలన అపవిత్రంగా మారడం ప్రారంభించి పంచ వికారాల ప్రభావంలోకి రావడం ప్రారంభిస్తాయి . ఈ ప్రక్రియలో ప్రకృతి నెగెటివ్ వైబ్రేషన్స్ ప్రభావంలోకి రావడంతో ప్రకృతి యొక్క ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తి క్షీణించి నెగెటివ్ మరియు అపవిత్రంగా మారడం ప్రారంభిస్తుంది . మనం నాల్గవ దశ లేదా ఇనుప యుగం ముగింపుకు వచ్చే సరికి, ఈ మూడింటిలోని అశుద్ధత అత్యధిక స్థాయికి చేరుకుంటుంది. భగవంతుడు ఈ మూడింటి కన్నా ఉన్నతాతి ఉన్నతమైన వారు. కావున ఈ సంగమ యుగంలో మూడింటిని పవిత్రంగా మార్చే బాధ్యతను వారు తీసుకుంటారు. అందుకే ఈ యుగాన్ని సంగమ యుగం లేదా పరివర్తన యుగం అని అంటారు. సంగమ యుగం తర్వాత, స్వర్ణయుగం మళ్లీ ప్రారంభమవుతుంది మరియు 5000 సంవత్సరాల సృష్టి నాటకం మళ్లీ పునరావృతం అవుతుంది.సృష్టి నాటకంలో సంగమ యుగం అయిన ప్రస్తుత సమయంలో భగవంతుడు మానవ ఆత్మలను, వివిధ జీవరాశుల ఆత్మలను మరియు ప్రకృతిని ఎలా శుద్ధి చేస్తారు? మొట్ట మొదటిగా, భగవంతుడు తన గురించి, ఆత్మలు మరియు వారి జన్మల గురించి, 5000 సంవత్సరాల సృష్టి నాటకం మరియు దాని పునరావృతం గురించి మానవ ఆత్మలకు ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానాన్ని ఇస్తారు . మెడిటేషన్ ద్వారా ఆత్మిక స్థితిలో ఉండే విధానం, భగవంతునితో కనెక్ట్ అయ్యే విధానం నేర్పిస్తారు. ఈ విశ్వానికి ఎంతో దూరంలో ఉన్న ఆత్మల ప్రపంచంలో తనను ఏ విధంగా స్మృతి చేయాలో వారు బోధిస్తారు . అలాగే, మానవ ఆత్మలకు పవిత్రత, నమ్రత, సహనం మరియు సంతుష్టత వంటి దైవీ గుణాలను ఎలా అలవర్చుకోవాలో మరియు ఇతర మానవ ఆత్మలకు వారు భగవంతుని నుండి పొందిన జ్ఞానం, గుణాలు మరియు శక్తులతో ఎలా సేవ చేయాలో బోధిస్తాడు. ఈ నాలుగు అంశాలు అంటే జ్ఞానం, మెడిటేషన్ , దైవిక గుణాలను ఆచరించడం మరియు ఆత్మిక సేవ మానవ ఆత్మలను శుద్ధి చేయడంలో మరియు వారిని ఆత్మ జాగృతి చేయడంలో సహాయపడతాయి తద్వారా అవి సృష్టిని శుద్ధి చేయడంలో సహాయపడతాయి.(రేపు కొనసాగుతుంది...) ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
18th Jan – Soul Sustenance
How Does God Purify The World (Part 2)? God is the One who is beyond change and remains constant in His purity, qualities and powers. As revealed by God through His spiritual wisdom, the World Drama of 5000 years on Earth goes through four equal phases – the Golden Age, Silver Age, Copper Age and the Iron Age, of 1250 years each. The first two phases are ones in which all human souls and souls of other species are completely pure and happy and there is 100% harmony in the world. Even nature is completely peaceful and pure. In the beginning of the third phase or Copper Age, after a journey of a few births, starting from the Golden Age, the spiritual power of human souls reduces slightly. Because of that, they start coming under the influence of body consciousness and the five vices - lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego and start becoming impure. Also, souls of other species, because of a reduction in their own spiritual power and also because they get influenced by the negative vibrations of human souls, they start becoming impure and start coming under the influence of the five vices. This process creates a negative environment in nature and its spiritual vibrations also start becoming negative and impure. As we come to the end of the fourth phase or the Iron Age, which is the present time, the impurity in all three reaches its maximum. Since God is above all three and at the top of the hierarchy, He fulfills His responsibility of making all three pure at this time, which is the Confluence Age or the Age of World Transformation between the Iron Age and Golden Age. After the Confluence Age, the Golden Age begins again and the World Drama of 5000 years repeats again.How does God purify human souls, souls of different species and nature at the present time, which is the Confluence Age in the World Drama? The first step is that God shares spiritual wisdom with human souls about Himself, souls and their births and the World Drama of 5000 years and its repetition. He teaches them how to become soul conscious and connect with Him and remember Him in the soul world, which exists beyond the physical Universe, through the process of meditation. Also, He teaches human souls how to imbibe divine qualities like purity, humility, tolerance and contentment and how to serve other human souls and the world with the wisdom, qualities and powers which they have received from God. All these four aspects i.e. wisdom, meditation, imbibing of divine qualities and spiritual service help in purifying human souls and making them soul conscious and they also help in purifying the world.(To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
17th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
భగవంతుడు ప్రపంచాన్ని పావనంగా ఎలా చేస్తాడు (భాగం - 1) ? మనం 8 బిలియన్ల మనుష్యులు, పెద్ద సంఖ్యలో వివిధ జాతుల జంతువులు, పక్షులు మరియు ఇతర జీవులు ప్రపంచంలో నివసిస్తున్నాము. అలాగే, ప్రపంచం పంచతత్త్వాలు అనగా - భూమి, నీరు, అగ్ని, గాలి మరియు ఆకాశంతో తయారు చేయబడినధి . భగవంతుడు చెప్పినట్లుగా ఈ వరల్డ్ డ్రామా యొక్క నియమం ఏమిటంటే ఈ సృష్టి చక్రం, మానవులతో సహా ప్రపంచంలోని అన్ని జాతుల ఆత్మలు మరియు ప్రకృతి శాశ్వతమైనవి. ఈ మూడింటితో కూడిన 5000 సంవత్సరాల అనంతమైన నాటకం భూమిపై మళ్లీ మళ్లీ పునరావృతం అవుతుంది. ఈ సృష్టి నాటకంలో ఆత్మలు అనేక జన్మలలో తమ తమ పాత్రలను కలిగి ఉంటారు . ఈ సృష్టి నాటకం రిపీట్ అయినప్పుడల్లా వారు అవే పాత్రలను మళ్లీ మళ్లీ పోషిస్తారు. సృష్టి నాటకం ప్రారంభంలో, ఆత్మలందరూ పవిత్రమైన వారు. వారు జన్మలు తీసుకుంటూ అపవిత్రం అవుతారు. తిరిగి ప్రపంచ నాటకం ముగింపులో భగవంతుని సహాయంతో మళ్లీ పవిత్రంగా మారతారు. భగవంతుడు సర్వశక్తివంతుడు. ఈ ప్రపంచ నాటకంలో ఉన్న అత్యంత ప్రభావవంతమైన మరియు శక్తివంతమైన శక్తి భగవంతుడిది . మానవ ఆత్మల ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తి రెండవ అత్యంత ప్రభావవంతమైన మరియు శక్తివంతమైనది. ఆ తరువాత వివిధ జాతుల, ఇతర జీవుల ఆత్మల శక్తి. ఇది ఒక క్రమం లాంటిది – భగవంతుడు క్రమంలో అగ్రస్థానంలో ఉన్నాడు, భగవంతుని క్రింద మానవ ఆత్మలు ఉన్నారు , మానవ ఆత్మల క్రింద అనేక విభిన్న జీవుల యొక్క ఆత్మలు. ఈ క్రమంలో దిగువన పంచతత్త్వాలు. పంచతత్త్వాలు అనగా మొక్కలు, చెట్లు,భూమి, సముద్రాలు, నదులు, పర్వతాలు మొదలైనవి ఉన్నాయి, ఇవి ఆత్మలు కలిగి ఉండవు. (రేపు కొనసాగుతుంది...) ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
17th Jan – Soul Sustenance
How Does God Purify The World (Part 1)? We are living in a world of 8 billion people and a large number of different species of animals, birds and other organisms. Also, the world is made up of physical nature consisting of the five elements – earth, water, fire, air and space. As revealed by God, it is the law of the World Drama that God, all souls of all species in the world including humans, and physical nature are eternal and this World Drama of 5000 years involving these three repeats itself again and again on planet Earth. All souls have fixed roles in different births in the World Drama. They play these roles again and again as the World Drama repeats. At the beginning of the World Drama, all souls are pure. They become pure to impure in the journey of birth and rebirth and impure to pure again at the end of the World Drama, with the help of God.God’s Supreme Energy is the most influential and powerful energy that exists in this World Drama. The spiritual energy of human souls is the second most influential and powerful. After that is the energy of souls of other living beings of different species. This is like a hierarchy – God is at the top of the hierarchy, below God are human souls, below human souls are the souls of the millions of different species of different living beings and at the bottom of the hierarchy is physical nature of the five elements, which includes plants and trees as well as land, seas, rivers, mountains etc., which do not have souls.(To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
16th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
మీ దృష్టిని నిష్పక్షపాతంగా మరియు ప్రతి ఒక్కరిని ఆత్మికంగా మార్చండి గౌరవం మరియు వినయం వంటి మీ నిజ గుణాల ద్వారా వ్యక్తులతో కనెక్ట్ అవ్వండి. మీ గుణాలు మీ స్వంతం. ప్రతి ఒక్కరితో, ప్రతి పరిస్థితిలో మరియు ప్రతిసారీ వాటిని ఉపయోగించండి. మీరు ఒకరితో మర్యాదగా మరియు మరొకరితో అహంభావంతో ఉంటే లేదా మీ ప్రవర్తన ఇతరులు మీతో ప్రవర్తించే దానిని బట్టి ఉంటే , మీ ఉన్నతమైన వ్యక్తిత్వం తగ్గి పోతుంది. మీ చుట్టూ ఎవరూ సరిగ్గా లేకపోయినా, మీ గుణాల నుండి మీరు దూరం కాకండి. ఎవరిపైనైనా పక్షపాతం చూపించినట్లు అయితే మన స్వంత నమ్మకాలు మరియు వాస్తవికత మధ్య అడ్డంకులు ఏర్పడతాయి . కొన్నిసార్లు మనం ఒకరి కంటే మరొకరిని ఎందుకు ఇష్టపడతామో, ఏదైనా స్థలాన్ని ఎందుకు ఇష్టపడమో, లేదా ఒక బ్రాండ్‌ను ఎందుకు తిరస్కరిస్తామో మనం చెప్పలేము. మనం ఎంత పక్షపాతంతో ఉంటామో, అంత అసమంజసంగా ఉంటాం. మీ స్వరూపం, స్థానం, సంస్కృతి, జాతీయత, మతం - మీరు తెచ్చిపెట్టుకున్నవి, మీరు అవి కాదు. కాబట్టి వ్యక్తులతో వారి పాత్రను బట్టి , స్థానాన్ని బట్టి కనెక్ట్ అవ్వకండి. ఇది పక్షపాతానికి దారితీస్తుంది. ఆధిక్యత లేదా న్యూనత యొక్క భవాలను సృష్టిస్తుంది. మీ మనసు ఎవరికోసమో లేదా దేనికోసమో సరిగ్గా ఆలోచించకపోతే, మీరు సామాజిక ఒత్తిడి లేదా ఇతరుల ఆమోదం కారణంగా పక్షపాతంతో ఉన్నారేమో అని చెక్ చేసుకొండి. నమ్మకాన్ని సరిదిద్దుకోండి మరియు మీ అభిప్రాయాన్ని మార్చుకోండి. మీరు పవిత్రమైన ఆత్మ అని, మరొక పవిత్రమైన ఆత్మతో మాట్లాడుతున్నారని మీకు మీరు గుర్తు చేసుకోండి. మర్యాదను ఇచ్చి పుచ్చుకుంటూ పాత్రల ప్రకారం సామాజిక నియమాలను అనుసరించండి . మనము వ్యక్తిని గౌరవించాలి. ఇది వ్యక్తుల పాత్రలు, విశ్వాసం, జాతీయత లేదా మరే ఇతర అంశాల ప్రకారం మారకూడదు. స్వచ్ఛమైన మనస్సుతో వ్యక్తులను కలవండి, వారి గురించి మీరు కలిగి ఉన్న గత ప్రభావాలను తొలగించండి. కొత్త ఆలోచనా విధానం మరియు కొత్త ప్రవర్తనతో వారిని చూడండి. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
16th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Making Your Vision Unbiased And Spiritual For Everyone Connect to people through your original qualities of respect and humility. Your qualities are your own, use them with everyone, in every situation and every time. If you are polite with one person and egoistic with another, or if your behaviour reflects the way others behave with you, your personality gets lost in the process. Even if no one around you is being right, don’t drift from your qualities. Our biases can create barriers between our own beliefs and the reality. Sometimes we cannot justify why we prefer one person over another, why we dislike a place, or reject a product brand. The more biased we are, the more unreasonable we become.1. Your appearance, position, culture, nationality, religion – are what you have acquired, it’s not who you are. So don’t connect with people as role to role, or position to position. It creates thoughts of superiority or inferiority, leading to biases.2. If your mind is not thinking right for someone or something, check if you are biased due to social conditioning or public approval. Correct the belief and change your opinion.3. Remind yourself that you are a pure being, interacting with another pure being. Extend courtesies and follow social rules according to roles. But respect is for the being, so it should not change according to people’s roles, faith, nationality or any other factor.4. Meet people with a clean mind, deleting past impressions you hold about them. Perceive them with a new way of thinking and a new behaviour. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
15th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
సరైన అలవాట్లను నిరంతరం అమలు చేయడం మొదట మనం మన అలవాట్లను ఏర్పరుచుకుంటాము, ఆపై మన అలవాట్లు మనల్ని తయారు చేస్తాయని సామెత ఉంది . మనలో చాలా మంది గొప్ప అలవాట్లను చేసుకుంటారు కానీ అవి మన జీవితంలో పాతుకుపోయేవరకు వాటిని కొనసాగించడంలో మనం దృఢంగా లేము. ఏదైనా కార్యాచరణ లేదా అలవాటు చేసుకోవాలనుకున్నపుడు, మన ఆలోచనల నుండి ప్రారంభించి, అవి మన వ్యక్తిత్వంలో స్థిరమైన భాగం అయ్యే వరకు మనం ఆ పనులను చేస్తూ ఉండాలి . మీరు ఎప్పుడైనా ప్రయోజనకరమైన కొత్త అలవాటును చేసుకున్నారా, కానీ దానిని కొనసాగించడం కష్టంగా ఉందా? మీరు దానిని దృఢంగా పాటించలేకపోయినందున లేదా ఎవరైనా కట్టుబడి ఉండటం కష్టమని చెప్పినందున మీరు ఆ ఆరోగ్యకరమైన అలవాటును వదులుకున్నారా?అలా అయితే ఆ అలవాటును మీదిగా చేసుకోవడానికి మీకు మీరు కొంత సమయం ఇవ్వండి. ఏదైనా అలవాటు మన స్వభావంగా మారడానికి ముందు కొన్ని రోజులు ఆ అలవాటును అదే పనిగా రిపీట్ చేయడం అవసరం. గతంలో మనం ఒక అలవాటును కొనసాగించడంలో విఫలమైనా, లేదా ఆ అలవాటును కొనసాగించడం కష్టమని ఇతరులు భావించినా, మనం మాత్రం దానిని ఆచరిస్తూనే ఉండాలి. ఒక ఆరోగ్యకరమైన అలవాటును ఏర్పరచుకోవడంపై దృష్టి పెట్టండి, మీకు ఇది ఎందుకు అవసరమో అర్థం చేసుకొని మీ దినచర్య లేదా పరిస్థితిని లెక్కచేయకుండా వరుసగా 20 రోజుల పాటు దీన్ని ప్రాక్టీస్ చేయడానికి ప్రాధాన్యత ఇవ్వండి. ప్రతిరోజూ దానిని ఇప్పటికే మీ దినచర్యలో భాగం అయినట్లుగా ఒక విజువలైజేషన్ చేయండి. ఇది మీ జీవతంలో ఆ కొత్త అలవాటును సులభతరం చేస్తుంది. ఆరోగ్యకరమైన అలవాటును కొనసాగించడం వలన ఒక ప్రయోజనం ఉంటుంది. అదనంగా, ఇది సంకల్ప శక్తిని, ఆరోగ్యం మరియు ఆనందాన్ని పెంచుతుంది, మీ సంబంధాలను మెరుగుపరుస్తుంది మరియు మీ పనిలో మీకు విజయాన్ని తెస్తుంది. మీ అలవాట్లతో స్థిరమైన దినచర్యను ఏర్పరచుకోవడం, స్వయం పై నియంత్రణను పెంచుతుంది. సరైన ఆలోచనా విధానం, సరైన దృష్టి కోణం , విశ్వాసం , వ్యాయామం, మెడిటేషన్, ఆధ్యాత్మిక అధ్యయనం, ఆహారం, విశ్రాంతి, నిద్ర, పనిలో నైతికత, సామాజిక అలవాట్లు మొదలైనవి మీ వ్యక్తిగత వృద్ధికి తోడ్పడే మంచి అలవాట్లను పెంపొందించకునే క్రమశిక్షణను అలవర్చుకోండి. మీరు వాస్తవంగా ఎలా ఉండాలనుకుంటున్నారో దాని గురించి మాత్రమే నిరంతరం ఆలోచించండి. మీ ఆలోచనలు సరైన కర్మల చేయడానికి తోడ్పడతాయి. ఆ కర్మలన్నీ మీ వ్యక్తిత్వంలో భాగమవుతాయి. వాటి గురించి ఆలోచించడం మరియు వాటిని అమలులోకి తీసుకురావడం ద్వారా, మీ అలవాట్లు దృఢం అవుతాయి. వాటిని మీ దినచర్యకు జోడించండి, ఎందుకంటే అవే మీ ప్రాధాన్యత. అవి మీ రోజువారీ ప్రణాళికలో భాగం. మీరు ఏ కారణం చేతనైనా మీ సాధారణ కార్యాలను దాటవేసినప్పటికీ, మిమ్మల్ని మీరు విమర్శించుకోకండి మరియు ఆ కార్యాన్ని విడిచిపెట్టకండి . మిమ్మల్ని మీరు ప్రేరేపించుకోండి, అలవాటును అమలు చేయడానికి తిరిగి ప్రయత్నించండి. మీరు చేయగలరని మీకు మీరే చెప్పుకోండి. ఆరోగ్యకరమైన అలవాట్లకు కట్టుబడి ఉండటం మీరు మీ కోసం చేయగలిగే అత్యంత సులభమైన పని. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
15th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Executing Right Habits Consistently As the saying goes – First we make our habits. And then our habits make us. Most of us create great habits but we are not great at sustaining them until they are ingrained into our lifestyle. With any activity or habit, we need to take those tiny actions, beginning from our thoughts, until they become a consistent part of our personality. Have you created a new habit which has been truly beneficial, but found it hard to sustain? Have you given up a healthy habit because you could not reinforce it, or because someone else said it’s difficult to stick with? Give yourself some time to embrace it. Any habit needs a few days of consistent, daily repetition before it becomes automatic. Till then we need to keep practicing it, even if we had failed to sustain a habit in the past, or if people feel that a particular habit is difficult to keep up. Focus on establishing one healthy habit, understand why you need it, and make it a priority to practice it for 20 consecutive days, regardless of your schedule or situation. Every day, create an affirmation for it and visualize as if it is already integrated into your routine. This makes it easier to adopt the new habit into your lifestyle. Carrying out a healthy habit is its own reward. In addition, it increases will power, health and happiness and make your relationships better and bring you success at work. Establishing a fixed routine with living your habits, increases your self-control.Start inculcating the discipline to build good habits that support your personal growth - right thinking, attitude, beliefs, exercises, meditation, spiritual study, diet, rest, sleep, work ethics, social habits and so on. Consistently create thoughts only of what you want your reality to be. Your thoughts create the right attitude and right actions and all those actions become a part of your personality. By thinking about them and bringing them into action, you strengthen your habits. Add them to your routine, they are your priority, they are part of your daily plan. Even if you skip any of your routine activities for any reason, do not criticize yourself and do not give up. Motivate yourself, get back to executing the habit and tell yourself you can and you will. Make sticking to healthy habits the easiest thing to do for yourself. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
14th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
మంచి తల్లిదండ్రులుగా మారడం మరియు మంచి పిల్లలకు జన్మను ఇవ్వడం 1. మీరు మీ మనసు యొక్క చిత్రంలో ఒక పిల్లవాడిని చిత్రీకరిస్తున్నారు అని గుర్తుంచుకోండి - మీ పిల్లలు మీ ప్రతిబింబం. మీరు పిల్లలను ఈ ప్రపంచంలోకి తీసుకురావడమే కాకుండా, పిల్లవాడు తనతో తీసుకువచ్చే తన పూర్వపు వ్యక్తిత్వం కాకుండా మీ వ్యక్తిత్వాన్ని కూడా బిడ్డకు బహుమతిగా ఇస్తారు, మీ ప్రతి ఆలోచన, మాట మరియు కర్మ పిల్లలపై లోతైన ముద్ర వేస్తుంది. 2. పిల్లల కోసం ఒక మంచి కలని చిత్రించి ఆ కలను బహుమతిగా ఇవ్వండి - మీ పిల్లలుకు పరిపూర్ణత యొక్క కలని బహుమతిగా ఇవ్వండి, ఆ పరిపూర్ణతలో పిల్లవాడు అన్ని విధాలుగా సంపూర్ణంగా ఉంటాడు. ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం మరియు పాజిటివ్ స్వమానాలు పంచడం ద్వారా పిల్లవానికి ఆ కలను నెరవేర్చుకోవడంలో సహాయపడండి. ప్రతి రోజు మీరు ఇచ్చే పాజిటివ్ స్వమానాలు పిల్లవాడి జీవితంలోని అన్ని సంపదలను అన్‌లాక్ చేయడానికి అతనికిచ్చే తాలంచెవి. 3. మీ జీవిత భాగస్వామితో మీ సంబంధం మీ బిడ్డను ప్రేమతో సంరక్షిస్తుంది - పిల్లలను శాంతి, ప్రేమ మరియు ఆనందంతో నిండిన వారిగా , శారీరకంగా, మానసికంగా మరియు సామాజికంగా సమతుల్యంగా ఉండేవారిగా పెంచడానికి, మీ జీవిత భాగస్వామితో అనురాగం మరియు అన్యోన్యమైన బంధాన్ని కలిగి ఉండండి. మరియు ఇంట్లో శాంతి, ప్రేమ మరియు ఆనందం యొక్క వాతావరణాన్ని నెలకొల్పండి . 4. మిమ్మల్ని మరియు మీ పిల్లలను భగవంతుని ఆశీర్వాదాలతో నింపుకోండి - ప్రతి ఉదయం భగవంతునితో అపాయింట్‌మెంట్ తీసుకోండి మరియు అతని స్వచ్ఛమైన ప్రేమ మరియు ఆశీర్వాదాలతో మిమ్మల్ని మీరు నింపుకోండి అలాగే ఆ ఆశీర్వాదాలతో మీ పిల్లలను నింపండి. ఆ ఆశీర్వాదాలు మీ పిల్లల జీవితంలో అద్భుతాలను సృష్టిస్తాయి మరియు పిల్లలను అడుగడుగునా విజయవంతం చేస్తాయి . 5. పిల్లలను స్థిరంగా మరియు శక్తివంతంగా తయారుచేసేందుకు ఒత్తిడి నుండి విముక్తి పొందండి - బిజీగా ఉండండి కానీ సరళంగా ఉండండి. జీవితంలోని ఏ విషయంలోనైనా తొందరపడకండి మరియు చింతించకండి. మీరు మీ కుటుంబాన్ని, పనిని మేనేజ్ చేయడంలో పర్ఫెక్ట్ గా మారినప్పుడు, మీరు మీ సమయాన్ని కూడా చక్కగా మేనేజ్ చేసినప్పుడు, మీ సమతుల్యమైన(బేలెన్స్), శాంతియుత వ్యక్తిత్వం మీ పిల్లలును స్థిరంగా మరియు శక్తివంతంగా తయారుచేస్తుంది. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
14th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Becoming A Good Parent And Creating A Beautiful Child 1. Remember You Are Creating A Child In Your Image - Your child is your reflection. You not only bring the child in this world but gift the child with your personality which it imbibes from you apart from its own unique personality which it brings from its past. Your every thought, word and action leaves a deep impression on the child.2. Create A Dream For The Child And Gift The Dream To Your Child - Gift your child with a dream of perfection, in which the child is complete in all respects and help the child fulfill that dream by sharing spiritual wisdom and positive affirmations with the child everyday, which is his key to unlocking all treasures in life.3. Your Relationship With Your Spouse Nourishes Your Child With Love - To bring up a child who is full of peace, love and joy and is well balanced physically, mentally and socially, have a deep and constant bonding, full of love with your spouse and create an atmosphere of peace, love and joy at home.4. Fill Yourself With God's Blessings And Bless Your Child With Them - Every morning make an appointment with God and fill yourself with His purest love and blessings and then bring your child in touch with those blessings. They will create magic and miracles in your child's life and make the child successful at every step5. Remain Free From Stress Always To Create A Stable And Strong Child - Be busy yet easy and don't hurry and worry in any sphere of life. When you become perfect in managing your family and work and when you also manage your time well, your well balanced and peaceful personality will create a stable and strong child.  To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
13th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
పరిస్థితులను పాజిటివ్ గా చూడటం (భాగం-3) కఠిన పరిస్థితులను ఎదుర్కొన్నప్పుడు నిస్సహాయతా భావాలు చాలా మందికి అనుభవం అవుతాయి. అలాంటి సమయంలో జీవితం నిలిచిపోయినట్లు అనిపిస్తుంది ,సహాయం కోసం ఎక్కడ వెతకాలో మరియు ఎవరిని పిలవాలో మనకు తెలియదు. పరిస్థితులను ఎదుర్కోవడం అంత కష్టమా? మన పరిస్థితి భగవంతునికి తెలియదా? దానిని దాటే ప్రక్రియలో వారి తోడు తీసుకోలేమా? భగవంతుడు మన సమస్యలను ప్రేక్షకుని వలె చూస్తూ ఉంటాడని, మన బాధ వినడానికి వారు చాలా దూరంగా ఉంటారని కొందరు అంటారు మరి అది నిజమా? మీరు భగవంతుని ఆత్మిక సంతానం మరియు అతని సహాయం తీసుకునే హక్కు మీకు ఉంది. కాబట్టి భగవంతుడు మీరు తన సహాయం ఎప్పుడు తీసుకుంటారా అని ఎదురు చూస్తారు . అలాగే భగవంతుడు మన కష్టాలు పట్టించుకోరు అని అంటే అది తప్పు . కొందరు మన జీవితంలోని సుఖ దుఃఖాలన్నీ భగవంతుడు ఇచ్చినవే అని కొన్నిసార్లు తప్పుగా అంటారు, అది నిజం కాదు. కానీ, అదే సమయంలో మనల్ని దుఃఖం నుండి బయటపడేయాలని భగవంతుడు కూడా ఎల్లప్పుడూ అనుకుంటున్నారు , అయితే ప్రతికూల పరిస్థితుల్లో దృఢంగా మరియు స్థిరంగా ఉంటూ మనం వారి సహాయం తీసుకోవాలి. మనం వేసే ఒక్క ధైర్యపు అడుగు భగవంతుడి నుంచి వేల అడుగుల సహాయం అందజేస్తుందని అంటారు. భగవంతుడు మన తండ్రి కనుక మనం కష్టాల్లో ఉన్నప్పుడు వారి సహాయం తీసుకోవడం అనేది మన మనస్సులోకి రావాల్సిన మొదటి విషయం. కానీ కొన్నిసార్లు ఇది చివరి విషయంగా భావిస్తాము. మనము పరిస్థితులలో మరియు దానిని ఎలా పరిష్కరించాలో ఎంత ఎక్కువగా లీనమవుతామంటే , మనం మన సంకల్ప శక్తి ద్వారా భగవంతుడిని పిలిచి వారి సహాయం తీసుకోవచ్చునని మనం మరచిపోతాము. మనకు అవసరమైతే,భౌతిక తండ్రిని సహాయం అడిగినట్లే భగవంతుని సహాయం అడగవచ్చు. భగవంతుడు తనంతట తానుగా సహాయం చేయాలని కొందరు అనుకుంటారు, కానీ అతని సహాయాన్ని పొందడానికి రెండు షరతులు ఉన్నాయి - ఒకటి ధైర్యం మరియు మరొకటి వారిని స్మరించడం. భగవంతుడు ఉన్నతోన్నతమైన వారు . వారిని స్మరించడం ఆయనకు గౌరవం ఇచ్చే విధానం . భగవంతుడు అత్యంత నమ్రచిత్తుడు. వారిని స్మరించండి. మనం వారిని నుండి డిస్‌కనెక్ట్ అయినప్పుడు కంటే, ఎక్కువగా వారిని స్మరించిన్నప్పుడే వారు మనకు సహాయం చేస్తారు . వారి సహాయం తీసుకోవడం వల్ల మీరు ఉన్న పరిస్థితిని సులభంగా ఎదుర్కోవచ్చు మరియు పరిస్థితులను పాజిటివ్ గా చూడగలరు. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
13th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Viewing Situations Positively (Part 3) Feelings of helplessness when faced with difficult situations are something that many people in the world experience. It’s as if life comes to a standstill and you don’t know where to look for help and whom to call out to. Is it so difficult to face situations? Doesn’t God know what we are going through and can’t He be made a part of the situation to cross it. Some say God is a spectator to our problems and He is too far away to hear our voice but is it so? God waits for His help to be taken because you are His spiritual child and you have a right to take His help. Also, God is not very happy if we say that He is insensitive to our troubles. Some people even go the extent of sometimes incorrectly saying that all the happiness and the sorrow in our lives is given by God, which is not true. But, at the same time to get us out of the sorrow is something that even God is always eager to do, but we need to take His help by remaining strong and stable in the negative situation. It is said that one step of courage taken by us brings thousand steps of help from God. God is our Father and taking His help is the first thing that should come in our mind when we are in trouble and not the last as sometimes it happens. We get so over-involved in situations and in thinking how to solve it that we forget that there is someone sitting out there who can be called by the power of thought and whose help can be taken. We can do this as we would do with our physical father, if we needed his help.Some people assume that God should help on His own, but there are two conditions for receiving His help – one is courage and the other is remembering Him. Remembering him is a way of giving Him respect, who is the Highest of Highest. Remember God, who is the most humble being that exists. But He will help us when we remember Him much more than if we are disconnected from Him. Taking His help makes it easy for you to face the situation at hand and hence view situations positively. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
12th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
పరిస్థితులను పాజిటివ్ గా చూడటం (భాగం-2) మన జీవితంలో నిత్యం లేదా అకస్మాత్తుగా కూడా ఏవో పరిస్థితులు వస్తూ ఉంటాయి . అలాంటి పరిస్థితులకు మనం సిద్ధంగా ఉండక పోవడం వలన ఎప్పుడూ పాజిటివ్ గా ఉండే వ్యక్తులు కూడా కొన్నిసార్లు కలవరపడతారు. తమ సన్నిహితులు ఎవరైనా మరణించినప్పుడు లేదా అకస్మాత్తుగా వారి వ్యాపారంలో నష్టపోయినప్పుడు లేదా తమ అభిమాన క్రీడా జట్టు గేమ్‌లో ఓడిపోయినప్పుడు లేదా వారు బాధపడుతున్న తమ తీవ్రమైన అనారోగ్యం గురించి తెలుసుకున్నప్పుడు గుండెపోటుతో లేదా షాక్‌తో మరణించిన వ్యక్తులు ఉన్నారు. కాబట్టి, మనం పరిస్థితులకు సిద్ధంగా లేనందున మరియు అదే సమయంలో వాటిని ఎదుర్కొనేంత మానసిక శక్తి లేనందున జీవితం కొన్నిసార్లు కఠినంగా ఉంటుంది. ఈ పరిస్థితుల వలన మన జీవితంలోని వచ్చిన ఆకస్మిక మార్పులకు సర్దుకు పోవడం కష్టతరం అవుతుంది. ఎందుకంటే అప్పటివరకు మనం ఎటువంటి కఠిన పరిస్థితులు లేని జీవితానికి అలవాటు పడిపోయి ఉంటాము. ప్రస్తుత వాస్తవ పరిస్థితుల కారణంగా కాకుండా వారి జీవితంలో అసలు పరిస్థితి ఉన్నందున చాలా ఎక్కువ భయపడే వ్యక్తులు ఉన్నారు. దీన్నే మనకు అలవాటు పడిన ఒక నిర్దిష్ట జీవనశైలికి అటాచ్ అవడం అంటారు. మన జీవితాల్లో ఆధ్యాత్మికతను తీసుకురావడం అనేది మన జీవితాలలో ఉన్న పరిస్థితుల వలన ఏర్పడ్డ భయాన్ని విముక్తి చేయడానికి ఒక ముఖ్యమైన మార్గం. అలాగే మన జీవితంలో పరిస్థితులు ఎందుకు వస్తాయో అని అర్థం చేసుకోవడానికి మరియు వాటిని సులభంగా అంగీకరించడానికి సహాయ పడుతుంది. అంతేకాక మన జీవితంలోని కఠిన పరిస్థితులను తగ్గించడానికి, భౌతిక మరియు మానసిక స్థాయిలో మనం ఎలాంటి పాజిటివ్ మార్పులను తీసుకురాగలమో ఆలోచించాలి. అలాగే భగవంతుని తోడు ఉన్నప్పుడే పరిస్థితులను నిర్భయంగా ఎదుర్కొనే శక్తి మనలో పెరుగుతుంది. భగవంతుని వాస్తవ పరిచయం,ఆయనతో మనకు ఉన్న సంబంధం, మనం ఎలా కనెక్ట్ అవ్వగలము అనే ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం కలిగి ఉన్నప్పుడు ఎదుర్కొనే శక్తి మనలో పెరుగుతుంది. మానవ శరీరం అనేది ఆత్మ ధరించిన భౌతిక వస్త్రం. అంటే “ ఆత్మ” ఈ వస్త్రానికి భిన్నమైనది.ఈ ఆత్మిక శక్తిని మనం అనుభూతి చెందడం ద్వారా భగవంతునితో కనెక్షన్ సులభంగా ఏర్పడుతుంది . (రేపు కొనసాగుతుంది...) ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
12th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Viewing Situations Positively (Part 2) Situations arise in our lives regularly and even suddenly at times. At those times we are not prepared for them and even the best of people who are generally very positive will at times become disturbed when they look at them. There are people who have had heart attacks or have died of shock when someone close to them died or when suddenly their business went down or when their favorite sports team lost a game or when they were told about a serious illness which they were suffering from. So, life can be demanding at times because we are not prepared for situations and at the same time we are not mentally strong enough to face them. So, this makes it difficult for us to adjust to the sudden changes in our life and also we are generally attached to a perfect life in which no difficult situations exist. There are people who fear situations not so much because of the actual situation itself but more because of the fact that the situation exists in their life. This is called attachment to a particular lifestyle which we are used to, where everything goes smoothly and a little change in that can disturb us mentally.Bringing spirituality in our lives is an important way of making our lives firstly free from the fear of situations existing. At the same time becoming aware of why situations arise in our lives and accept them easily. Lastly give a thought to what positive steps we can take on a physical and non-physical level i.e. at the level of our words and actions which are physical and at the level of our thoughts which are non-physical to reduce difficult situations in our lives.  Also, the power to face situations fearlessly increases inside us when we have the hand of God to hold on to. Also, it increases when we have a very deep relationship with Him based on a spiritual understanding of who He is actually and how we can connect with Him. The connection becomes easy by experiencing ourselves as a soul or a being of spiritual light which is different from the physical costume we wear, which we commonly call the human body.(To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
11th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
పరిస్థితులను పాజిటివ్ గా చూడటం (భాగం-1) మీరు మీ చుట్టూ ఉన్న ప్రపంచాన్ని చూసి, వివిధ పరిస్థితులకు వ్యక్తులు ఎలా స్పందిస్తారనే దాని ఆధారంగా వ్యక్తులను అంచనా వేస్తే, కొంతమంది చాలా సులభంగా నెగెటివ్ దృష్టి కోణంతో పరిస్థితులను చూస్తారని మీరు తెలుసుకుంటారు. దృష్టి కోణం అంటే - మీ జీవితంలోని నిర్దిష్ట సన్నివేశాన్ని ఒక దృక్పథం నుండి చూడటం. మనం చెప్పే దృక్కోణం ప్రతి వ్యక్తికి భిన్నంగా ఉంటుంది, అంటే ఏదైనా నిర్దిష్ట దృశ్యాన్ని చూసే విధానం ప్రతి వ్యక్తికి భిన్నంగా ఉంటుంది. ఇది గోడపై పెయింటింగ్ లాంటిది. నేను వేర్వేరు చోట్ల వద్ద నిలబడి ఒకే పెయింటింగ్‌ను చూసినపుడు నేను అదే పెయింటింగ్‌ను భిన్నంగా చూస్తాను. దృష్టి కోణం లేదా దృక్పథం అని దీనినే అంటారు . కొన్నిసార్లు జీవితంలోని ఒక చిత్రాన్ని లేదా జీవితంలోని దృశ్యాన్ని పదిమంది వ్యక్తులు పది రకాల అభిప్రాయాలతో చూస్తారు లేదా మరో మాటలో చెప్పాలంటే వారు భిన్నంగా స్పందిస్తారు. మనము విభిన్న దృష్టి కోణం నుండి చూస్తాము లేదా విభిన్న అభిప్రాయాలు కలిగి ఉన్నందున, కొందరికి జీవితం ఒక విహారయాత్రలాగ ఉంటుంది మరియు కొందరికి ఇది అలజడిగా ఉండవచ్చు. అలజడిగా ఉండటం అంతే మీరు మానసికంగా అస్థిరంగా ఉంటారు. పరిస్థితులను చూస్తున్నప్పుడు, ఆ పరిస్థితిని చూసే విధానంలో మీ మనసుకు అత్యంత పాజిటివ్ అనిపించే దృష్టి కోణం ఎంచుకోండి. దీని ద్వారా మీ మనస్తత్వానికి అతి దగ్గరగా ఉంటారు. దీనిలో ఆనందం, సంతృప్తి మరియు శక్తి వంటి సద్గుణాల అనుభవం అవుతాయి, అదే విధంగా ఆ గుణాలను మీరు స్వేచ్ఛగా వ్యక్తపరచ గలుగుతారు. జీవితంలో ఎదూరయ్యే దృశ్యాలను చూడటానికి ఉత్తమమైన మానసిక స్థితిని ఎలా ఎంచుకోవాలి? లేదా మరో మాటలో చెప్పాలంటే పరిస్థితికి అత్యంత సానుకూల అవగాహన ఎలా ఉండాలి? అనేది మీ వ్యక్తిత్వంపై ఆధారపడి ఉంటుంది. దీనిలో మంచి విషయం ఏమిటంటే వ్యక్తిత్వం సరియైనది కానిచో మనం మార్చకోవచ్చు. మెడిటేషన్ అంటే విజువలైజేషన్ శక్తిని ఉపయోగించి ఆంతరికంగా మిమ్మల్ని మీతో కనెక్ట్ చేసుకోవడం. అదే విధంగా భగవంతుని యొక్క మధురమైన వ్యక్తిత్వానికి కనెక్ట్ మరియు అతని సద్గుణాలను గ్రహించడానికి అత్యంత అందమైన సాధనం . ఇది మంచి విలువలు గల ఆలోచనలను సద్గుణాల రూపంలోకి తెస్తుంది మరియు చూసేటప్పుడు పాజిటివ్ దృష్టి కోణాన్ని తయారు చేస్తుంది. (రేపు కొనసాగుతుంది...) ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
11th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Viewing Situations Positively (Part 1) If you look at the world around you and judge people based on how they respond to different situations, you will realize and know that there are some people who will look at situations from a negative view point very easily. A view point literally means – viewing from a point a particular scene in your life. Obviously, the point of view as we say is different for each person i.e. the point from where someone views a particular scene is different for each person. It’s like a painting on a wall. I can see the same painting by standing at different points and I will see the same painting differently. That is what we mean by perception or the angle of viewing or the point of view. Sometimes one painting of life or scene in life will be seen by ten different people from ten different positions of the mind and they will see it differently or in other words they will react differently. And because we look from different viewpoints or have different perceptions, life for some is like a joyride and for some it can be a roller coaster ride i.e. a ride with ups and downs where you are shaken up and down very often. In other words you become unstable emotionally. When looking at situations, choose the most positive mind position to look at them from. That is the secret key to having a mind space which you own, in which the experience of virtues like happiness, contentment and power exist and express themselves freely. How to choose the best mental position to look at a scene of life or in other words how to have the most positive perception for a situation? This depends on your personality, which the good thing is, can be changed. Meditation is the most beautiful technique of connecting yourself internally using the power of visualization to the sweet personality of God and absorbing His virtues. This brings the virtues inside your mind space in the form of good quality thoughts and on the basis of that creating positive perceptions or positive view points when looking at situations. (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
10th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
స్నేహాన్ని పునరుద్ధరించండి మరియు ఆత్మిక బంధాన్ని పెంచుకోండి ప్రస్తుత సమయంలో పెరుగుతున్న బాధ్యతల కారణంగా మన స్నేహాలను తరచుగా వెనకకు నెట్టి వేస్తున్నాము. కొన్ని సమయాల్లో చిన్న చిన్న విభేదాల వలన మనం మనస్తాపం చెంది స్నేహితుల నుండి దూరం అవుతాము. మనమందరం స్నేహితులతో మంచి సమయాన్ని గడిపాము. కానీ కొన్ని మాటలు లేదా ప్రవర్తనల కారణంగా కొంతమంది స్నేహితుల నుండి దూరమయ్యాము. మళ్లీ వారితో కనెక్ట్ అవ్వడానికి మరియు వారితో మన ఆత్మిక బంధాన్ని పెంచుకోవడానికి ఇదే సరైన సమయం. 1. మీ మనసులో కనుమరుగైపోయిన ఒక స్నేహితుడిని మీరు గుర్తు తెచ్చుకోండి. మీరు వారితో కాంటాక్ట్ లో ఉండవచ్చు. కానీ నిజానికి కనెక్ట్ అయ్యి ఉండకపోవచ్చు. ఆ స్నేహితుడిని గురించి మీ ఆలోచనలను పరిశీలించుకోండి. వారి పట్ల ఏదైనా ఆశతో, తిరస్కరణ లేదా బాధతో కూడిన ఆలోచనలు ఉన్నాయేమో అని పరిశీలించుకోండి. ఎందుకంటే నెగిటివ్ ఆలోచనలు మరియు భావాలు సంబంధాలలో ఉన్న పాజిటివ్ పునాదిని నిర్మూలిస్తాయి . 2. స్నేహాన్ని తిరిగి పునరుద్ధరించడం కోసం ఇద్దరి వ్యక్తుల అవసరం లేదు. కేవలం ఒకరు మాత్రమే చాలు. ఆ ఒక్కరూ మీరు కావచ్చు. మీ ఇద్దరి అభిప్రాయాలు మరియు ప్రవర్తనలు భిన్నంగా ఉండవచ్చు, కానీ మనసులో వారు మీ శ్రేయోభిలాషులని మీకు తెలుసు. వారి మాటలు లేదా వ్యవహారం ఏదో ఒక సమయంలో మీకు ఇబ్బందిని కలిగించి ఉండవచ్చు. దాని కారణంగా మీరు విడిపోయి ఉండవచ్చు, కానీ వారికి ఆ ఉద్దేశాలు లేకపోవచ్చు. 3. మీ మనసులో వారి పట్ల ఏర్పడిన గాయాన్ని నయం చేసుకోవడానికి ప్రతి రోజు మెడిటేషన్ చేయండి. వారి గురించి మీ ఆలోచనలలో మార్పును తీసుకురండి. దీనికోసం కొద్ది రోజులపాటు వారికి ఈ ఆలోచనలను ప్రసరింప చేయండి - నేను మిమ్మల్ని ఇబ్బంది పెట్టే ఏ పని చేసి ఉన్నా క్షమాపణలను కోరుతున్నాను..... మీరు చేసిన దానికి నేను మిమ్మల్ని క్షమిస్తున్నాను...... మన సంబంధం ప్రేమ మరియు విశ్వాసం అనే బలమైన పునాదిపై నిలిచి ఉంది..... 4. మనస్తాపం పోయినప్పుడు మనసు షరతులు లేని అంగీకారాన్ని ప్రసరిస్తుంది. ఇతరులు మీరు అనుకునే విధంగా ఉండాల్సిన అవసరం కనిపించదు. త్వరలో ఈ ఎనర్జీ బ్లాకేజులు సమాప్తం అవుతాయి మరియు సుందరమైన స్నేహాలు బలపడటం మీరు చూస్తారు.   ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
10th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Renew Friendships And Increase Spiritual Bonding Due to ever-growing responsibilities, friendships often take a backseat. And at times we feel offended and withdraw from friends over small differences. We have all shared good times with friends. But because of certain words or behaviors, we drifted away from few friends. It’s time to reconnect with them and increase our spiritual bonding with them.1. Visualize any friendship that now seems to have faded. You may be in contact, but not truly connected. Check your thoughts about the other person, if there is any expectation, rejection or hurt. Negative thoughts and feelings can uproot the positive foundation of relationships.2. It doesn't need two people to heal a friendship, it needs just one. You can be the one. Your opinions and behaviors are different. But deep within, you know they are your well-wishers. Their words or actions may have seemed questionable at some point of time because of which you drifted apart, but not their intentions.3. Meditate daily to heal your hurt. Clean your thoughts about them. For the next few days, radiate these thoughts to them – I apologize for anything I did which troubled you. I forgive you for what you did. Our relationship stands on the strong foundation of love and trust.4. When the mind is healed, it radiates unconditional acceptance. You will not need people to be your way. Soon you will see energy blockages clear and beautiful friendships flourish. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
9th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తి యొక్క త్రిభుజం మన జీవితంలో మంచి మార్పులను తీసుకువచ్చేందుకు ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం పొందేందుకు మొదటి అడుగు వేసినప్పుడు మనం ఒక “ఆత్మ” అని తెలుసుకుంటాము . భౌతిక శరీరం ద్వారా ఆలోచించేది , అనుభూతి చెందేది , గ్రహించేది , మాట్లాడేది మరియు కర్మలు చేసేది ఆత్మ అని మనం తెలుసుకుంటాము . అలాగే, కర్మ సిద్ధాంతం గురించి కూడా తెలుసుకుంటాము. నేను ఆత్మ అనే స్మృతితో చేసే కర్మలు జ్ఞానంతో కూడినవిగా , గుణాలు మరియు శక్తులతో నిండినవిగా ఉంటాయి అని భగవంతుడు చెబుతాడు. అదే విధంగా నేను శరీరాన్ని అనే స్మృతితో లేక నెగెటివ్ భావాలతో చేసే కర్మలు నెగెటివ్ గా ఉంటాయి అని భగవంతుడు చెబుతాడు. మనం నెగెటివ్ కర్మలు చేయడం ఆపి పాజిటివ్ కర్మలు చేసినప్పుడే ఆత్మ జాగృతి మనలో పెరుగుతుంది.దానితో పాటు మనలో ఏడు మూల సద్గుణాలైన - శాంతి, సుఖం ,ప్రేమ, ఆనందం, పవిత్రత , శక్తి మరియు జ్ఞానం పెంచడానికి భగవంతుడిని స్మరించినప్పుడే ఆత్మలో శక్తి పెరుగుతుంది . ఆత్మ ఎంత స్వచ్ఛంగా, పాజిటివ్ గా మరియు శక్తివంతంగా మారుతుందో, మనం అంత తేలికగా, స్థిరంగా మరియు సంతుష్టంగా ఉంటాము. మనలో స్వచ్ఛత మరియు శక్తి పెరుగుతున్న కొద్దీ భగవంతునిపై విశ్వాసం పెరుగుతుంది మరియు భగవంతునితో మరింత లోతైన సంబంధం ఏర్పడుతుంది. దీనివలన మనం మరింత ప్రేమ మరియు దృఢ నిశ్చయంతో భగవంతునితో కనెక్ట్ అవ్వడం ప్రారంభిస్తాము. అలాగే, మన జీవితంలోని అన్ని ప్రధాన రంగాలలో మరింత విజయాన్ని పొందుతాము, అంటే వ్యక్తిత్వ పరివర్తన కావచ్చు, ఆరోగ్యం, సంబంధాలు, విద్య, వృత్తి వ్యాపారాలలో, సంపద మొదలైనవి అనింటిలో విజయాన్ని పొందుతాముమన ఆత్మిక శక్తి పెరిగేకొద్దీ, మన ఆధ్యాత్మిక ప్రయోజనాలను ఇతరులతో పంచుకోవాలనే కోరిక మనకు కలుగుతుంది. అలాగే మెడిటేషన్ ఎలా ఉపయోగపడుతుందో, మెడిటేషన్ అభ్యసిస్తూ ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానాన్ని అధ్యయనం చేయడం ద్వారా రోజంతా ఎంత ఆహ్లాదకరంగా మరియు సంతృప్తికరంగా ఉంటుందో ఇతరులకు చెప్పడం ప్రారంభిస్తాము. ఈ ప్రక్రియను ఒక త్రిభుజంతో పోల్చవచ్చు . భగవంతునితో మనకున్న సంబంధం త్రిభుజంలో ఒక వైపును సూచిస్తుంది, మన ఆధ్యాత్మిక పురోగతి మరియు అభ్యాసం ద్వారా ప్రయోజనం పొందే ఇతరులు త్రిభుజం యొక్క మరొక వైపును సూచిస్తారు. ఫలితంగా, ఇతరులు భగవంతునితో కనెక్ట్ అవుతారు, ఇది త్రిభుజం యొక్క మూడవ వైపును సూచిస్తుంది. త్రిభుజం యొక్క 3 మూలలను మూడు కోణాలు గా చూడవచ్చు. A మనము గాను, B భగవంతునిగా మరియు C ఇతరులుగా కూడా చూడవచ్చు. సైడ్ AB భగవంతునితో కనెక్ట్ కావడం ద్వారా మన స్వీయ-ప్రగతిని సూచిస్తుంది. సైడ్ AC ఇతరులకు మనం చేసే సేవను మరియు వారిని భగవంతునితో కనెక్ట్ చేసే మన ప్రయత్నం కూడా సూచిస్తుంది మరియు సైడ్ BC భగవంతుని కనెక్షన్ తో ఇతరులు పొందిన ప్రయోజనాన్ని సూచిస్తుంది. ఇది ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తి యొక్క త్రిభుజం. ఇది ఆధ్యాత్మికత యొక్క రెండు ప్రాథమిక ప్రక్రియలను సూచిస్తుంది - ఆధ్యాత్మిక సంపదను నింపడం మరియు పంచడం. ఈ త్రిభుజం మన మరియు ఇతరుల జీవితాలను అందంగా మరియు భగవంతుని గుణాలు మరియు శక్తులతో నింపుతుంది. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
09th Jan – Soul Sustenance
The Triangle Of Spiritual Energy When we take the first step in imbibing spiritual wisdom and bringing positive changes in our lives, we learn that it is the soul which thinks, feels, perceives and also speaks and performs actions through the physical body. Also, we learn about the Law of Karma and God teaches us that actions based on soul consciousness, full of wisdom, qualities and powers are positive ones and actions based on body consciousness, under the influence of negative personality traits are negative ones. Soul empowerment takes place when we stop performing negative actions, start performing more positive actions and also remember God to increase our seven original virtues - peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. As the soul becomes more pure, positive and powerful, we feel lighter, more stable and very content. As we feel better, our faith in God and relationship with God becomes more deeper and we start connecting with God with more and more love and determination. Also, we experience more success in all the main spheres of our life – inner personality transformation, health, relationships, education, personal and professional role, wealth etc.As our soul power increases, we feel the urge to share our spiritual benefits with others and we start telling them how meditation is useful and how beginning the day with practicing meditation and studying spiritual wisdom makes the entire day beautiful and fulfilling. When looking at this process, we compare it with a triangle. Our self-connection with God represents one side of the triangle, others who benefit from our spiritual progress and learning represents another side of the triangle. As, a result others get connected with God, which represents the third side of the triangle. We can also see the 3 corners of the triangle as A being us, B being God and C being others. Side AB represents our self-progress by connecting with God. Side AC represents our service of others and our effort to connect them with God and side BC represents others’ benefit with the help of their connection with God. This is the Triangle of Spiritual Energy and it represents the two most basic processes of spirituality – filling and sharing of spiritual treasures. This triangle makes our and others’ lives beautiful and full of God’s goodness and strength. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
8th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
లా ఆఫ్ అట్రాక్షన్ -- మన ఆలోచించిందే మనకు లభిస్తుంది కుటుంబం లేదా స్నేహితుల నుండి ప్రేమ మరియు ఆప్యాయత పొందేందుకు చాలా ప్రయత్నిస్తున్నప్పటికీ, ప్రేమ మరియు ఆప్యాయత మనకు లభించకపోవచ్చు లేదా ఇటువంటి వ్యక్తులను మనం చూస్తూ ఉండొచ్చు. వారు ప్రతి ఒక్కరి పట్ల శ్రద్ధ వహిస్తారు, కానీ తరచుగా వారిని ఎవరూ పట్టించుకోరు. కొన్నిసార్లు ఇలా వెలివేయడం వలన వారు కోపం, ద్వేషం, తిరస్కరణ, అపహాస్యం లేదా అసమ్మతి వంటి వ్యతిరేక భావాలుకు లోనవుతారు . కారణం మనకు స్వయం పట్ల  ప్రేమ లేకపోవటం లేదా ఆత్మగౌరవం తక్కువగా ఉండడం. అటువంటి ఇటువంటి సమయంలో మన ఆలోచనలతో నెగిటివ్ వైబ్రేషన్స్ ప్రసరింపజేయడం ద్వారా, ఇతర వ్యక్తుల నుండి ప్రేమ పొందకపోవడాన్ని, అగౌరవాన్ని మనము ఆహ్వానిస్తాము లేదా ఆకర్షిస్తాము. ఎందుకంటే మనం ఇచ్చిందే మనం పొందుతాము . ప్రేమ, శాంతి, సంతోషం ఏదైనా  మనం మనకు ఇవ్వలేకపోతే, మరెవరూ దానిని మనకు ఇవ్వలేరు. ఎందుకంటే అవి మనలో ఉన్నావే, మన నుండి ఇతరులకు చేరుకుంటాయి . ఎవరైనా విజయం కోసం చాలా కష్టపడి పదేపదే ఓటమిని పొందినప్పుడు కూడా అదే జరుగుతుంది. ఇది మనలో సూక్ష్మ శక్తిల క్వాలిటీ పై ఆధార పడుతుంది. ఒక లక్ష్యాన్ని నిర్దేశించుకున్న తర్వాత, భయం లేదా సందేహం వంటి నెగిటివిటీ యొక్క నామరూపాలు కూడా లేని విధంగా మనం దాని వైపు ప్రయాణించాలి . మన ఓటమికి ముఖ్య కారణం సఫలతకు కావలసిన లక్షణాలు లేకపోవడం కాదు, మనం ఒడిపోతామేమో అనే భయం ఉండటం. మనం ఒక అంశంలో ఓడిపోయినప్పటికీ, లక్ష్యం వైపు పాజిటివ్ గా ముందుకు వెళ్ళేలా  మనస్సును తీర్చిదిద్దాలి. మన వైబ్రేషన్స్ పాజిటివ్ గా ఉన్నప్పుడు, మరిన్ని అవకాశాలు తెరుచుకుంటాయి. మనందరిలో ఎనిమిది ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తులు ఉన్నాయి. మెడిటేషన్ మరియు క్రమం తప్పకుండా చేసే ఆధ్యాత్మిక అభ్యాసంతో, మనం స్వయాన్ని అంగీకరించే శక్తిని పెంచుకోవాలి. మన గురించి ఇతరులు ఏమనుకుంటున్నారనేది ముఖ్యం కాదు. మన గురించి మనం ఏమనుకుంటున్నామన్నది ముఖ్యం . మన ఆత్మ గౌరవాన్ని విజయాలు లేదా ఇతరుల ఆమోదం ఆధారంగా కాకుండా మన మూల గుణాల ఆధారంతో పెంచుకుందాం. అదేవిధంగా మనం ఎదుర్కొనే శక్తిని పెంచుకోవటం ద్వారా మన ఆంతరిక శక్తులు భయాన్ని మరియు స్వయం పట్ల ఉన్న సందేహాలను అధిగమించేలా చేస్తుంది . ఈ ఎదుర్కొనే శక్తి మన మనసును ధైర్యం వైపుకు నిడిపిస్తుంది . అందువల్ల మనం జీవితంలోని ఏ అంశంలోనైనా విజయం సాధిస్తాము. లా ఆఫ్ అట్రాక్షన్ ఇటువంటి అంశాలలో అమలులోకి వస్తుంది. లా ఆఫ్ అట్రాక్షన్ అనే సూత్రం అంటే మనం కోరుకున్నది పొందడం కాదు, వాస్తవానికి మనం ఆలోచన ఆధారంగా పొందడం. మనం అనగా మన ఆలోచనలు మరియు మాటలు, ఇవే విశ్వంలో వ్యాపిస్తాయి మరియు వీటినే తిరిగి పొందుతాము. మనలో మన సంస్కారాలు మరియు కర్మల ఖాతాలు కూడా ఉన్నాయి , కాబట్టి మనం పొందేది వాటిపై కూడా ఆధారపడి ఉంటుంది. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
08th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Law Of Attraction - We Get What We Are We may come across certain people (or even ourselves) who seem extremely deprived of love and affection, although they try very hard to gain acceptance from family or friends. They care for everyone but often left uncared for. Sometimes it is not just about being ignored, but they even attract the opposite quality of energies like anger, hatred, rejection, ridicule or disapproval. This happens when we suffer a severe lack of self-love or a low self-esteem. By radiating such vibrations, we invite or attract lack of love and respect from other people too, because we get the same energy as we give. Whether it is love, peace, or happiness, if we cannot give it to ourselves, nobody else can give it to us. It all starts from us and goes inside-out. The same happens when someone works very hard for success but repeatedly attracts failure. This is also directly related to quality of our subtle energy. Upon setting a goal, we need to journey towards it without creating a trace of negativity like fear or doubt. We fail more often due to fear of failure, rather than lacking what it takes to succeed. Even if we fail at a particular junction, we need to train the mind to progress positively towards the goal. When our vibrations are positive, more possibilities open up.Each of us has eight spiritual powers. With meditation and regular spiritual studies, we need to increase the power to accept the self. What people think about us is not important. What we think about us means everything. Let us build our self esteem on our core values, not based on achievements or people’s acceptance. Similarly we need to increase our power to face so that our energies flow beyond fear and self-doubt. This power re-conditions the mind towards courage and hence we become successful in any aspect of life. The Law of Attraction comes into play in such scenarios. The law does not mean We Get What We Want, it actually means We Get What We Are. Our thoughts and words are what we are, these vibrate to the Universe and we get them back. What we are also includes our sanskars and karmic accounts, so what we get will depend on them too. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
7th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
ఆమోదం పొందుట అనే వ్యసనం నుండి విముక్తి పొందండి మనమందరం ప్రత్యేకమైన వ్యక్తులం మరియు మన జీవిత ప్రయాణం కూడా ప్రత్యేకమైనది. మన విశేషతలకు  మరియు మనం చేసే పనికి ఆమోదం పొందడం కచ్చితంగా మంచి అనుభూతిని కలిగిస్తుంది, ఇది మనం చేసే పని సరైనది అని చెబుతుంది. కానీ ఇతరులను ప్రసన్నం చేసే వ్యక్తిగా ఉండటం మరియు ఇతరుల ఆమోదం నిరంతరం కోరుకోవడం వల్ల మనం ఇతరుల ఇష్ట ప్రకారం బానిసత్వంలో జీవించేలా చేస్తుంది. చివరికి మన సామర్థ్యాన్ని వృధా చేసుకుంటాము మరియు మానసికంగా కృంగిపోతాము. మీ కోరికలు మరియు మీ సామర్థ్యం ప్రకారం జీవించడం ప్రారంభించండి. ఇతరుల అనవసరపు అభిప్రాయాల గురించి మీరు పట్టించుకోనప్పుడు జీవితం చాలా హాయిగా ఉంటుంది. మీకు మీరే గుర్తు చేసుకోండి - నేను తెలివైన వాడిని, నేను నా ఛాయాస్  కోసం ఇతర వ్యక్తుల ఆమోదంపై ఆధారపడను. ఇది నా జీవితం, నాకు సరైనది ఎంచుకోవడానికి నాకు స్వేచ్ఛ ఉంది, అంతే కానీ ఇతరుల ఆమోదం కోసం ఆలోచించను.మీరు అభిమానించే వ్యక్తికి మీ ఎంపికలు, నిర్ణయాలు, లక్షణాలు లేదా అలవాట్లలో ఏవైనా నచ్చకపోతే మీరు రాజీ పడతారా? మీకు ఏది సరైనదో అది చేయడం కంటే ఇతరుల ఆమోదం పొందడమే ముఖ్యంగా భావిస్తారా ? ఏది ముఖ్యమో గుర్తించడం లేదా అంగీకరించడం సులభం కాదు, కానీ మన ప్రవర్తనలో కనిపించే కొన్ని విషయాలు ద్వారా ఆమోదం పొందడమే ముఖ్యంగా కనిపిస్తుంది అంటే అది వ్యసనంగా మారిపోయింది. మనలో ఎంతో మంది పడిపోయే అతిపెద్ద ఉచ్చు- మనకు దగ్గరగా ఉన్న వ్యక్తులకు అనుకూలంగా ఉండేందుకు ప్రయత్నించడం. మన విశేషతలు ఏమిటి? మనం ఏమి చేయాలి లేదా మనకు ఏమి ఉంది ? అనేది ఎల్లప్పుడూ మన నిర్ణయంగానే ఉండాలి. వేరొకరి ఆమోదం పొందేందుకు మనం మన వ్యక్తిత్వాన్ని మార్చుకోవాల్సిన అవసరం లేదు. మనలో ఉన్న విలువలను జీవితంలోకి తీసుకు రావడం పై దృష్టి పెడదాం మరియు సరైనది అని భావించే పనినే  చేద్దాం. మనలోనే అన్ని సమాధానాలున్నాయి. మనం మన ఆంతరిక ప్రవృత్తిని సరిచేసుకొని, మనస్సాక్షిని అనుసరించాలి. మన ఉనికిని మరియు మన పనిని మనము ఆమోదించినప్పుడే , మనకు గౌరవమును ఇవ్వండి అని అడగడం మానేస్తాము. లేకపోతే మన ఆత్మగౌరవం దెబ్బతింటుంది. ఆపై, మనం లేదా ఇతరులు మనల్ని గౌరవించరు. మీరు ఎవరినీ కాపీ చేయనవసరం లేదు. అన్ని సమయాలలో మీరే మీరై ఉండండి. వ్యక్తులు మిమ్మల్ని ఆమోదించాల్సిన అవసరం లేదు, మీపై ప్రేమ లేదా ప్రశంసలు చూపే వారికి కృతజ్ఞతలు తెలియజేయండి, కానీ ఆమోదం కోసం ఎదురు చూడవద్దు. నిస్వార్థంగా ప్రేమించండి , షరతులు లేకుండా సహాయం చేయండి. మీకు ఎవరి నుండి ఏమీ అవసరం లేదు. ప్రశంసలు మరియు విమర్శలలో స్థిరంగా ఉండే కళను అలవరచుకోండి. మీ జీవితాన్ని అర్ధవంతం చేసే మీ ఉద్దేశ్యం, లక్ష్యాలు మరియు ప్రణాళికలపై మాత్రమే దృష్టి కేంద్రీకరించడం, ఇతరుల సమర్ధన కోరుకోవద్దని మీ మనసుకు నేర్పండి. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
07th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Break Free Of Approval Addiction We are each unique individuals and so is our journey of life. Getting approval for who we are and what we do certainly feels nice, it tells us we are doing something right. But being a people-pleaser and constantly seeking validation makes us live in bondage, on other people’s terms. We ultimately waste our potential and feel emotionally drained. Start living as per your desires and your potential. Life is so much easier when you are not worried about what others think about you. Remind yourself - I am a wise being. I am not dependent on people’s validation or approval for my choices. It’s my life. I am free to choose what is right for me, not what people approve of.Do you compromise on your choices, decisions, qualities or habits when someone you admire, does not like them? Is getting people’s approval a higher priority than doing what feels right for you? Not easy to recognize or admit, but some of our behaviours may reflect an approval addiction. The biggest traps most of us fall into, is trying to please people close to us. Who we are, what we do or what we have are, should always be our decision. We need not tweak our personality to gain someone else’s approval.       Let’s focus on living our values and do what feels right. We have all the answers within us. We only need to activate our intuition and follow our conscience. When we approve of our being and doing, we stop asking people to certify our worth. Otherwise our self-esteem crashes. And then, neither we nor others will respect us. You don’t need to copy anyone. Be yourself all the time. You don’t need people to approve of you, feel grateful for whoever shows you love or appreciation, but don’t seek approval. Care selflessly, help without conditions. You need nothing from anyone. Inculcate the art of remaining stable in appreciation and in criticism. Teach your mind not to seek external validation, to only remain focused on your purpose, goals and plans that make your life meaningful. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
6th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
ఇతరులను విమర్శించడం మరియు తప్పులు వెతికే వైఖరి నుండి విముక్తి పొందడం మన జీవన సంబంధాలలో భాగంగా విభిన్న వ్యక్తిత్వాలు గల వ్యక్తులతో వ్యవహరిచవలసి ఉంటుంది. వారి అనేక మాటలు మరియు కర్మలతో వ్యవహరిచవలసి ఉంటుంది. వారి మాటలు మరియు కర్మలు కొన్ని నెగెటివ్ గా ఉండవచ్చు , వాటిలో కొన్ని పాజిటివ్ గా ఉండవచ్చు. కొన్ని మనకు నచ్చేలా ఉండవచ్చు, మరికొన్ని మనం ఆశించిన విధంగా ఉండకపోవచ్చు. అటువంటి పరిస్థితులలో, ఇతరులను విమర్శించడం లేదా ఖండించడం చాలా సులభం. కొన్నిసార్లు మనం ఇతరులను ఇష్టపడకపోవడం మరియు వారి గురించి నెగెటివ్ గా ఆలోచించడం మరియు మాట్లాడటం కూడా ప్రారంభిస్తాము. మన వ్యక్తిత్వంలోని ఈ నెగెటివ్ కోణాన్ని మార్చగలిగేలా మనం అలవర్చుకోవాల్సిన కొన్ని లక్షణాలు ఏమిటి? 1. ఆత్మిక ప్రేమ - మనమందరం ఆధ్యాత్మిక జీవులం లేదా ఆత్మలం, ఒకే పరమాత్ముని పిల్లలం. భగవంతున్ని ప్రేమ సాగరుడు అని అంటాము. మనకు భగవంతునితో సమానమైన ప్రేమ స్వరూపం ఉంది. మన సంబంధాలలో సత్యమైన ప్రేమ స్వభావాన్ని తీసుకువచ్చినప్పుడు, ఆత్మిక ప్రేమతో అందరినీ చూడటం ప్రారంభించినప్పుడు వారి బలహీనతలు మన అంతరాత్మకు తాకవు అందువలన వారిని సులభంగా క్షమించగలము. 2. శుభ భావన మరియు శుభ కామనలు – వ్యక్తుల విశేషతలను చూసినప్పుడు ప్రసరించే పాజిటివ్ వైబ్రేషన్స్ ను “శుభ భావనలు” అని అంటారు . ఇతరుల మంచితనం చూస్తూ, ఇతరుల జీవితంలోని అడుగడుగునా మంచిని కోరుకునేటప్పుడు ఉండే పాజిటివ్ ఆలోచనలను “శుభ కామనలు” అంటారు. ఈ రెండూ మనం ఇతరులను మరింత అర్థం చేసుకునేలా చేస్తాయి మరియు వారిని చూసేటప్పుడు మనం వినయంగా మారుతాము తద్వారా నెగెటివ్ ఆలోచనల నుండి విముక్తి పొందుతాము. 3. కృతజ్ఞతాభావం - మన కుటుంబ సభ్యులు ,స్నేహితులు లేదా ఆఫీసులో వారు ఏదో ఒక సమయంలో మనకు మరియు ఇతరులకు మంచి చేసే ఉంటారు . వారు చేసిన మంచిని గుర్తుంచుకోవడం మరియు కృతజ్ఞతతో ఉండటం వలన వారిని నిరంతరం పాజిటివ్ గా చూడగలుగుతాము. 4. సహనం - ఇతరుల నెగెటివిటీ వలన మనం సులభంగా కలవరపడటానికి ఒక ప్రధాన కారణం - మనకు సహనం లేకపోవడం. భగవంతుడు ఇచ్చే ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం ద్వారా సహనం పెరుగుతుంది . భగవంతుడు కరుణాసాగారుడు. వారితో మెడిటేషన్ లో బుద్ధిని జోడించడం ద్వారా సహనం పెరుగుతుంది. వారు మనల్ని విశాల హృదయులుగా చేస్తారు. ఇది మనం ఇతరులతో సులభంగా సర్దుకుపోవడానికి మరియు వారిని విమర్శించకుండా లేదా ఖండించకుండా ఉండేందుకు మనకు సహకరిస్తుంది. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
06th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Becoming Free From Criticizing And Judging Others A very important aspect of relationships is interacting with different people with different personalities and different words and actions - some words and actions may be negative and some of them may be positive, but not to our liking or not the same as we expect. In such situations, it's very easy to become critical and judgmental of others and sometimes we even start disliking others and thinking and talking negatively about them. What are a few qualities that we should imbibe so that we can transform this negative aspect of our personality?1. Spiritual Love - We are all spiritual beings or souls, children of the one Supreme Being or Supreme Soul or God, who is the Ocean of Love. We have the same nature of love as God originally and when we start bringing that original nature of love in our relationships and start looking at everyone with the same vision of spiritual love, their weaknesses do not touch our consciousness and we forgive them easily.2. Good Feelings And Good Wishes - Good Feelings are positive vibrations that we carry and radiate when we see people's specialties and goodness and good wishes are positive intentions that we have for others when we wish good for them at every step of their lives. Both make us understand others more and we become humble and free from negativity while seeing them.3. Gratitude - All souls whom we interact with regularly, either in our family or friend circle or professional workplace have at some point of time, done something nice and positive for us and for others. Remembering those beautiful actions of theirs and being grateful for how they are and what they have done helps us see them in a positive light constantly.4. Tolerance - One of the main reasons why we get disturbed easily by others negativity is that we lack the quality of tolerance. Tolerance increases by imbibing spiritual wisdom shared by God and connecting with God in meditation, who is the Ocean of Tolerance and Patience. He helps us become big-hearted, so that we can adjust with others easily and not criticize or judge them at all. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
5th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
జీవితంలోని ప్రతి సన్నివేశంలో సహనంగా ఉండటం ఎప్పుడైతే స్పీడ్‌, హడావిడి అనేవి మన జీవన విధానంగా మారాయో , అప్పటి నుండి మనం అసహనానికి గురవుతున్నాం. సహనం ఫలిస్తుంది మరియు అసహనం మనల్ని చాలా నష్టపరుస్తుంది అని వివేకం చెబుతుంది. కానీ కొన్నిసార్లు మనం ఏదైనా త్వరగా చేయాలనుకున్నప్పుడు, త్వరితగతిన మార్పులు కోరుకున్నప్పుడు, సవాలు ఉన్నప్పుడు లేదా అనిశ్చితిని భరించలేనప్పుడు, మనం అసహనానికి గురవుతాము. మనకు కావలసినది కావాలి, వెంటనే కావాలి అని అంటాము . 1. మీలో సహన శక్తి, సర్దుకునే శక్తి మరియు మీ చుట్టూ ఉన్న దాదాపు ప్రతిదీ స్వీకరించే శక్తి ఉంది. అందువలన ఎప్పుడూ - నేను వేచి ఉండలేను...నేను తట్టుకోలేను.... అని అనవద్దు. చిన్న చిన్న విషయాలలో సహనం కోల్పోవటం వలన మీ వ్యక్తిత్వంలో అసహనం ఒక భాగం అయిపోతుంది. సహనం మీకు కష్టాలు మరియు సమస్యలను పరిష్కరించే శక్తిని ఇస్తుంది, ఎందుకంటే సమస్యలు పరిష్కరిస్తున్నపుడు మీరు అసహనాన్ని సృష్టించి మీ ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తిని తగ్గించలేదు కనుక . 2. సహనం మీ నిజ స్వభావం. ఇది రాయల్టీ(హూందాతనం), గౌరవం మరియు ఆంతరిక శక్తికి సంకేతం. ప్రతి ఉదయం ధ్యానం చేసి మిమ్మల్ని మీరు శాంతితో నింపుకోండి. శాంతి వెంట సహనం సహజంగా ఉంటుంది. పిల్లలు తప్పుగా ప్రవర్తించినా, ట్రాఫిక్ జామ్ అయినా, ఇంటర్నెట్ నెమ్మదించినా, తోటి ఉద్యోగులు ఆలస్యంగా వచ్చినా లేదా చేయాల్సిన పని సమయానికి చెయ్యకపోయినా - సహనంతో మరియు ఓపికతో ఉండండి. అలా చేస్తే మీ ఆలోచనలను మీ నియంత్రణలోకి వస్తాయి. 3. మీ పట్ల, ఇతర వ్యక్తుల పట్ల మరియు పరిస్థితుల పట్ల కూడా ఓపికగా ఉండండి. ఎవరైనా నిదానంగా ఉండవచ్చు, ఎవరైనా తప్పులు చేయవచ్చు, కానీ అందరూ తమ వంతు కృషి చేస్తున్నారు. గౌరవంగా వారికి సలహా ఇవ్వండి లేదా ఆదేశించండి. మీ సరళ స్వభావం ఇతరులకు ఇంకా ముందుకు వెళ్లేందుకు సహాయపడుతుంది . అలాగే, మన సహనం యొక్క వైబ్రేషన్స్ నిరంతరం స్వీకరించినప్పుడు అన్ని రకాల ప్రతికూల పరిస్థితులు వేగంగా పరిష్కరించబడతాయి. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
05th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Being Patient In Every Scene Of Life Ever since speed and a hurried pace have become characteristics of our life, we have become impatient. Wisdom tells us patience pays off and impatience costs us dearly. But sometimes when we wish to speed up something, when we want quick changes, when there’s a challenge or when we cannot bear uncertainty, we become impatient. We want what we want, and we want it immediately.1. You have the power to be patient, accept and adapt to almost everything around you. Never say - No I cannot wait…I cannot tolerate.... Losing patience in minor scenes makes impatience a part of your personality. Patience gives you the power to handle difficulties and problems because you didn’t deplete spiritual energy creating impatience while the problems were unresolved.2. Patience is your original nature. It’s a sign of royalty, dignity and inner strength. Meditate every morning and fill yourself with peace. Peace is always accompanied by patience. Whether it is children misbehaving, a traffic jam, slow internet, colleagues arriving late or someone missing deadlines – be tolerant and patient. This also brings your thoughts under your control.3. Be patient towards yourself, other people and even situations. Someone may be slow, someone can make mistakes, but they are all doing their best. Advise or instruct them with respect. Your vibrations of ease radiate comforting energy for them to improve. Also, all different types of negative situations resolve faster when they receive our vibrations of patience constantly. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
4th Jan – జీవన విలువలు
నాలో ఉన్న శ్రేష్టతకు చేరుకోవడం (భాగం -3) మన శ్రేష్టతకు చేరుకోవడానికి , మనం ఉన్నతమైన ఆధ్యాత్మిక శక్తి వైపు దృష్టిని పెట్టాలి . ఇతరుల నుండి ప్రేమ మరియు ఆనందాన్ని కోరడం కస్తూరి జింక వలె జీవించడం వంటిది. కస్తూరి జింక దాని నాభిలో సువాసనను కలిగి ఉన్నప్పటికీ సువాసన కోసం బయట వెతుకుతూ ఉంటుంది . అదే విధంగా మనలో ఆత్మిక ఖజానాలు అన్ని ఉన్నాయి. మనం మన సుగుణాల స్వరూపానికి తిరిగి చేరుకోవడం అంటే మనలో ఆత్మిక ఖజానాలు ఉన్నాయి అని పూర్తిగా గుర్తించాలి. ఈ ఖజానాలను భగవంతుని జ్ఞానము మరియు శక్తి ద్వారా నింపుకోవాలి. అనేక జన్మలుగా ఈ ఖజానాలు ఎంతగా క్షీణించాయో అంతగా మనం మన సంతోషాన్ని కోల్పోయాము. అదే విధంగా చెడు సంస్కారాలు లేదా స్వభావ-సంస్కారాలతో మనకు మనం భారంగా మారాము. మనం కాలచక్రంలో అనేక జన్మలుగా ఈ స్వభావాలతో చేసిన తప్పుడు కర్మల ఫలంగా ఇవి మన సహజ గుణాలుగా మారిపోయాయి.కాబట్టి ఇప్పుడు, ప్రస్తుత సమయం యొక్క పిలుపు -- విశ్వంలోని ప్రతి ఆత్మ ఉన్నతాతి ఉన్నతమైన పరమాత్మునితో బుద్ధిని జోడించడం.పరమాత్ముడు విశ్వంలోని ప్రతి ఆత్మకు తల్లి , తండ్రి. వారి ద్వారానే అన్ని సుగుణాలు తిరిగి మనలో నిండుతాయి.వారితో మనం బుద్ధిని జోడించడం వలన మనం ఆంతరంగికంగా ఆధ్యాత్మికంగా సంపన్నంగా అవుతాము . మనం ఎంతగా పరమాత్మునితో బుద్ధిని జోడిస్తామో అంతగా మన మూల స్వరూపానికి చేరుకుంటాము ఎందుకంటే ఈ భౌతిక ప్రపంచం కంటే ఎంతో దూరంలో ఉన్నఆత్మల ప్రపంచం నుండి మనం ఇక్కడికి వచ్చాము. అంతేకాక ప్రస్తుత సమయం కేవలం స్వయాన్ని స్వచ్ఛంగా మరియు శుద్ధంగా మార్చుకోవడంతో పాటు కొద్ది కాలం ఆత్మలందరి ఇల్లు అయిన పరంధామానికి తిరిగి వెళ్లవలసిన సమయం ఇది. ఆ తరువాత, మనం జనన-మరణ చక్రంలోకి వస్తాము. పరంధామంలో ఉన్న కొద్ది సమయమే ఆత్మకు విశ్రాంతి సమయం. విశ్రాంతి తరువాత ఆత్మ తిరిగి ఈ కర్మక్షేత్రం, కార్యక్షేత్రంలోకి వస్తుంది . అంటే , మనందరమూ మన తిరుగు ప్రయాణంలో ఉన్నాము మరియు ఈ జనన-మరణ చక్రం పునరావృతం అవుతుంది. ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు
04th Jan – Soul Sustenance
Returning To My Original State Of Goodness (Part 3) To return to our original state of goodness, we need to look towards a Higher Source of spiritual power and positivity. Asking for love and happiness from others is like the musk deer which possesses the fragrance it’s looking for in its navel but looks for it outside. We have all these treasures inside us. Going back to the original virtuous self means realizing this completely and then taking the knowledge and power to fill ourselves with these treasures from God, who never loses these treasures. Also, the more these treasures have reduced inside us over a period of many births, the more we have lost our happiness. Also, we have become burdened with lots of incorrect sanskaras or personality characteristics. These characteristics have become a part of our nature due to incorrect actions performed by us as we came down the ladder of many births or lives.So now, the call of time is to connect with the Supreme Being or Supreme Soul, the Supreme Parent of each soul of the world - God and regain all those positive qualities. This will make us rich internally, on a spiritual level. The more we do that, the more we will return to the original stage we had once, when we came down into this world from the soul world, which lies high above the physical world. Also, it is not only the time to become pure and positive again and start a new life, but it’s also time to first return back to the soul world for a short while. After that, we will start a new cycle of many births and rebirths in this world. This is the rest the soul needs before coming down in the world full of actions, interactions and relationships. Hence, we are on what we call, the return journey and the cycle of birth and rebirth will repeat itself. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
3rd Jan – జీవన విలువలు
నాలో ఉన్న శ్రేష్టతకు చేరుకోవడం (భాగం -2) మన ఆసలైన వ్యక్తిత్వం మంచితనం మరియు చెడు లక్షణాలు మనం తెచ్చిపెట్టుకున్నవి. ఒక వ్యక్తి తన జీవితాంతం చెడుగా ఉన్నప్పటికీ నిజానికి మంచివారే, అదే విధంగా తన జీవితమంతా మంచిగా ఉన్న వ్యక్తి మరింత ఉన్నతమైనవారు. మరి మన దృష్టిని ఒక జన్మకు మాత్రమే పరిమితం చేయకుండా జన్మ-జన్మాంతరాల సత్యత చూసినప్పుడే వారు ఎలాంటి వారు అనే విషయం అర్థం అవుతుంది. ఎందుకంటే ఒకే జన్మ అనేది సత్యం కాదు, సత్యత జన్మ-జన్మాంతరాలకు సంబంధించినది. మానవ జీవితం తాత్కాలికమే కానీ ఆ ”జీవి” లేదా “ప్రాణం” శాశ్వతమైనది . ఆ ప్రాణం లేదా చేతనమునే “ఆత్మ”అని అంటాము. ప్రతి ఆత్మ జనన మరణ చక్రంలో తన పాత్ర మొదలుపెట్టినప్పుడు స్వచ్ఛమైనవారే ఎందుకంటే ఆత్మ తన మూల గుణాలైన శాంతి, సుఖము, ప్రేమ, ఆనందం, పవిత్రత, శక్తి మరియు సత్యతతో నిండుగా ఉంటుంది . ఆత్మ తన పాత్రను పోషించడం ప్రారంభించినప్పుడు, ఆత్మ ఈ దివ్య గుణాలతో నిండుగా ఉండటమే కాకుండా ఇతరులకు ఎల్లప్పుడూ ఈ గుణాలను ఇస్తుంది . దీనిని ఆత్మ యొక్క సంపన్న స్థితి అంటారు. తన సంపన్న స్థితి కారణంగా ఆత్మ ఏమీ ఆశించే అవసరం ఉండదు. దీని వలన ఆత్మ నిరంతరం సంతోషం మరియు సంతుష్టత యొక్క గుణాలతో నిండుగా ఉంటుంది. ఆత్మ తన పాత్రను పోషిస్తూ అనేక జన్మలు తీసుకోగా, తన మూల గుణాలను కోల్పోయి భగవంతుని మరియు చుట్టూ ఉన్న ఇతరులను ఆ గుణాలను అడగడం ప్రారంభిస్తుంది. ఆత్మ ఆ గుణాల కోసం ఎదురుచూస్తూ మెల్ల-మెల్లగా తన మూల గుణాలు కోల్పోతుంది . అలాంటి ఆత్మ తన సంబంధాలతో సానుకూలంగా పాత్ర పోషించలేదు. అంతేకాక, ఎన్నో విధాలుగా బాధపడుతుంది. తన ప్రార్ధనలతో భగవంతుని నుండి కొన్ని గుణాలను పొందినప్పటికీ, తన మరియు భగవంతుని యదార్ధ పరిచయము, మరియు కర్మల రహస్యం యొక్క పూర్తి జ్ఞానం పొందేవరకు తన సంపన్న స్థితికి చేరుకోలేదు. ఈ జ్ఞానాన్నే ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం అని అంటారు. ఈ సత్యమైన సంపూర్ణ జ్ఞానం కలవారు కేవలం ఒకే ఒక్క భగవంతుడు మాత్రమే. ఈ భగవంతుని జ్ఞానం అన్ని గుణాలు మరియు శక్తులను నింపుకోవడానికి సహాయపడుతుంది. అంతే కాకుండా శ్రేష్టమైన ఆత్మలుగా మారడానికి సహాయపడుతుంది. (రేపు కొనసాగుతుంది...) ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు రికార్డు More
03rd Jan – Soul Sustenance
Returning To My Original State Of Goodness (Part 2) Niceness at the level of our personality is original and our false or negative personality characteristics are acquired. A person who has been bad all his life is actually a very good soul or being originally and a person who has been good all his life is a much better soul or being originally. This is because we don’t limit our vision to a one birth reality because that is a false reality. A true reality is one of many births. A human being is temporary but a being is eternal. So, a being, which we call a soul, is nice when it begins to play its role in the birth-rebirth story of life. It is full of seven qualities – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth. As it begins to play its role, it is not only full but is always radiating these qualities to others. This is called a no-expectations stage of the soul. As a result, it is constantly happy and overflowing with contentment.As the soul passes a few births in its role play, it loses these qualities and starts asking for these qualities from God and others around it. Slowly, the soul becomes expectation filled and the seven original qualities inside it begin to decrease. Such a soul is not able to play relationships well and positively and also experiences hurt and pain in different ways. Although it receives some qualities from God in worship, it is unable to go to its original state of fulfillment, until it has complete knowledge of the self and God and also the Law of Karma. This knowledge is called spiritual knowledge and the only one, who has it in complete truth, is God. This knowledge from God helps us become full of all qualities and powers and as a result nicer beings or souls.  (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
2nd Jan – జీవన విలువలు
నాలో ఉన్న శ్రేష్టతకు చేరుకోవడం (భాగం -1) మన జీవితంలో చాలా ముఖ్యమైన మరియు ప్రభావవంతమైన అంశం - మన ప్రతీ ఆలోచనను కర్మ రూపంలో తీసుకుని రావాలని కోరుకుంటాము. “చెప్పటం చేయటం ఒకటై ఉండాలి” అనే నానుడి ఉంది. మరో మాటలో చెప్పాలంటే, మీకు చాలా ఆదర్శవంతమైన ఆలోచనలు మరియు మంచి అభిప్రాయాలు ఉండవచ్చు. మీరు వాటిని ఆదర్శంగా తీసుకుని నడుస్తూ ఉండవచ్చు. కానీ కొన్నిసార్లు ఆ ఆలోచనలు కార్య రూపంలోకి తీసుకొని వచ్చినప్పుడు ఆ ఆదర్శాల ప్రకారం జీవించరు,ఇది మిమ్మల్ని మరియు ఇతరులను కలవరపెడుతుంది మరియు దుఃఖాన్ని ఇస్తుంది. ఉదాహరణకు ఈ రోజు నేను ఎలాగైనా సంతోషంగా ఉండాలని మరియు అందరికీ సంతోషాన్ని పంచాలని నిర్ణయించుకుంటాను. కానీ నేను ఏదైనా పరిస్థితిని లేదా సమస్యను ఎదుర్కొన్న కొంత సమయంలోనే ఆందోళన చెంది మరియు ఇతరులను కూడా ఆందోళనకు గురిచేస్తాను. మరొక రోజు, నేను అందరికీ శుభకామనలు మాత్రమే అందించాలని నిర్ణయించుకుంటాను. కానీ ప్రతికూల ప్రవర్తనను ఎదుర్కోవలసి వచ్చిన వెంటనే,నేను నాలో ప్రేమ తగ్గిపోయి అవతలి వ్యక్తి గురించి తప్పుగా ఆలోచించడమే కాకుండా ఇతరులతో ఆ వ్యక్తి గురించి తప్పుగా మాట్లాడడం జరుగుతుంది. ఇది మన సంబంధాలను దిగజారుస్తుంది. ఇలాంటి మరెన్నో నిర్ణయాలు ప్రతి రోజూ సాధించడానికి ప్రయత్నిస్తాము.కొన్నిసార్లు వాటిని చేయడంలో విజయం సాధిస్తాము ,మరి కొన్నిసార్లు చేయలేకపోవచ్చు. దీనికి కారణం ఏమిటి? మనమందరం హృదయాంతరాలలో మంచి వ్యక్తులుము కాదా ? అంతర్గతంగా అందరూ మంచివారే .ప్రతి ఒక్కరూ తమ అంతరాత్మలో శుద్ధమైన వారు అని ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం చెప్తుంది. అలాగే, ప్రతి ఒక్కరూ తమ జీవితంలో ఏదో ఒక సమయంలో మంచి వ్యక్తులుగా ఉండాలని కోరుకుంటారు. కొందరు తమ జీవితంలో మరియు స్వభావంలో మంచి మార్పును తీసుకురావడంలో దృఢంగా ఉంటారు మరియు కొందరు దాని గురించి ఆలోచిస్తారు కానీ దృఢ సంకల్పంతో తమ వ్యక్తిత్వంలోకి తీసుకురారు. (రేపు కొనసాగుతుంది...)   ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు రికార్డు More
02nd Jan – Soul Sustenance
Returning To My Original State Of Goodness (Part 1) A very important and influential aspect of our lives is living every thought in our actions. It is said commonly – that practice what you preach. In other words, you have many ideal thoughts and good view points and you keep them as benchmarks to follow and look up to. But, sometimes whilst performing actions, you don’t actually live by these benchmarks, which not only disappoints and gives sorrow to oneself but also disturbs and gives sorrow to others.E.g. today I decide I will remain happy at any cost and give everyone the same. But as soon as I face a difficult situation or problem, it takes very little time for me to start worrying and radiating the same energy to others. Also, on another day I have an aim in my life that I will keep only good wishes for others. But as soon as I have to face a negative behavior of someone, I lose the love inside my heart and not only think negatively about the other person but also speak against the person to others. This spoils my relationships. So, these and many more are benchmarks which we keep in our mind and try and reach upto, throughout the day and everyday. Sometimes we are successful in doing so and sometimes are unable to do so. What is the reason for this? Are we not nice people at heart, all of us? Of course, some are nicer. But, according to spiritual wisdom, everyone is nice originally and basically. And also, everyone, at some point of time in their lives, want to be nice people. Some are serious in bringing about the niceness in their lives and natures and some think about the change towards becoming nicer but do not bring it in their personality with determination. (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
01st Jan – Soul Sustenance
Let's Take Our Spiritual Resolution For The New Year As we start a New Year, we all have many different resolutions in mind - some of us have taken a resolution to take care of our health in some way or the other, some of us have decided to be more productive in our work and create more professional success, some want to create beautiful relationships full of love, compassion and contentment and free from conflicts, some want to bring a change in their lifestyles and some want to change a particular habit that has been causing discomfort to the self or others. Also, some of us are looking to experience more peace, happiness and freedom from stress in our lives. The resolutions are many and we all begin the New Year on a determined note and want to achieve our goal that we have set for ourselves. God explains in His spiritual wisdom that He shares, that as we celebrate the start of the New Year, we should not only limit the celebration to one day, but we should create a New Spiritual Life everyday and celebrate the benefits it gives us in our lives. How do we create a New Spiritual Life? Based on spiritual wisdom which God shares with us. Also, along with wisdom, we need to increase our qualities and powers by connecting with the inner spiritual self and God in meditation and make them a part of our personality. When we do that, we will empower ourselves spiritually and then all our different resolutions will receive that inner strength and positive vibration, which is required to fulfill them.So, this should be our first and most important New Year resolution, because fulfilling this resolution will open the door to all attainments in our life – physical as well as non-physical.  Also, the more we make each day spiritually fresh and new with new thoughts, words, actions and habits full of wisdom, qualities and powers, the more we will feel content and fulfilled and this contentment and fulfillment will become the foundation of our life and everything new that we look to achieve in life will become easier to achieve and it will take lesser time also. So, this spiritual determination and spiritual resolution will help us bring in our actions and relationships a newness that is needed in today’s world and is also the solution to all our problems. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
01st Jan – జీవన విలువలు
నూతన సంవత్సరానికి ఆధ్యాత్మిక ప్రతిజ్ఞ చేసుకుందాం రండి నూతన సంవత్సరాన్ని ప్రారంభించినప్పుడు, మనమందరం విభిన్న ప్రతిజ్ఞలను చేసుకుంటూ ఉంటాము - మనలో కొందరు తమ ఆరోగ్యాన్ని మెరుగు పరుచుకునేందుకు అనేక ప్రమాణాలు చేసుకుంటారు, కొందరు తమ కార్యాలయంలో అదనపు ఉత్పాదకతను పెంచుకొని తమ వృత్తి వ్యాపారాలలో మరింత సఫలత పొందాలనుకుంటారు; మరి కొందరు ప్రేమ, కరుణ మరియు సంతృప్తితో కూడిన మరియు విభేదాలు లేని అందమైన సంబంధాలను ఏర్పరుచుకోవాలనుకుంటారు, కొందరు తమ జీవనశైలిలో మార్పును తీసుకురావాలని కోరుకుంటారు, ఇంకొందరు స్వయానికి లేక ఇతరులకు అసౌకర్యాన్ని కలిగించే నిర్దిష్ట అలవాటును మార్చుకోవాలని అనుకుంటారు. అలాగే, మనలో కొందరు మన జీవితంలో ఒత్తిడి నుండి విముక్తి అయి మరింత శాంతి, ఆనందం మరియు స్వేచ్ఛను అనుభవించాలని కోరుకుంటారు.ఇలా ఎన్నో ప్రమాణాలు చేసుకుని నూతన సంవత్సరాన్ని మన కోసం మనం నిర్దేశించుకున్న లక్ష్యానికి కట్టుబడి ప్రారంభిస్తాము. మనం నిర్దేశించుకున్న లక్ష్యాన్ని సాధించాలని కోరుకుంటాము. పరమాత్ముడు తన ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానబోధనలో నూతన సంవత్సర వేడుకను కేవలం ఆ ఒక్క రోజుకు మాత్రమే పరిమితం చేయకుండా ప్రతిరోజూ ఆధ్యాత్మిక నూతన జీవనాన్ని రూపొందించుకొని, తద్వారా కలిగే ప్రయోజనాలను ఆనందించాలని బోధిస్తారు. మరి ఆ నూతన ఆధ్యాత్మిక జీవనాన్ని ఎలా రూపొందించుకోవాలి? పరమాత్ముడు మనకు అందించే ఆధ్యాత్మిక జ్ఞానం ద్వారా ఆ నూతన ఆధ్యాత్మిక జీవనాన్ని రూపొందించుకోవచ్చును. అలాగే, జ్ఞానంతో పాటు, మనలోని ఆంతరిక గుణాలను మరియు శక్తులను ఆ పరమాత్మునితో బుద్ధిని ఏకాగ్రం చేయడం ద్వారా పెంపొందించుకోవడమే కాకుండా మన వ్యక్తిత్వంలో భాగంగా చేసుకోవచ్చును. తద్వారా స్వయంపై అధికారిగా అవ్వడంతో మనం చేసుకున్న ప్రతిజ్ఞలకు ఆంతరిక శుభభావనలు మరియు శక్తి అందించవచ్చు. ఈ శుభభావనలు మరియు శక్తియే ఆ ప్రమాణాలు సాకారం చేసుకునేందుకు దోహదపడతాయి. కనుక , ఇది మన మొదటి మరియు అత్యంత ముఖ్యమైన నూతన సంవత్సర ప్రతిజ్ఞ అయి ఉండాలి, ఎందుకంటే ఈ ప్రతిజ్ఞను నెరవేర్చడం వలన మన జీవితంలో భౌతిక మరియు భౌతికేతర అన్ని విజయాలకు ద్వారాలు తెరుచుకుంటాయి. అదే విధంగా , జ్ఞానము, గుణాలు ,శక్తులతో నిండిన కొత్త ఆలోచనలు, మాటలు, కర్మలు మరియు అలవాట్లతో మనం ప్రతి రోజును ఆధ్యాత్మికంగా సచేతనం చేసుకుంటే, సంతుష్టత మరియు సంపన్నత యొక్క అనుభవం కలుగుతుంది. ఈ సంతుష్టత మరియు సంపన్నత మన జీవితానికి పునాదిగా మారుతుంది. జీవితంలో పెరిగే సంతుష్టత మరియు సంపన్నత ద్వారా మనం సాధించాలనుకునేవి తక్కువ సమయంలో సులభంగా సాధిస్తాము . కాబట్టి, ఈ ఆధ్యాత్మిక ధృడత్వం మరియు ఆధ్యాత్మిక ప్రతిజ్ఞ మన కర్మలు మరియు సంబంధాలలో నేటి ప్రపంచంలో అవసరమైన కొత్తదనాన్ని తీసుకురావడానికి సహాయం చేస్తుంది. ఈ ఆధ్యాత్మికతయే సమస్యలన్నింటికీ పరిష్కారం.   ప్రతి రోజు మీ వాట్సప్ లో ఒక మంచి విషయాన్ని తెలుసుకునేందుకు మీ సమీపంలో ఉన్న రాజయోగ మెడిటేషన్ సెంటర్ కొరకు రికార్డు More
31st Dec – Soul Sustenance
Admitting Mistakes Without Justifying Them We often hide our mistakes from people, fearing consequences of a punishment and of their opinion about us. Even if they find out what we did, we come up with a justification. Owning up our mistakes, apologizing, realizing and transforming almost always earns us acceptance and respect. Consequences nevertheless come to us, but so will the courage to face them. Start living by your values. Do not compromise on them. Pay attention to being right and doing right. Ensure your thoughts for yourself and others are pure, your words are uplifting, your attitude is humble, your behaviour with people is polite, your actions are righteous and your decisions are beneficial to you and everyone involved. But if you make a mistake, admit it immediately, take responsibility. Don’t justify, no matter how severe the consequence is. Become determined to never repeat your mistake. Accept your weaknesses and work on them.Can you handle a harshly conveyed negative feedback about yourself, with stability? Does admitting to your faults seem hard at those moments? Does your ego drive you to get defensive? People who truly care for us, don’t hesitate to point out our weakness or mistake. Their intention is pure, but they may deliver it bluntly. Sometimes they even sandwich one layer of criticism between multiple layers of appreciation. Yet, our ego makes us fear the negative remark and defend ourselves. Received in the right spirit, feedback offers growth and is almost always inevitable. Let us avoid the awkwardness around it by not reacting impulsively. We need to reflect on the suggestions while ignoring the energy of criticism it came with. Let’s be authentic, own up mistakes and make feedback a pleasant experience rather than a bitter one. Remind yourself everyday - I am open to feedback about myself. Keeping my self-respect intact, I admit my mistakes, transform and move forward with dignity. I am an honest being. I come out stronger and wiser by admitting to my wrongdoings and not justifying them. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
30th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment (Part 4) It is also important to keep a balanced mind, while we are working on something. Anger, aggression, ego or greed can create imbalance in our thoughts. When we experience being ourselves and are at ease with life, we feel the energy to adventure into anything that’s possible. If we are able to balance effort with ease, we are still moving towards our goals and with an equal amount of aspiration, but at the same time, appreciating the flow of life with it. When we are able to realize that it is ultimately virtues like joy, freedom and happiness that are important for us, these virtues act as a compass to help us direct our efforts towards our goals with more peace and composure. Being in touch with our original values and positive feelings in every situation helps us in making correct life decisions. When efforts are accompanied by only a lose attachment to the goal, we experience a flow. Perfect people, places or opportunities arise for us, without feeling that too much effort went into it. This success may or may not look like success to everybody, but to us, it will feel so.Practicing meditation and detachment can help us remain in soul consciousness and emphasize experiencing being over doing. Our health, inner well-being and own definition of success is more important than any job, salary, degree or anyone else’s opinion about us. We can, therefore, consciously create a situation of peace and happiness, where the rising tide of expectation is controlled. We are then no longer troubled by unfulfilled needs and even the most ordinary experiences become enjoyable. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
29th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment (Part 3) We should also free ourselves from the belief that it is only the future which counts the most. In this treadmill of achieving socially valid goals, we keep trying to win a prize that eventually dissolves in our own hands, before we even feel the slightest of happiness of having achieved it. We also fail to notice so many potentially fulfilling experiences of the present in this race. The most crucial step in freeing ourselves is the ability to find rewards in the events of each moment. If we learn to enjoy and find meaning in the ongoing stream of experience, the burden of stress for achieving something often falls down from one’s shoulders. Inner power returns when rewards are no longer externally connected. We learn to enjoy the genuine rewards of life and stop running after the prize that is sometimes just out of reach.Once we have defined our goals, the learnings gained from overcoming obstacles along the way, leave us feeling more skilled, unique and capable. In the process of getting these individual accomplishments, an attitude of collaboration and co-operation with others can add a sense of harmony and fulfillment in life. We learn to be more sensitive to life, when we cultivate a space for care and respect for other souls and their ideas and lives that are beyond the physical self. This human integration and flow makes the present more enjoyable and it adds self-confidence to us, which allows us to build skills and also make significant contributions to our family, friendships, workplace and society.(To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
28th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment (Part 2) Happiness and success are actually deeply interconnected. They both share a common aspect- they cannot be pursued. If we practice soul consciousness, the thought emerges that the feelings of having achieved both success and happiness should be a result of our personal dedication to something greater than the physical self. The situations we come across in this life, which are also due to our past actions, are often scripted differently than what we desire. The roots of human discontent lay in the fact that the situations often unfold themselves naturally, and they do not take human desires into consideration. They are random and different in contrast to what we want to establish through our goals. However, in such circumstances, this awareness is important that we do have a choice to create something beautiful out of such unexpected situations, which can help build the inner worlds of our minds, which is contentment in life, while embracing the joy of growing in every moment. It is, therefore, a choice to achieve happiness by achieving control over the contents of our own consciousness.In the modern world - wealth, status and role have become important symbols of happiness. They can be genuine blessings and important, but only if they help us feel joyful. It is important to understand how we can consciously create efforts towards attaining these goals, while also staying happy and content in the moment. Materialistic success is only one aspect of life. There are many other dimensions of life that can give us joy and satisfaction. This awareness can free us from becoming addicted to the attention and approval from others that often come along with being successful on a materialistic level. In order to overcome the stress of modern life, we first need to re-experience our original virtue of happiness. We can do this by defining what is really important to us and what isn’t. We can then find enjoyment and purpose in our actions, and learn to reward ourselves, irrespective of its social importance and regardless of external circumstances.(To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
27th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Stop Running The Race … Enjoy The Present Moment (Part 1) Every soul seeks happiness. While happiness itself is searched for its own sake, every other goal - health, beauty, money or role, is valued, because we expect that it will make us happy. Today, we have made a lot of advancement in the eras of medical science and technology, but when it comes to attaining this blessed and beautiful state of happiness, not much has changed and we could arguably conclude that we have made no progress at all. We often end up feeling that instead of being filled with happiness, we have wasted our precious moments in anxiety and pressure to attain something, which would eventually take us to success, and then we would experience and achieve happiness. Happiness, a very natural state of being for any soul, has become very difficult to experience in the world today, because it is dependent on physical attainments and achievements.As children, we were thrilled and happy naturally. We could share our experiences of such joys in response to simple events like hearing a bird chirping or sharing lunch with a friend in school. As we become old, we become pressurized to achieve goals like success in education, family, business and often lose awareness of the reality that it is our fundamental responsibility as a person to first become a joyous being. If we go against our own nature to be happy, we will never reach anywhere. Each of us has a picture, however vague, of what we would like to accomplish in this life. We aspire for different types of success. It could be money, health and social relationships. How close we get to attaining that goal becomes the measure for the quality of our own lives. If it remains out of reach, we feel hurt and become angry. The problem arises when we become so obsessed with it, that we stop deriving joy from the present moment. When this happens, we give up our own chances of contentment.(To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
26th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Power Of Silence Before Beginning Any Activity When planning our tasks, we organize external resources like people, time, skills or money needed. Perfection in the state of our mind is rarely a priority. So our mind races from task to task carrying unwanted thoughts and gets stressed. Observing one minute's silence before any task helps us clear the mind, think right and radiate the energy of success to the task. As you learn to silence the conscious mind, it becomes stronger and our intellect becomes sharper.  Remind yourself - I use the power of silence in every situation and experience peace and happiness. I choose actions which are right for the task and for my karmic account.  From today, start being disciplined and orderly and take a minute to prepare your mind for any important task. Before we begin a new task – studies, office project, household work, driving or anything for that matter, we and everyone else involved in the task need to observe a one-minute’s silence to clean and energize the mind. Thereafter the mind becomes capable of creating the right response for everything that's going to happen in the task. During the one-minute silence, let us put aside matters of the tasks done until now - any stress, anger, anxiety or fear created so far in the day - and bring the mind completely to the present moment. We can consciously create powerful thoughts of blessings for success of the task ahead and blessing for people working on it. This sets up our mind to be at its highest emotional state and elevates the energy of everything we do next. When I silence the top layer of thoughts, any wrong thoughts from my whole day become silent, my intuition which tells me from whom I need a solution is activated. I increase my power to discriminate, I know what is right what is wrong, what is true what is false, based on my intuition. I listen to it, I understand the situation and people as they are, I receive answers for the task. I come back to the scene stronger. Everything is the same, nothing changes outside, but I see things differently and more positively and that guarantees success in the task. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
25th Dec – Soul Sustenance
The Beauty Of Christmas – A Festival Of Love And Joy (Part 3) Lastly, Christmas brings together everyone in a united bond of love and joy and everyone remembers God and promises God that they will never hurt anyone and create togetherness in the world and also take inspiration from the teachings of Jesus Christ, a pure soul, who reminded everyone of God and said that God is the Supreme Divine Light and the Highest One. Jesus Christ stood for wisdom and truth and gave the world the light of goodness and spread goodness to everyone. So, let us all celebrate Christmas in the remembrance of God and bring its spiritual essence in our lives. The Supreme Being or the Spiritual Pole Star, who is the Heavenly Godfather and the One who is constant in qualities eternally, says that the New World will soon become a reality and we will enter into that world with a divine personality, similar to God’s. This is remembered in the Bible as – God created man in His own image. So let us be connected to God and share the message of God with everyone. This is God’s message to all of us – Become pure and divine like me by listening to the wisdom I share and by remembering me through the process of meditation, in which you concentrate on my pure and divine point form in the pure soul world, which exists beyond the Universe and the world of five elements. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
24th Dec – Soul Sustenance
The Beauty Of Christmas – A Festival Of Love And Joy (Part 2) Also, Christmas reminds us of beautiful angels with wings and a divine wand in their hands. Wings symbolize the angelic and light stage of the mind, which is experienced through purity and soul-consciousness and the divine wand is a symbol of positive blessings which we receive from God and then share with each and every soul in the world. Also, we as angels, at the present time, whisper the divine message of Godly wisdom to everyone and awaken them from the sleep of spiritual ignorance. Angels are shown with a halo or pure aura around their face or over their head, which is a sign of an awakened consciousness.Christmas also involves exchanging gifts and merry making along with special meals together. All these festivities have a spiritual significance and symbolic of we as human beings sharing the gifts of goodness and Godly beauty, which we have imbibed from God, amongst each other and enjoying ourselves while doing that. Also, at the same time enjoying beautiful food for thought or spiritual wisdom, which God feeds our intellect with everyday and makes us spiritually healthy and strong with it.Christmas reminds us that God is with us and we should celebrate each day in Godly love and His constant company and remain spiritually intoxicated and become very sweet like God and radiate that sweetness through every thought, word and action to everyone. (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
23rd Dec – Soul Sustenance
The Beauty Of Christmas – A Festival Of Love And Joy (Part 1) Christmas is a festival of love and joy and brings together everyone in a beautiful spirit full of bonding and togetherness.1. Christmas reminds us of God and His pure actions of creating a new world tree, full of beautiful attainments which all human beings enjoy and also share with each other, without any sense of ego or false ownership over them. This is the world that God is creating at the present time in which there is immense unity, equality and respect amongst each other and no sense of superiority and inferiority in human beings. God is shown on the Christmas tree as a big star on top of the tree and human souls are shown as small stars on the branches of the tree and attainments are shown as the decoration on the tree, which all human souls receive from God. God is shown on top because He lives in the soul world above and the world tree exists on Earth below.2. Santa Claus is a very important figure in Christmas celebrations and He symbolizes God – the Supreme Father of all souls, who visits us at this time in the night of humanity, when there is a fall in human values, principles and goodness in the world and He distributes to all human beings in the world the gifts of peace, love, joy and wisdom. It is said that in the night before Christmas day, which is on December 25th, Santa Claus visits people from the North Pole of this physical world, which is very far away and where he stays. This represents God visiting us at the present time from the soul world, which is also very far away and exists beyond the physical world. The soul world is the spiritual world where God stays and also where all human souls originally stay, before coming down on Earth to play a part in this physical world. Santa Claus is said to come down chimneys of houses in the night to leave his gifts for children, which represents God’s incarnation in the dark old world of the present times. The spiritual gifts that God gives us, bring a new morning in the world – a beautiful Heaven or Golden Age, in which everything is perfect, pure and positive and there is nothing in the new world which any human beings lack or desire.(To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
22nd Dec – Soul Sustenance
5 Steps For Overcoming Addictions 1. Take A Pledge Of Positive Determination - Promise yourself every morning and night that you will overcome every addiction in your life, based on a deep realization that any addiction is an obstacle in your freedom and weakens you spiritually by depleting you of attainments like contentment, power and permanent peace and bliss. 2. Inject Your Mind With Positive Thoughts - As you wake up in the morning, give yourself a dose of positive spiritual wisdom. Read or listen something beautiful, positive and powerful. The more your mind and heart will be fulfilled and satisfied, the more you will feel withdrawn from the negative habit. 3. Develop A Good Hobby To Keep Yourself Busy - For giving up any addiction, keep your mind occupied in a positive and constructive way for a few minutes everyday. The more you experience love and taste for a hobby or positive habit, the more the negative habit will seem distasteful and you will not like it anymore. 4. Meditate Every Day For A Few Minutes - Experience your spiritual self and your original spiritual qualities of peace, love, joy and power and connect with the Supreme Being or God, who is the Ocean of these qualities, for a few minutes everyday in meditation. Meditation will increase your self-esteem and confidence. 5. Meet People And Make Beautiful Relationships - To overcome any cravings towards addictions, meet many positive minded people, and share positivity and goodness with them. This will make you positive and fill you with a feeling of well-being and as you connect with them and become busy, addictions will become unimportant. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
21st Dec – Soul Sustenance
Living Happiness The Right Way (Part 3) Happiness is a state of mind and not something based on external influences. E.g. you hear a great piece of news – you have got a promotion in your office. That feels very nice to hear and it gives you happiness. There is nothing wrong with that, but when our happiness starts becoming dependent on such events, that’s when the foundation of our happiness is a wrong one. After hearing a positive piece of news, after one day you are told that your favourite sports team has lost the final of a very famous tournament. You see your team losing and suddenly your happiness is lost. So, enjoy the positive events but don’t think that life will not have its negative events ready to reduce your happiness, if your happiness stands on the wrong foundation.So what is the right way to be happy? Enjoy everything that life has to offer – all the good things but don’t make your happiness dependent on them. Also, if you are truly and internally happy in this way, as per spiritual principles, then that once in a while negative event or that shocking accident on the road or a sudden loss of wealth will not disturb you either. Constant happiness comes by increasing one’s inner spiritual treasures like peace, love, wisdom and power and not from outside events. That does not mean outside events will not make you happy. They will, but you do not get controlled by their ups and downs, when they happen. Also, by increasing your treasures, you remain happy even when there is a negative situation in your life. That is living happiness the right way! To Receive Daily On Whatsapp To Find Nearest Rajyoga Meditation Center Archives More
20th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Living Happiness The Right Way (Part 2) Happiness for some people today is based more on materialism and enjoying different mediums of science and technology in every sphere of life. Do you know that there are two sides to this type of happiness. When the going is good in life i.e. when there are no negative situations in your life, you feel you are on top of the world. Also, when there is even a little negative event like a disturbance at home or a little change in your health or if a friend no longer co-operates and talks well with you, then the same material mediums of science and technology can no longer support you. You feel empty inside. This is a wrong foundation of happiness. On the other hand, true happiness is one which is based on your strengths and qualities and is permanent, even if life presents to you negative events once in a while, which is very common in our present day lives. Try finding one person who has only positive events in their life and you will not find a single person without some problem or the other. Also, the world is in a way living on a false belief that happiness is increasing because of scientific advancement or because of better medical facilities or because of more wealth. It seems it is but it is temporary. Aren’t there so many people in the world, in fact a large number of people, who are in pain and unhappy? The richest of people, the most famous of people, the most educated people and the most advanced people are today looking to spiritual wisdom and meditation to get relief from life’s problems. They also want to be free from the pressures that come in many cases, with being rich and famous and also successful in a materialistic way. (To be continued tomorrow …)   To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
19th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Living Happiness The Right Way (Part 1) A very important and influential aspect of our life which defines our way of living is hope and determination. Success in life is largely defined by these two powers. Very often we see a difficult situation effect people so much that after that they no longer believe they can succeed. E.g. a very successful person suddenly falls ill or loses an important relative or experiences sudden financial losses at work. Such type of events or similar to these ones can weaken the enthusiasm of many people and affect their confidence for future actions. Also, there are many different cases in the world when lives of many people have changed after a particular negative event in their life, which they found difficult to face. It is very true that most people in the world are today facing some negative situation or the other. These negative situations are either with the mind or with their physical body or in their role or very importantly in their different personal and professional relationships. Hope and determination are two powers which we all require to face these different situations and presently the world has seen a decrease in these two powers in many people. Although the world is advancing in many different ways, at the same time people are no longer as internally powerful to face life’s different negative events, which are on the rise. Also, the power to control your thoughts, feelings and emotions is reducing and keeping them positive is becoming difficult for many. Of course, there are some who believe that life is all about ups and downs and also happiness and sorrow both are part of life. But, according to spiritual wisdom, experiencing sorrow is a sign of lack of inner strength and stability. Also, happiness is our natural state of mind, which we like and should experience all the time. (To be continued tomorrow …)   To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
18th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Start Feeling People's Vibrations When you meet someone, where does your attention go? One: you focus on how they appear and what they’re wearing. Two: you focus on what they say and what they do. Let’s shift to the third option: focus on how their vibration feels. When we feel someone’s vibrations, we understand them accurately. Do you feel a very heavy energy when working with a particular person, and you just wait to move away? Have you sensed a good vibe from a person you barely spend an hour with, and you wish to meet them more often? We are usually quick to judge people by external factors of how they appear, how they are dressed, their position, vocabulary and body language – we are missing the point. People’s vibrations reveal who they truly are. Each person carries their vibrations, and we can feel them by pay a little attention. When we silence our mind and turn away attention from visible parameters, we sense invisible energies, their vibes. It helps us understand the other person’s nature and intentions. The next time you meet someone, feel their vibes. Words or behaviors may be deceptive but vibrations cannot lie. Radiate your authentic vibrations to others. Likewise, take your focus to a higher frequency when you meet someone, to find out what is the vibration of the person is, do not get stuck at lower vibrations, choose to feel the vibrations and energy of everyone you meet, silence your mind and shift your focus on how they feel. Feel their energy field, feel their intentions, recognize them and understand them as they are. Trust your intuition and then choose a response that is right for you and the situation and take your interaction forward. Do not get entangled in their vibrations. As you go beyond external factors, you no longer get carried away by any falsehood or artificialness in people. Reading people’s energy fields sharpens your intuition.   To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
17th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Delegating Responsibilities To Others Whether we are the head of a family or a team in our office, sometimes we are insecure about handing over responsibility to others, we seek to keep responsibility with ourselves. Check if you hesitate to pass on responsibilities to other people. You may be enjoying what you do, fear giving up control, cannot trust people to do a good job or feel threatened that the other person might perform better than you.1. Delegation is not just about getting things done. It is a process of empowering everyone on your life journey and is your purpose of life. Someone once trusted you with your duties, now it is your turn to keep the same energy flowing.2. Provide people all the resources and give them freedom to execute things their way. Do not interfere in their style of working. Be available with all your support and interfere only if they seek guidance or if things are going wrong.3. Delegation is also in the mind. Release your attachment to how things should be. Open your mind to the possibility of things being done another way, in a new way. Do not create doubt or fear about others’ ways. Empower them with vibrations of faith and success.4. They might make mistakes, guide them lovingly and respectfully. Your energy of trust and acceptance helps people to give more than their capacity, to ensure success of the task at hand. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
16th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Your Mind Is Your Inner Child The mind is like our child. Even as we go about fulfilling our responsibilities, priority needs to be the well-being of this child within. We need to nourish it, love it and comfort it. People believe they have lost control over their mind and wish to control other people’s minds to feel powerful. Our mind is the only entity in our control. A little attention and love will discipline this inner child. 1. Like you remain connected to your children always, be connected to your mind and guide it at every step. While fulfilling responsibilities like household work, family, career and health, your priority should be the child within. 2. This inner child may not be in your control only because it is not taught how to think or how much to think. Meditate and read spiritual messages daily, it becomes a source for the mind to create right thoughts. 3. While taking care of your responsibilities, the child might start crying – which means it is irritated, angry, jealous, scared or hurt. Withdraw for a minute from whatever you are doing to silence the child. Teach your mind to be powerful when people are not fair to you, to forget the past and to think nice for all. 4. Discipline this child with love, not force or harshness. When you understand your mind, understanding others becomes simple. While dealing with others, you are dealing with the child within them. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
15th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Going Beyond The Desire For Praise (Part 3) We all have different natures or personalities and also our journeys have been different in the story of birth and rebirth. So, at this point of time, we will all receive success in different ways. Someone who has the art of being good at dealing with people with love might not be good at speaking in public. On the other hand, someone who is creative and good in a particular skill might not be so intelligent in studies. So, our skills and strengths are unique. What this means is that we will always see people around us receiving praise for what they are good at. On the other hand, we may receive praise for some other actions, which the other person might not be good at. When this is accepted and understood, then the desire for praise in everything I do, will not be there. This is because I cannot be good at everything and praise will always be distributed in people and no single person receives praise for everything they do. 4. Lastly, we are all doing good in different spheres of life because that is what is right. What is good is defined by ourselves, our family, our society and the world around us. So, we follow that definition given to us. But at the same time there are people around us who are performing negative actions also. Sometimes, to get praise, we may use negative actions as the medium. But, that praise is short-lived and will not give us deep satisfaction, because it is based on a false foundation. So, it is good to be praised less but follow the path of righteousness and truth. The desire for praise is very deep-rooted but sometimes it takes us on the wrong path. When we realize that praise is not everything in life and doing good and being a good human being is more important, that’s when living life will become lighter and the desire for praise will be secondary and non-existent in our consciousness. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
14th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Going Beyond The Desire For Praise (Part 2) Always remember that as an actor in the world drama, I have to perform all actions to my best capability, but it is not possible to always please everyone with my performance all the time. This is because we have woven webs of negative karma with a large number of souls in our previous births as well as in our present birth. Because of this sometimes even our good actions are seen as negative ones or sometimes not noticed by some. When we understand this hidden secret of karma, we will perform nice actions only for our happiness and not to please others or receive their respect, which may or may not come. Suppose I talk lovingly and sweetly with someone who is negative and angry with me, do they always respond in the same manner? So, should I also stop being nice to them? So praise for my actions from others is less important than praise from myself and even God, who is always noticing what I do the whole day and how I behave. 2.  We are all also brothers at the spiritual level. As brothers, we share a bond of spiritual love with each other and to love, care and respect for each other is our natural spiritual duty. But when we consider serving others as something for which we should get recognition, we have forgotten the same. God serves the whole world in different ways. He helps us in different ways, but sometimes we do not realize it. Does He look for recognition? No. So, as God’s children, our duty is to serve everyone we meet with our goodness in every thought, word and action and not expect goodness in return. We commonly say we are misunderstood by this person. And then we feel hurt because the other person did not appreciate us. So serving selflessly is the key to contentment and inner freedom from the desire for praise. (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
13th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Going Beyond The Desire For Praise (Part 1) A very common feeling in our everyday lives which some of us experience is a desire for praise for what we have done. It is commonly said that perform good actions for yourself, for your family and friends as well as for the world but do not desire praise in return for those actions. This is sometimes easy to remember but difficult to practice for many. Some people say is it not natural to expect recognition for what I do in society or in my office or at home. Some people also feel that their good actions must be seen by a large number of people. Otherwise they don’t feel inspired to perform them. Let’s look at an example of an actor. When an actor performs well, he receives praise for his performance. When he does not, people talk against the performance. So he feels happy and sad depending on his performance, as perceived by people, although he has worked hard, with equal dedication, for both his performances. In the same manner, a sportsperson, who is famous and successful, loses his fame to a considerable extent, once he retires and other younger sportspersons take his place in the same sport, who sometimes succeed more than him. So, it’s not wrong to feel happy when you get praise. But it’s not good to base your happiness on praise, because then it becomes a dependency. Also, perform actions with a sense of detachment, because you may or may not get praise for those actions, but you should remain equally happy in both cases. In this message we look at few simple methods to become free from such desires. (To be continued tomorrow …) To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
12th Dec – Soul Sustenance
5 Tips For Making Sleep Peaceful And Blissful Sleep is one of the most important aspects of human wellness and influences our physical, spiritual and emotional health immensely. Let's look at 5 tips for making sleep peaceful and blissful - 1. Meditate For A Few Minutes Before Sleeping - The entire day, the soul performs actions through the body and the mind constantly creates thoughts. So it’s good to experience soul consciousness and connect with God - the Supreme Soul for about 15 minutes before sleeping. This makes the mind silent and the intellect pure, which is the perfect preparation for a good night's sleep. 2. Reduce Mobile Phone Use And TV Viewing Before Sleeping - For about 45 minutes to one hour before sleeping, keep your mobile phone away as much as possible from your eyes and avoid viewing anything on the television. This will relax the mind and the brain immensely and it will be easy to sleep easily and as soon as you lie down in your bed. 3. Thank God For The Day And Clear All Burdens Before Sleeping - Tell God about the entire day that has passed, thank Him and if something negative has happened in the day, clear that burden before sleeping. Don't take the burden into your bed. If you sleep with a heavy consciousness, you may take time to sleep and even if you sleep soon, you may get up in the middle of the night with many thoughts running in your mind. 4. Visualize A Circle Of Positive Energy Around Your Bed And Experience An Affirmation Before Sleeping - Visualize a golden circle of peace, purity and power around your bed for a few seconds before sleeping and experience an affirmation that - I am a peaceful and blissful soul. I am protected and I sleep easily. This will make your aura positive and will protect you from negative and impure energies of the world which might disturb your sleep. 5. Avoid Talking Too Much And Unnecessary Conversations Before Sleeping - The more you talk before sleeping, the more thoughts the mind creates and the more active the brain becomes. So, talk less, talk sweetly and talk softly before sleeping. Otherwise the thoughts of words spoken just before sleeping prevent you from switching off and going off to rest. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
11th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Be Humble And Give Regard To Everyone Every society and even every family follows certain rules in behaviours. They serve as a code of conduct for us, to give regard to people based on their roles and positions. Having rules in place for how we give regard, treat, behave and reciprocate to people in certain roles, is vital to maintain dignity of that role. Sometimes our ego does not allow us to follow these set rules, especially if we had an unpleasant experience or hold a negative impression about people. Following rules strengthen us and our relationships. 1. Acquaint yourself with the rules and regards followed at different levels: within your family, society, faith, or country. Learn by asking and observing. 2. Check your views about the people you know. Start with those older to you, holding higher positions, doing better than you or getting appreciation. If there are thoughts of jealousy, inferiority or indifference, counsel your mind - Offering regard for their role and position is my responsibility. 3. Be humble even with someone younger in age, lower or equal in role. Even if others treat them differently, be courteous to them. 4. When you give regard, the positivity created helps you develop goodwill. Being nice to people, no matter what they do, is a sign of strength. Let your morality win over ego. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
10th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Is Life A Competition For You? The language of competition is Who is better, who is number one? Wanting to be better than others is a never-ending race. So our energies of love, care and co-operation get blocked. Most of us grew up conditioned to believe that life is a competition. 1. Competition is not limited only to your professional world. You may compete even in your family - over who is more loved, who takes better care of the house, who earns more and so on. 2. Your tendency to compete becomes a habit. You may lose awareness and may unknowingly live in fear, tension and anxiety all the time in trying to be being ahead of others. 3. When you compete with someone, you are at a loss. You may either not utilize your full potential and just be happy about being ahead of the other person. Or you may end up stretching yourself way beyond your capacity and get stressed. Your aim would be to be better than others, rather than being your best, which you have set for yourself. 4. Make co-operation your purpose of life, not competition. You’re not against each other, you are with each other. You are not in a race; you are on this journey together. You will share what you know and take others along as you move forward. This shift will change the way you live and bring more success than you expected. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
09th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Overcome Addiction To Gadgets Do you check your phone every 10 minutes? And do you panic when your phone battery drops to 20 percent? Can you not stop watching mobile or TV screens at mealtime? And can you not stop checking emails when you’re with your family? From using gadgets to abusing them, gadget addiction is hampering our happiness, health and relationships. Limiting screen time saves you time and energy. Remind yourself everyday - I am a powerful being. I use my gadgets for their utility, I am not addicted to any of them. I limit my time with technology. My gadgets don’t control my time, energy or habits.Do you sense an overexposure to digital screens? Are your gadgets becoming a huge part of your life? The extra hours of digital screen-gazing might be building into addiction. It all begins with signs of wanting - to read every news item, to watch another cricket match, to catch up with episodes of a TV show we missed and so on…the thoughts lead to action, action to habit, and habit turns into addiction. Decide your screen time and stick to that schedule until it becomes a habit. Your will power and discipline to support your intentions will end gadget addiction. Instead of viewing other people’s lives through gadgets, be more productive with your own life. Start relating to your gadgets and technology in healthy ways. Your computer, phone and TV have made your life comfortable. Become a master of them and make your gadgets your instruments. Don’t be addicted to your gadgets. Make sure your gadgets do not control your mind, they don’t make you happy or sad. Appreciate their utility, enjoy using them, connect to them when needed and disconnect without feeling uncomfortable. Don’t get disturbed if you can’t use them for any reason. watch TV only for x hours a day, use your computer only when necessary, phone only when required, do not keep checking for new messages, do not read or watch everything on media and social media. Consume only what is healthy for your mind and body. To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
08th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Being Stable In Criticism Regardless of the form it takes and the intentions behind it, criticism can be difficult to accept. But if we learn how to deal with it, we can certainly benefit from the feedback. A large part of criticism directed towards us is not in our control, but how we respond to it is always our choice. No matter who you are or what you do, does someone always judge you? Even if things seem to be going well, do you find people criticizing your ideas, behaviors, talents, efforts or results? Like it or not, criticism is unavoidable so it helps to take it in our stride. We need to be stable in the face of criticism. It usually comes with an energy of anger, insult, disrespect or rejection. So, more than the feedback itself, the accompanying vibrations hit us hard. Yet, we have the choice to only accept the feedback and be untouched by the negative vibrations accompanying it. People’s criticism is more about them than about us. It mirrors their weak state of mind – their hurt, their worries, their insecurities and their personalities. Basically, they are in pain and are relaying it to us. Our role is to understand, empathize and not radiate negative energy back to them. You have the power to make things better or worse when criticized. Be courteous to them, validate their words and improve yourself if needed. Otherwise release that scene from your mind. Remain stable in criticism, just as you remain stable in appreciation. Know yourself well and do not get disturbed when someone criticizes you. Sometimes when sharing their feedback, people are rude, they criticize you. Pause and think through the criticism, check if it is valid. If yes, thank them and improve yourself. If not, let go, do not create any thoughts about what they say. Remain stable and don’t react or argue or defend. Just state your views assertively. Understand they might be disturbed, jealous or insecure. Understand they are different, they are only expressing their opinion, which is based on their personality. Know your strengths and work on your weaknesses.  Do not take criticism personally. Remain detached as you see their nature.   To Receive Daily On Whatsapp Archives More
07th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Nothing New - The Wisdom For Difficult Situations Why is it that many times when we face a new negative situation, we feel it’s more difficult than the previous situations and this time it will not be easy to pass the situation. Also, our mind becomes filled with thoughts of possible failure and our faith in ourselves, in life and also in God tends to shake. Suddenly life seems full of darkness, and we are no longer as happy as we were before the situation came in our life. Also, we don't interact enthusiastically with others and sometimes our health and personal and professional work also gets affected negatively. What is the solution to this and how should we learn from every negative situation, use it to make ourselves powerful and not fear it at all. Also, how can we keep this positive and powerful mental state constant? The wisdom given by God, to remember in such situations is Nothing New. Nothing New means that I have filled my mind with the experience of passing many difficult negative situations in the past and based on that experience, this situation is not new to me and I know that the way I had, with God's positive help, support and powers passed those old situations, I will do the same now also. I am just repeating my actions again. I already know the result as being positive and I am sure of it. I am also sure that God will help me again this time also. The only thing that separates me from the positive end result is time and patience is the road to success. I take the road and don't bother about the different stages of the situation that I pass on the road. Some stages may be favourable and some may sometimes not be so favourable. But I am sure, based on my past experience, that every stage will pass. I have to only keep moving ahead in God’s remembrance, on the road of patience and the more I do that, the more I will receive God's help at every stage, and He is completely responsible for resolving the situation. I am only acting in the situation, according to God's guidance, who knows all aspects of the situations better than me and because He is very wise, He knows what is best for me and the situation. I have always been victorious and will be victorious again.   Archives More
06th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Think Of Other People Only When Necessary It is a simple law of science that whoever we think of often, we get connected to them mentally. If we think of someone who is upset, we feel pain. Spiritual wisdom tells us to constantly remember God. When we remember someone, we get connected to their state of mind. We start feeling the same emotion they are feeling – may be stress, fear or anger. 1. Check if there is someone who lives on your mind on and off. It could be someone you are emotionally attached to, or even someone you don’t like. This means your thoughts reach them, trigger a thought in their mind, and their thoughts reach you back. You’re connected thought-to-thought. 2. Recall times when you suddenly felt low or uneasy and did not know why. Maybe you remembered someone who was worried or unhappy at that moment. 3. Criticizing, hating or fearing people lowers your energy. Suppose your office colleague is not performing well. Suggest improvements to them with dignity. After that don’t think negatively when you think of them or meet them. 4. Not just during meditation but throughout the day, even as you carry out all day-to-day activities, remember God to get connected to His frequency. He is the Ocean of peace, love, joy and power. So you will get influenced by His vibrations and start feeling the same.   Archives More
05th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Positive Consciousness For Success (Part 3) A very simple method of keeping a positive consciousness is to begin every task by emerging a powerful thought of positivity. Check yourself whether your mind is only focused on the task or there is a positive thought process which is above the task. The more this becomes a practice, the more you will be able to dictate the task with not only physical skills but also with your thoughts, which are more powerful than your words and actions. Thoughts when given a right direction can become a very powerful force in your life and give it new meaning and also bring success in every sphere of your life. Also, words and actions can sometimes be ineffective or sometimes not as effective in making a task successful as much as thoughts can be. It has been proven in many studies that thought energy is extremely powerful. It can influence people around us and bring about significant results much faster and more effectively as compared to words and actions. Of course, positive and powerful words and actions are important and no task can be achieved without them. But, by making your thoughts full of peace, love, happiness, power and truth, we can achieve much more in any task and complete it sooner. Such positive thoughts are commonly called affirmations. So, let’s start every task with a positive affirmation in your mind. Then, repeat the affirmation while performing the task. Depending on the task that you are performing and as per the requirement of the situation, make the choice of your affirmation. E.g. I am a peaceful soul and peace is my original and natural quality or I am a joyful spiritual energy and I shall radiate joy to everyone around me or I am a powerful spiritual being and I shall be victorious in every situation or I am full of love and all other souls around me are also originally loveful and I will share love with them or I am a truthful being and the Ocean of Truth - God is with me and helping me at every step. The more strong the affirmation, the more positive you will remain.   Archives More
04th Dec – Soul Sustenance
Positive Consciousness For Success (Part 2) The most important aspect of our life is our consciousness while performing any action. Let’s say your work is looking after your home and cooking meals as well and looking after your family. So, while doing this, do you only remember all the tasks that you have to perform like selecting the ingredients of your meals and using the right recipe to prepare them? Or do you pay attention to what you are thinking at that time, which is what we call consciousness? Also, is the action of making a meal just a routine or you enjoy it completely? Depending on how we think, the action performed either gives us an experience of happiness or even if we do not experience any stress while doing it, but nor are we immensely positive while doing it. We could call it a neutral state of mind, but not a positive one. So, our consciousness is extremely important while performing any task. Suppose you have a task at hand, check at that time that are you looking at the task with enthusiasm and determination or you want to complete it because it has to be done and it’s your duty? Do you experience happiness and are sure of its success or fear that you may not succeed or it may not work out as you are expecting it to? These are some examples of what our state of mind or consciousness could be and how it could influence the task and how we perform it. Our consciousness is more important than the task itself. The more positive the consciousness, the more positive will be the experience of performing the task. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
03rd Dec – Soul Sustenance
Positive Consciousness For Success (Part 1) We all are living a life full of responsibilities and roles in different spheres of life and on a typical day, we play those roles and fulfill those responsibilities from morning till night. Also, while doing these, the perfect role player needs many skills, qualities and powers to play them and achieve success in all of them. It is said, the more internally strong you are, the more stable and content you will remain in playing your role of any type. The role could be in your personal life or in your professional life or in any other aspect of your life. Let’s say, you are a student in school or college and you have different types of assignments to complete as well as you aspire to do well in all other activities in your school or college. Also, at home, you have to give time to your family members and also play different responsibilities in other relationships like friends, etc. While doing all this, do you ever realize that you could do all this faster and with greater success if you remembered that you are a spiritual energy working through your physical body? Also the spiritual energy is being guided by God always and you are under his protection. Let’s say, you are a businessman and you have to work for more time at your workplace and then return home and look after your home also. Along with that, there is also, a desire to do well socially and succeed financially. So, all this could be done with greater speed and efficiency and without any stress if you managed your thoughts better. Also, if you kept a calm and composed intellect, that would help you take good and correct decisions. Let’s think about these things in this message. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
02nd Dec – Soul Sustenance
Have Clarity, No Confusions Having clarity is the key to live a life of peace and stability. But we often find ourselves wondering how to be, what to do or which direction to step towards. When the mind enters a confused state, it creates uncertainty, irritation, anxiety and fear. We struggle to move forward and feel lost. Clarity is vital for life of peace and stability. Sometimes our mind is clouded with confusion. In this agitated inner state, mind creates too many thoughts, and the intellect cannot process them smoothly. So we struggle to take right decisions or timely decisions. Follow these steps to take the path of clarity - 1. Confusion cannot be sorted from thinking at the same level. You need to be calm and elevate your thoughts. 2. Meditate for at least 15 minutes every morning. It cleans your mind of emotional toxins and silences it. Your intuition or wisdom gets activated. 3. In the stillness of your mind, put forth your question and wait for answers. Be assured that right answers come either immediately or later. 4. Whether it is confusion in beliefs, decisions, career or relationships, solution is within you. Even if you take advice from others, take decisions based on your intuition. Clarity helps you take charge of the situation and choose right responses. Sit back and let’s affirm how we shift towards clarity - I am a wise being … my every thought is right … I energise my mind every morning … I meditate for 15 mins … I strengthen my intuition daily … I choose my response … I decide what is right for me … every decision is based on my values … my intuition gives me the right answer … my every decision is accurate … I think right … I think less … I am powerful.   Archives More
01st Dec – Soul Sustenance
An Attitude Of Gratitude Sometimes we take for granted, all the people in our life and everything which makes life comfortable. When things are not right, complaining seems natural. If we look at our life’s journey, a huge percentage of it is smooth. But we readily highlight difficulties and rarely acknowledge all that is good. Let’s cultivate an attitude of gratitude for people, situations and things that come together routinely to make our life beautiful. 1. Gratitude creates happiness and being happy keeps you contented. Begin your day with gratitude. Connect to God and thank Him. Thank your mind and body for sustaining you. Then give gratitude to people in your life and objects you use. 2. Create a relationship with the objects you use. For example, don’t leave your bed with blanket unfolded or pillow lying haphazard. Thank them for a good night’s sleep and place them neatly. 3. Leave no room to crib or criticize, when there's a lot to thank. Not just situations and people who are nice, but be grateful even to those who’re not being nice. They have made you stronger. 4. Start being grateful for literally everything. Then, once in a while when you experience something not being right, your mind will not complain.   Archives More
30th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Experiencing And Visualizing God In The Soul World Spiritual wisdom given by God includes the divine knowledge of the soul and its original home, which is called the Soul World. The Soul World is also the world where God or the Supreme Soul resides. Rajyoga meditation is experiencing our spiritual self in the Soul World as a radiant point of spiritual consciousness and seeing God in front of us as a Supreme point of consciousness, who radiates the constant spiritual light of peace, purity, bliss, love and power on the soul and fills the soul with these qualities, which it has lost due to the influence of negativity and impurity in various births. How should we have this experience and improve our visualization, so that the third eye can clearly focus on God, the Supreme Being of Light and experience the deep peace and purity of the Soul World. Let us look at 5 important ways - 1. One of the most important ways to improve our visualization is to have purity and cleanliness in every thought, word and action. Experiencing ourselves as a soul, a star like energy full of peace and purity at the center of the forehead, helps experience this cleanliness. 2. Having a vegetarian diet keeps the body and soul full of positive energy and helps us in visualization immensely. Also, cooking and eating this saatvik food in God's remembrance fills the food with an energy of divinity. 3. Keeping our mind full of positive thoughts and free from negative and waste thoughts keeps the third eye clean and when we sit to meditate, we are able to easily connect with God - the Supreme Source. 4. Applying a brake to our thoughts and doing a thoughts traffic control at regular intervals in the day keeps us focused and concentrated and is a key to good visualization and meditation. 5. Writing a small letter to God in the night and unburdening ourselves of all the negative situations in our life helps in meditation the next morning and good early morning visualization helps in meditation the entire day.   Archives More
29th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Balancing Feminine And Masculine Personality Traits Certain personality traits have been traditionally associated with men and certain others with women. Feminine traits: power (shakti), nurturing, compassion, gentleness, grace, warmth, softness, understanding, sympathy, intuitive. Masculine traits: authority, strong, providers, analytical, aggressive, adventurous, decisive, competitive, extroverted If we see our own nature, we find ourselves to be a combination of both masculine and feminine qualities. The extent depends on our sanskars, past experiences and social conditioning. This is why we find certain men who are more caring, emotional and compassionate than many other women. Likewise, we come across women who are far more daring, authoritative or competent than their male counterparts. Each of us is a pure conscient energy, soul in a physical costume. Man and woman is a different physical costume of the soul. On a journey of many births each of us has been in male and female costumes. Each soul has all the sanskars, its like a CD with many songs. Depending on the gender costume and social conditioning, we emerge those sanskars in one life time, which means we play those songs. Next life, different gender costume, we play different sanskars. But the soul CD has all the sanskars. Each soul is a pure and powerful soul. Each soul has the sanskar of: 1. Nurturing and selfless caring 2. Being intuitive and analytical 3. Being soft to adjust, tolerate and strong to face. 4. Being gentle and adventurous Each soul needs to emerge and use in every karma the sanskar of willpower, compassion, nurturing, self-confidence, fearlessness, dignity, respect and acceptance. We need to empower our self and then we have the power to empower others.   Archives More
28th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Start Taking Care Of Your Mind - An Inner Factory Of Thoughts Suppose we own a factory that manufactures 50,000 garments a day, it is not wise if only a fraction of them is useful while rest of them are of no use. Our mind which is our inner factory creates around 40,000 - 50,000 thoughts a day. Every thought has the potential to be transformed into a powerful force through words or actions. As owners of this inner factory, we need to ensure every thought is useful. Our life is a long chain of thoughts which come into words and behaviours. Just as a farmer thoroughly checks the quality of seeds before sowing them, we need to check our thoughts which are seeds that bear fruits as words and actions. In other words, we need to take ownership of our thought factory. 1. Your every thought has 4 impacts – it creates your feeling, it affects every cell of your body, it reaches the person about whom you think, and it radiates into the environment. So, your thoughts are connected to your emotions, health, relationships and environment. 2. Observe your thoughts for a minute after every hour and classify them into 4 categories - Positive thoughts which are thoughts of peace, love, happiness and acceptance. Negative thoughts are of ego, hurt, anger, hatred or jealousy. Necessary thoughts are related to day to day activities, without the emotions of worry, irritation, fear or anxiety. Waste thoughts are about the past, future or about other people – all of which are not in our control. 3. The first stage to empower yourself is to create pure thoughts and good wishes for everyone. Study spiritual knowledge to slow down the mind and inculcate new ways of thinking in your subconscious mind. Every thought becomes a product of your spiritual charging, since information is the biggest source of your thoughts.   Archives More
27th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Be Happy When Others Do Well When we think or talk about someone’s weaknesses or failures, we tend to go on and on. But if we speak about their strengths or success, we state them in a single sentence. In today’s digitized world, many people take to social media to share some good news or accomplishments. How often do we feel happy for them? 1. Questioning someone’s success or being jealous of them depletes our energy. Check for yourself – if you are not appreciated but others are appreciated, if someone else does better than you – are you happy for them or jealous? 2. If you experience any negative feeling when people do well, it is a sign of insecurity which arises from a wrong belief that the one who does well is superior. Achievement does not make someone else a better person than you. Success is a result of their efforts, sincerity and qualities. They did it, you can do it too. 3. Empower yourself daily with meditation to elevate your thinking. In a world where competition and jealousy are seen as natural, create an energy of co-operation and appreciation and radiate blessings to everyone. Share what you know with others. Learn from what others know. 4. Appreciate their efforts and celebrate their success as if it were your own. Bless them that they continue doing very well. Life will eventually reward you with immense success you had not even imagined.   Archives More
26th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Creating A Nature Of Permanent Happiness Happiness is one of the most important and defining qualities of life. Everyone wants to be very happy all the time and no one wants to lose their happiness at any moment in their life. There is nothing more important than being happy in human life. It's the top most priority of all humans. But at the same time everyone feels that happiness is not permanent and it comes and goes away very easily. This is because the source of happiness of most people in the world today is external and external sources in our present lives keep changing and going through ups and downs. Some people in the world also feel that this is how happiness has been eternally - unstable and temporary in nature and there has never been any time in the world when happiness was permanent. But that is not true because God is the Ocean of Bliss and Joy and the original world that is created with His vibrations, words and actions is full of happiness, in which there is no sorrow of any type. So ultimately, we need to realize that our original sanskars of the world of happiness in which we lived originally were of permanent happiness and not a temporary one. Another thing we need to realize is that although everything external, in the world of happiness was pure and perfect, our happiness was dependent on our internal soul fulfillment and not on anything outside. We loved and enjoyed everything outside like our physical beauty, our relationships, our roles, our perfect health, our immense wealth and the beautiful gifts of nature that it gave us. But at the same time our happiness was not dependent on them. And these are the same sanskars that we need to fill ourselves with at the present moment - learning to be unconditionally happy, irrespective of what happens outside us. This is because the world now, after a few more years of transformation, will enter a phase of permanent happiness, which God is creating at the present moment again and we will be a part of it. We will carry our sanskars of the present, into the future.   Archives More
25th Nov – Soul Sustenance
The Soul Realized (Part 3) Whenever you get up in the morning, say to yourself that I am a spiritual energy which is completely different from the physical body i.e. it is not made up of the 5 physical elements. The physical body is made up of these elements. The words human being literally mean human + being where human means humus or soil, which is non-living and being means spiritual energy, which is living. This is called soul realization or true self realization. This is also called - soul consciousness. This means that I am a soul and I emerge the consciousness of being that in my day to day routine and also while meditating. This does not mean that I stop performing actions and taking care of my work and other responsibilities. But I perform all those duties and while performing them I realize that I am a soul and that means experiencing the form and qualities of the soul. The form of the soul is not a physical form, because the soul is a non-physical energy or light. Here, light does not mean that it can be seen by the physical eyes. Also, it is a light, which is minuscule in size or of a very small size and cannot be seen even under a physical magnifying glass or microscope, because it is non-physical in nature. To make visualization easy, we at the Brahma Kumaris, experience the soul to be a star of subtle light at the centre of the forehead, just above the eyebrows, in meditation. The actual location of the soul is inside the brain, as explained in yesterday’s message. The soul looks at the world outside, through the eyes, listens through the ears and speaks through the mouth, which are the main actions performed by the soul. Also, the other senses of touch, smell and taste are performed by the soul while sitting in its position. Lastly, the qualities of the soul are peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom, which undergo change depending on the actions performed by the soul. If the soul performs positive actions, these qualities increase and if the actions performed are negative, they decrease.   Archives More
24th Nov – Soul Sustenance
The Soul Realized (Part 2) The soul is a non-physical energy which runs the physical body in a manner which can be compared to how electrical energy runs a television set. If there is no electricity, inspite of a complex machine which a television set is and with all its parts, big or small, it will not be able to show us images of the world. It will not be able to keep us updated about the world’s events. In the same manner, the physical body with its various parts and different systems cannot function without the existence of the soul inside it. As soon as the soul leaves the body, the heart and other organs stop working, even the brain does not function. The soul is a prime mover of the body. The soul is located inside the brain near the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which are parts of the brain. It controls the five sense organs – eyes, nose, ears, tongue and hands through the brain and with the help of the nervous and hormonal systems. The brain functions as a bridge between the soul and the different body parts. The brain’s activity detected by various sensitive instruments that science has given is caused due to the existence of the soul. If there is no non-physical soul which actually thinks, inside the body, then there will be no activity detected inside the physical brain i.e. the brain will be silent. It’s the mind which actually thinks and not the brain. The mind is non-physical and is a part of the non-physical soul. We can also compare the soul and physical body relationship with a computer. The brain is like a CPU or central processing unit of the computer, whereas the soul is like a programmer of the computer. The brain expresses all thought, word and action programs received from the soul, through the body. The body is like the monitor of the computer which displays the final version of what has been processed by the brain. As we think, the brain, which is a physical organ of the body, picks up these signals from the non-physical soul. The signals or orders which the brain has detected are then converted into various actions performed by the body. Non-physical instructions of the soul are given a physical form by the brain and brought into action. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
23rd Nov – Soul Sustenance
The Soul Realized (Part 1) Have you ever wondered what your past is i.e. do you ever believe that life is eternal or in other words life is not only a one birth reality? We all know about what the soul is and hear about it but do we apply the knowledge that we hear in our personal life? Everything that we do, every action that we perform through the physical body, it is actually the spiritual energy or soul performing the action or speaking the words or even thinking about something. But, because the soul cannot be seen, we think it is me, the physical form, which is doing everything. Even science today has started considering the immortality (beyond life and death) of the self. Also, people have started believing how an invisible and non-physical source of peace, love and joy exists which is me, the soul, and this source consists of the mind which thinks. On the other hand, the brain is just a physical medium through which the soul functions. It is a medium which contains chemical and electrical activity corresponding to the entire thought activity of the mind, inside it. The thought activity is inside the mind and is non-physical and the chemical and electrical activity, which is caused due to the thought activity, is inside the brain and is physical. Do you know that every time you create a thought inside your mind, your brain produces weak but clear electrical signals corresponding to that particular thought? The method of recording and understanding these electrical signals is called EEG (Electroencephalography), which also gives us an idea of the thought activity that exists inside the mind. This is similar to the method of ECG (Electrocardiography) which records the electrical activity of the heart. There is also a group of respected people around the world who belong to different spiritual organizations. There are many people from different fields of life like engineering, medicine, business, education etc. who have dedicated their lives to the spiritual upliftment of people. They are serving in their respective fields, along with performing spiritual service.  All these people from various backgrounds have recognized and experienced that they are energies of consciousness or souls, who are running their physical bodies, which is the most basic principle of spirituality. Also, there are people in the world who have experienced themselves as separate from their physical body and brain in meditation and also through near death and out of body experiences. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
22nd Nov – Soul Sustenance
Making The Earth Beautiful And Pure The Earth is a sacred space given to us by nature to stay on and make beautiful at every step. We radiate the energy from our inner consciousness every second to this planet, on which life exists in its fullest beauty. The higher the quality of our thoughts and feelings, the more we contribute in donating positivity and purity to the Earth. Let us create a few affirmations and remember them again and again everyday for achieving this purpose  - 1. I am a pure soul with a beautiful mind and heart ... I think nice and positive for myself and for everyone and everything around me ... My vibrations radiate to every element of nature, every life form and all plants and vegetation ... They all become filled with peace, love and happiness ... 2. I am a powerful soul filled with all spiritual powers ... I radiate strength to everything on Earth and revive its original richness ... Every flower blossoms, every animal feels fulfilled, all mountains and oceans overflow with abundance, every soil particle creates natural beauty ... 3. I connect with God, the spiritual seed of the World Tree ... He fills me with all His specialties ... I radiate all these specialties through my eyes to everything I see on Earth today ... I smile at the Earth and thank it ... The Earth smiles back at me and thanks me ... 4. I take every step on Earth today with a positive consciousness of care and concern ... My spiritual energy flows to Earth from my feet and feeds the Earth with spiritual sustenance and blessings ... The Earth revives again to become as clean, pure and beautiful as it was in the beginning ...   Archives More
21st Nov – Soul Sustenance
Do You Have A Deep Want To Change Yourself? A lot of times, we go back and forth on our self-transformation goals. We begin enthusiastically, making superficial changes whenever something goes wrong. Most of the time our attention is on what to change and how to change. But unless there is a burning desire or a deep want to change, transformation is not possible. A lot of times we say - I need to finish this habit in me… I need to change this behaviour…. But deep in our subconscious mind, we would have planted a subtle thought as - I am fine the way I am. So, until there is a deep longing in the mind for transformation, we cannot progress well. 1. Ask yourself why you want to change. Is it because somebody else is not comfortable with your habits or behaviour? Or do you want to transform? Unless it is your desire, changes that occur become only temporary. 2. Intensify your desire to change. First of all, stop justifying old behaviours or habits. Next, evaluate how they were harming you and other people around you. Thirdly, list out the benefits that the transformation will bring. Internalize them every day until there is a burning desire to change. 3. Meditate every morning and study spiritual knowledge. The mind cultivates right thinking and the intellect deepens in wisdom. You will have the inner power needed to transform. When you really want to change, the why to change and how to change become simple. 4. Create an affirmation of the change you want to bring about in yourself. Once your mind creates thoughts in that direction, your intellect evaluates and decides. The thoughts come into action. Repeated action becomes your habit. Thereafter the new habit or behaviour becomes a part of your personality.   Archives More
20th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Bringing Loved Ones Moving Away From Us Closer Most of us come into relationships to get love, respect and acceptance, without realizing that our role is to give, not get. And when our expectations are not fulfilled, we try to change people, which means we aren’t accepting them. We are sending them negative energy, causing them to move away from us. Our relationships especially with loved ones hold so many promises, but today people are moving away from each other at alarming rates. The good news is that one of the two people can take responsibility to heal the other and re-harmonize their bond. 1. Introspect on your contribution which led to a loved one to move away. Reflect on your perception about that person - maybe you perceived the person negatively, created negative thoughts, felt negative, developed a negative attitude, behaved negatively, and hence transmitted negative energy. 2. Meditate daily to strengthen your qualities of love and compassion. You will be able to heal your hurt. Thereby you will not expect an apology from the other person to feel better. 3. Pay attention to what you think and feel about them, and not what they think about you. Accept them, focus on their qualities. Radiate an energy of love, acceptance and respect. Your energy begins to heal them. 4. The other person may continue to hold on to the pain or anger towards us. Give them time. And even if they cannot return into the relationship, the quality of the energy exchange with them changes.   Archives More
19th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Making Every Moment Of The Day Precious We live in a world where time is a very important aspect of life, around which our life revolves. As we get up in the morning, life gives us a fixed number of hours to do something worthwhile and make every moment of the day precious. How do we create miracles in every moment of the day? Let's explore 5 ways - 1. Make Every Thought Of The Day Pure, Positive And Powerful - Thoughts are the biggest wealth we have, which make time important because when we experience goodness and strength in every thought and gives others an experience of that, we are creating miracles of positivity, which we see in our actions and relationships. These miracles make our lives and others' lives beautiful. 2. Fill Every Moment With God's Love And Closeness - The beauty of every moment of the day increases when we feel God and talk to Him and also give others the same experience through our vibrations, words and actions. Having God's experience with us is very important for constant success and happiness. 3. Creating Miracles Through Soul Consciousness - When we spend every moment of the day in the physical consciousness, we lose touch with our inner being and inner existence and we live life on the surface, because of which our time is used only for physical purposes and we don't nurture the soul along the way. Soul consciousness at every moment make us internally fulfilled, which makes all physical purposes easy to achieve. 4. Bringing Peace And A Smile On Everyone's Face - The most important service to other souls that we can do everyday is to make them peaceful and joyful. Every moment of the day becomes precious, when we are always doing this with everyone we meet and even with those who may be far away from us but we are connected to them through technology and mediums of science. 5. Creating A Positive Destiny With Positive Actions - Every moment becomes important when whatever we do in the day is influenced by the spiritual wisdom of the soul, God and the Law Of Karma, which creates a positive destiny for us and others.   Archives More
18th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking Many of us feel nervous, shy, break into sweat or fear the thought of public speaking. Did you know that public speaking is among the most feared activities in the world? Some of us feel it is not our strength and fear being judged. Public speaking is an essential skill to effectively convey what we want to. 1. Your thoughts, feelings, personality, values – they are all a packet of your energy called vibrations. These vibrations reach people before your words. They are the first level of your communication with others. So keep them pure. 2. Meditation and daily study of spiritual wisdom every morning keeps your thoughts clean and less. When you start thinking right and positive, you will no longer need to be careful with your words. You will speak what you think, believe and live by. 3. Focus on conveying the message, not on impressing your listeners. Do not compare or compete with others. Stand by the truth, untouched by people’s opinion. 4. Visualize yourself respectfully sharing what is in your inner consciousness - your wisdom, skills, views or experiences with a selfless intention of giving. Visualize people who receive your message getting positively influenced.   Archives More
17th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Peace And Love - My Original Nature (Part 3) Many of us sometimes use anger as a weapon in what we sometimes call controlling people and we forget that it is not possible to control people, but it is easy to influence them. Influencing people is always easier and that can take place with peace and love and keeping good wishes. Also, looking at people with positivity and having a vision for them that they are good helps to make them do what we may expect them to do. Also, being humble and kind-hearted will make people respect you and do what you desire or bring any change that you desire much more.Always remember we are inherently peaceful and loveful souls and as we come in the cycle of birth and rebirth we lose these qualities and start becoming full of desires of different types. Expecting or desiring a certain type of behavior from someone else is the root cause of all forms of anger. Also, desiring a certain type of situation, as per our liking is another cause of anger. Both these desires, when not fulfilled, make us irritated or upset or even violent in some cases. On the other hand, accepting situations and people with ease is possible for those who are full internally, with different qualities and powers. These qualities and powers come with the help of spiritual knowledge and following a path to bring the spiritual knowledge in your life. The more spiritually strong we become, the more we are able to remain above changes in our life which are not as per our liking. Also, we remain stable when sometimes people close to us are behaving in a way, which is different from what we think is right or preferred. Also fulfillment on an external level can sometimes make us egoistic. On the other hand internal fulfillment of different qualities makes us humble and very uncomplicated in our dealings, a behavior which satisfies people easily. Archives More
16th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Peace And Love - My Original Nature (Part 2) For most of us, there are always different types of people we have to deal with, whether at our work or in our families. The challenge lies in interacting with everyone without getting angry. This is because our personalities or natures are different and our opinions also vary. Sometimes, two people are right in their own way, yet their views do not match in a particular situation. This leads to anger filled interactions. Also, when two people are right in their own way, but with different perceptions, it is ego that does not let peace and harmony be a part of that particular relationship. So, anger and ego are big enemies for good relationships in any sphere of life – personal as well as professional. Also, when it comes to overcoming anger and ego, the first step is to look inwards and access the treasures of peace and love, which are inside us. They just need to be bought into practice by realizing one’s spiritual self, which is the soul. Realizing brings positive virtues of peace and love to become a part of our nature. These inner treasures are also increased by connecting the spiritual self with the Supreme Being or Supreme Soul or God. God is the non-physical Supreme Ocean of peace and love. This connection is called meditation. Also, in the entire day, practice seeing everyone as a soul, whose qualities are peace and love, even if anger and ego are more visible in them. This is because anger and ego are acquired sanskaras and peace and love are each and everyone’s original sanskaras. So, seeing each one’s original sanskaras, sends them the energy of those positive emotions. As a result, they get motivated to bring those sanskaras on the surface and use them instead of using anger and ego, which are negative sanskaras. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
15th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Peace And Love - My Original Nature (Part 1) Life for all of us is full of many different type of situations which at times cause emotions of anger and ego inside us. Both anger and ego negatively affect relationships. So all of us at times should make the silent effort of keeping them away from our life situations and remaining calm and peaceful. Many times with some of our family members or friends or even in some other unimportant interactions, we are tested by these two emotions. In other words, it is very easy to become angry in such situations. It is upto us to take care that we use our inner resources of peace, love and joy and use them to give others the same experience. There is lots of research in the world in the present time how anger is harmful for our health.  Illnesses like blood pressure, heart attacks, insomnia and back aches and other problems like digestive disorders are caused by angry outbursts. People indulge in such behavior very commonly in their families or elsewhere. Also, there are some viewpoints in the world that a little bit of anger is good and it gives an adrenaline rush. It is also seen that there are some people who believe that ego makes you powerful and helps you to become successful. Also some people feel that anger increases your efficiency because it helps work get done many times. But all of these are wrong beliefs and in fact the truth is that ego is weakness and instead of helping you get respect, you lose respect with it. Also instead of anger helping you get love and co-operation from people, it makes you lose it.    (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
14th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Being Happy Is The Only Way To Give Happiness The greatest gift we want to give to our loved ones everyday, at every moment is happiness. We spend time with them, buy them physical comforts, support them, and yet they are unhappy at times. Most likely, it is because we are unhappy. Happiness is energy, not matter. Just by being happy ourselves and being happy while discharging our responsibilities, our happy vibrations radiate and trigger the happiness frequency in our loved ones and uplifts their state of mind to happiness. Have you sensed at times that you need to make a lot more effort in sustaining your roles and responsibilities, if your mind is unhappy? Despite your extra efforts to care and provide for them, are family and friends not happy with you? Does it leave you wondering what more should you have done? We often quantify our efforts and measure our loved ones’ happiness against it. The truth is, how much we do for people doesn’t matter. What matters is how happy we were, while doing everything. While caring for people or doing something for them, let us not create thoughts of stress, fear, anxiety, anger or pain. Otherwise our negativity is sure to deplete people we do so much for, not allowing them to be happy with us. Without being happy, you cannot give happiness to others. Be happy and do everything that you need to do. It’s your energy which influences their happiness. Remind yourself - I am an embodiment of happiness. Being happy myself and then taking care of people, keeps my loved ones happy. When you experience unconditional happiness, you have nothing but happiness to give to everyone. You don’t even have to give, it automatically radiates. From today, let bliss be your natural way of living. Let nothing and no one pull you down. In every scene contribute towards creating a happy family, happy workplace and happy world by being happy always.   Archives More
13th Nov – Soul Sustenance
The 36 Divine Qualities Of Deities Or Devi Devtas In yesterday's message, we had mentioned 36 divine qualities which are present in deities or devi devtas. Let us check each quality and imbibe the quality inside us, to make ourselves perfect, pure and praise worthy. The more we imbibe all these qualities, the more we will experience success in all spheres of life - personal as well as professional and all our relationships will also become beautiful. A beautiful practice is to select one quality and bring it into practice for a week and then take a new quality for the next week. At the end of the day, every day check yourself and make a note in your personal diary how well did you practice the quality in your life. You can mark yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 everyday, depending on your progress for that particular day and try and increase your marks the next day. Do this for one week for one quality. Every week take a different quality. Do this for all 36 divine qualities for 36 weeks. List Of 36 Divine Qualities - 1. Accuracy 2. Appreciation 3. Benevolence 4. Carefreeness 5. Cheerfulness 6. Cleanliness 7. Contentment 8. Co-operation 9. Courage 10. Detachment 11. Determination 12. Discipline 13. Easiness 14. Egolessness 15. Energetic 16. Far-Sightedness 17. Fearlessness 18. Generosity 19. Good Wishes 20. Honesty 21. Humility 22. Introspection 23. Lightness 24. Maturity 25. Mercy 26. Obedience 27. Orderliness 28. Patience 29. Politeness 30. Purity 31. Royalty 32. Self-Confidence 33. Simplicity 34. Sweetness 35. Tirelessness 36. Tolerance   Archives More
12th Nov – Soul Sustenance
The 5 Qualifications Of Deities Or Devi Devtas God is transforming human beings into deities or devi devtas in the present Sangamyug (Confluence Age), which exists in the end of Kaliyug (Iron Age) and before the beginning of Satyug (Golden Age), between the night of humanity and the day of humanity. There are 5 main qualifications of devi devtas, which we need to imbibe at the present moment by listening to God's spiritual wisdom and remembering Him in meditation. 1. 16 Kala Sampuran - This refers to the perfection of the soul and is compared to the full moon. This perfection comes when the 7 primary virtues of the soul - peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth are in its complete state or 100% full in the soul. When the kalas start reducing as we go through birth and rebirth, the 7 virtues become lower than 100% and the soul's perfection is compared to a slightly lesser than full moon, as sometimes we see in the sky. In the 16 kala sampan state in Satyug, all physical and non-physical skills exist inside the soul in their complete state. As the perfection and kalas reduce, skills also reduce. 16 kala can also be related with 16 aana, which means 1 rupee, which means 100 paise. 2. Sarv Gun Sampan - This refers to the 36 divine qualities. All 36 divine qualities are in their complete state in the beginning of Satyug, when the soul is 100% pure and reduce as we go through birth and rebirth. 3. Sampuran Nirvikari - This refers to complete purity in thoughts, words and actions, which exists in the beginning of Satyug, when the soul is 100% pure and reduces as we go through birth and rebirth. 4. Maryada Purushotam - This means the perfect person who follows all noble principles of life. All devi devtas are maryada purushotam. 5. Ahinsa Parmodharam - This means the one who follows the spiritual religion of complete ahinsa or non-violence and is free from the double hinsa or violence of lust and anger. All devi devtas are double ahinsak.   Archives More
11th Nov – Soul Sustenance
The Journey Of Joyful Parenting (Part 3) The present generation of parents has access to a lot of information on the internet. As a result, we often feel the need to reach for every available information to help our children. In our effort to do our best for them, we forget that it’s important to accept our children as they are. There is a big difference between fear and instinct, and we must learn how to separate the two. Worry or fear doesn’t make one a better parent. To avoid making such mistakes, let’s remember that keeping ourselves confident, cheerful and happy is the key. Parents should also make time for the little things that benefit them spiritually. Parents must have faith in themselves, rediscover their own needs and take out time for things that give them inner fulfillment. This is because our spiritual development and inner goodness and contentment is continuously creating our children and their personalities. When it comes to our own health, we must remember that we should practice what we preach, and care for ourselves like we do for the health of our children. Parents should also remember that they are also managing the relationship with each other along with the one they have with their own children. While taking care of children, these fragile bonds can shatter under stress. As parents, the best thing we can give to our children is to respect the differences in opinion between each other and love and care for each other. A good relationship of trust and goodwill between parents does half the work of creating a beautiful child, with an all-round development. Lastly, we must remember that parenthood is like a conversation that lasts a lifetime. There are so many things we want to teach our children, so many things we can learn from them and so many new life experiences to be felt together. So with our children … we should keep it open … we should keep it honest. And relish the journey of joyful parenting!   Archives More
10th Nov – Soul Sustenance
The Journey Of Joyful Parenting (Part 2) Children should also be made to experience the closeness with nature at a tender age, so that they can observe life in a very basic way. When we look around the people we know, we see people from all kinds of different backgrounds who followed various different paths through life. They all ended up as wonderful and knowledgeful people, fulfilled in different ways and to different extents. Similarly, we should let our children have the same freedom to create their own path through life. Children should also be taught to question everything, but not with a sense of suspicion. They should also be taught to trust naturally. Love, openness and meditativeness, as virtues in parents, can give powerful vibrations to children, to help them enrich their inner potential. Also, children must learn to take matters of physical and mental health seriously. They should learn to cherish their minds and bodies and to take responsibility for maintaining them. How they see their every personal action is related to how they treat the external environment. The role of a parent, therefore, becomes of a coach, giving everything they can, to help them off the field, so that they can run the best race possible. As a parent, it’s hard not to feel sometimes, as though you are being assessed along with your children. Therefore at times we make decisions based on how it makes us look, rather than how it makes our children feel, which is wrong and we should take care that it does not happen. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
09th Nov – Soul Sustenance
The Journey Of Joyful Parenting (Part 1) When we have a child, a pure soul, we make a choice to live our life in the form of a beautiful, complete family, which we had the privilege to create consciously. Children are tender souls with pure consciousness. As parents, we often feel the need to know the right ways of nurturing them, so that they grow into good natured human beings. When we navigate the unfamiliar waters of parenthood, most of us will face challenges of different kinds. In those moments, it is important to remain sure of oneself and in touch with your own intuitions. It is a myth, especially among new parents, that being a parent comes naturally. Love and care may come on their own to most of us, but the two are not synonymous with being a good parent. It is only a part of what it takes to bring up children, and definitely not enough on their own. Firstly, it’s important to release the feeling of attachment and ownership over children. We should try to build a relationship of liberation, where we look at them as just another soul, with their own past karmas. We should also understand that having children is a privilege and it’s our role to protect them from wrong influence, but also, in that process, we do not inculcate a sense of fear in them, which will make them shy from seeking help in future life situations. Drawing the line between instilling caution and creating unnecessary fear is an art. As a parent, it’s also very important to create involvement with children. Building a loving and supportive environment helps them experience life, where they can learn the significance of giving in relationships. As conscious and responsible beings, parents need to be equally joyful, for the benefit of their child and to fill them with the same energy. This creates the necessary ambience for nurturing children positively, and helps them in navigating life effortlessly. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
08th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Do You Have A Close And Strong Relationship With God? God is an Ocean of peace, love and joy and we are His children, who are souls with the same original qualities. When we have a beautiful relationship with God, we can fill ourselves with these qualities from Him. A beautiful relationship is defined by two lines - I am yours. You are mine. Also - Everything that belongs to me is yours. Everything that is yours is mine. A relationship with God is also based on these four lines, if we are really close to God and experience Him very very closely. When normally asked to anyone, who is the closest to you, many will say - my child, my spouse, my parent, my teacher, my sibling etc. Very few will say that God is my closest one. Why? Is it because He is not visible to our physical eyes? Is it because we haven't tasted His love closely? Is it because we do not know how to remember Him? Or is it because physical relationships are easier to connect to? How to build a close and strong relationship with God? Let us reflect - 1. Let's receive our own wisdom of our spiritual form, original spiritual home, original and natural qualities and our role in the World Drama. 2. Let's receive the wisdom of God's name, spiritual form, home, qualities and role in the World Drama and understand all of these deeply. 3. The third step is to experience deeply that you are God's very close relationship and God is your closest relationship, based on the above two wisdoms and immense love based on that wisdom. 4. The next step is to shape your thoughts, words and actions according to God's wish. This is giving whatever that you have to Him. He will in return fill you with His gifts of peace, love and joy, which will make your relationship with Him beautiful and close. 5. The last step is to radiate that peace, love and joy and colour your every human relationship and role with God's qualities.  The Brahma Kumaris shares this Godly wisdom, which can become a key for you for opening the doors to a close and strong relationship with God in your life.   Archives More
07th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Taking Care Of What Is Eternal And Permanent We are living a life which is full of identities which are temporary and only restricted to one birth. In our very busy lifestyles, which is based more on the physical identity, it is very easy to forget who we are spiritually, not only because we do not have the correct wisdom of what is our permanent identity or who we are spiritually but also because all our physical identities like name, age, gender, looks, external personality, education, profession, relationship, nationality, language, religion, etc. pull us towards them throughout the day. But, as God has made us realize spiritually that all these identities keep changing in every birth and if we keep getting attached to them in each birth and then keep losing them, the soul becomes tired and its happiness and lightness reduces. This is what is happening today with every soul in the world. This is causing soul fatigue and the soul in its journey of many births, is slowly losing its strength as a result of that. At the present moment, God is making us soul-conscious and making us realize that if we want to strengthen the soul again, after such a long journey of many births, then we need to first start doing every action in the day in the remembrance of our spiritual self, so that we do not lose any more of our spiritual strength and also connect with the Supreme Being or God through His remembrance and the technique of meditation, so that we increase our strength. Along with this, we also need to nurture the soul with beautiful qualities of God, important specialties which benefit the self and others, sanskars and beliefs based on spiritual wisdom, an attitude of self-respect and giving respect to others, determination and will power for bringing about change in the self, spiritual attainments of different types from God and also give our thoughts and time in creating a new and beautiful world which will fill us with the nature of a world server. All these different attributes we will carry with us in our future births and all these will make the soul full of what it requires in very birth. Also, our physical reality of every birth will benefit from them also and become eternally beautiful.   Archives More
06th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Seeking Perfection In Other People? Be it your spouse, child, friends or office colleagues, we want people around us to be perfect, that too according to our own definitions of perfection. In all our relationships, we create a pre-conceived mental image of how the other person should be. We want them to be perfect according to our standards of perfection. 1. There are three images to people: First, you create an image of how someone should be. Then you meet that person and perceive them through your nature. That is the second image you create. Third is who they are. All these three images can be extremely different from each other. 2. You can never really know anyone too well because you will know them only through the filter of your perception. You simply cannot see them from another point of view. So do not judge or criticize them. 3. Everyone is perfect the way they are, with their own set of qualities, habits, attitudes and personality traits. Your definition of rights and wrongs cannot match with theirs. Your idea of perfection is just your benchmark, based on your qualities and perceptions. 4. Whenever you expect perfection from others, pause and step back. Remind yourself that you have no control over other people’s behaviours. Instead of expecting perfection from them, focus on thinking perfectly about them.   Archives More
05th Nov – Soul Sustenance
5 Points Of Wisdom For Overcoming Jealousy 1. I Am A Beautiful Soul With Many Special Qualities And Attainments - The powerful consciousness that I am special and unique in this world, with my own special qualities and attainments, immensely uplifts our feelings and the way we look at ourselves. It is only when we experience deep positivity about who we are and how important we are, that we stop comparing with others and feeling jealous of them.2. We Are All Equal In God's Eyes And No One Is Higher Or Lower - Sometimes the other person's attainments like the way they look, their personality, wealth, fame or relationships attract us and we tend to feel inferior and jealous. At such times, always feel that God loves each one of us equally for who we are and neither is the other person higher than us and nor are we lower than them.3. We Are In A Race With Ourselves And Not With Anyone Else - Feelings of excessive competition often give rise to jealousy and you want to overtake the other person in everything they are good in. This makes you tired and depleted of spiritual treasures like peace, love, joy and power. But a spiritual principle states that it’s good to compete against ourselves and make ourselves more and more better with each day instead of focusing on what is good in the other person, which makes us jealous.4. It’s Important To Dream Big But Not Get Over Attached To The Dream - Feelings of jealousy arise in our minds when we try and go very fast in our lives chasing our biggest dreams, even at the cost of our health and relationships. Life feels beautiful when we do not let our dreams dominate our lives and influence us negatively. The more detached we are from our dreams, the lesser is our jealousy of others and lighter is our journey of life.5. The More The Simplicity The Lesser the Jealousy - It is often seen that people who are more simple in thinking and living never experience feelings of jealousy. Simplicity means to think less and be content with what you have instead of always desiring more. Such people are always happy and are always looking inside themselves and not looking for something or the other outside themselves in other people or the world. Archives More
04th Nov – Soul Sustenance
Mental Churning And Its Benefits (Part 3) Whenever you start the day, create a few positive thoughts in your mind. Go for a walk or get ready for the day, keeping these thoughts and thinking about them. Also, ensure that before you do that, you read something which will fill your mind with positive thoughts. Remember, if an empty mind tries to think positive and create positive thoughts, it tires easily and in fact feels stressed. Try one day creating positive thoughts after filling your mind with positive information and the next day create positive thoughts when your mind is completely blank and see the difference. The energy and enthusiasm which you feel inside yourself after thinking deeply with a mind full of positive thoughts is much more than with an empty mind. This can be compared with the process of churning cream to get butter. If you try and churn an empty vessel without cream, will you get butter or if you try and churn a vessel partially filled with cream, will you get butter of a high quality? On the other hand, you will experience tiredness. In the same way, when you have information in the mind, you build on it and multiply the positive information by adding new perspectives, view points and angles to the knowledge. This is called churning of knowledge to create the butter of spiritual power. So, always remember to backup positive affirmations in your mind with lots of extra information which is like a cushion on which you rest and play with the points of knowledge. It is like throwing a ball in a closed room and letting it bounce from wall to wall. In the same way, churning knowledge is not simply repeating what you have read but creating a movement of the knowledge inside the room of your mind. This helps in experiencing happiness as a result of that. Such an exercise, when done over many days, creates soul power and strengthens our mind. In fact, it makes us extremely positive and free from negative and unnecessary thoughts that waste our mental energy when indulged in repeatedly.   Archives More
03rd Nov – Soul Sustenance
Mental Churning And Its Benefits (Part 2) A beautiful mind leads to a beautiful personality which shows itself through our thoughts, words and actions. So taking utmost care of the mind in the early morning hours is extremely important because the absorption capacity of the mind at that time is very high. Giving instructions to it in the form of thoughts based on the soul and the Supreme Soul makes the mind soul-conscious. This is a training to the mind to keep its remembrance oriented towards the soul i.e. its own spiritual self and the Father of the spiritual self, who is God, the entire day after that. At any point of time on any particular day, if you have had a bad day, you could check how the start of that particular day was. You will realize that a bad start of the day very often leads to the remaining day being spent negatively. Also, a day which started positively in the company of your loved ones or a day which started by hearing a good piece of news or imbibing positive information or by watching a good program of spirituality on television will normally be spent positively. On the other hand, a day which started with watching or listening to negative news on the TV of accidents, death and violence or by reading a negative piece of information or with an argument with someone will be followed by a day with negative events. Why is this so? The thoughts are given shape in the morning and they act accordingly in the day after that. Also, the thoughts inside the mind in the night, before sleeping, have an influence on the state of mind the next morning and that in turn affects the whole day and is carried inside the mind till the night. So, it is a cyclic process and to keep the cycle positive, the start has to be made every morning. As they say - as the food, so the mind i.e. physical food eaten of a good spiritual feel or positive energy level or saatvik in nature influences the mind positively. On the other hand, food eaten of low energy levels or tamsic in nature will influence the mind negatively. That holds true for physical food eaten by us. In the same way, food for thought, as they say i.e. the quality of our thoughts also influences our state of mind and complete inner state and how we feel. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
02nd Nov – Soul Sustenance
Mental Churning And Its Benefits (Part 1) Starting the day on a positive note sets the foundation for a day filled with positivity and purpose. There was once a gardener who used to take utmost care of his plants. He started the day in their presence, watering them and ensuring that they were nourished with the right amount of sunlight and the right type of soil. The gardener’s love for the plants used to reflect in the way his plants started being loved by everyone around him. When people sometimes used to ask him the secret of his beautiful plants, he would give credit to the early morning sustenance that he would give his plants. This would ensure that they grew positively throughout the day. We all also have to create thoughts, speak words and perform actions throughout the day. All of these need to be perfection filled so that even other people around us are full of praises for them. It’s easier said than done especially with so many people around us with different personalities and different ways of thinking and also sometimes with their own priorities. These sometimes take us away from our path of perfection and our thoughts, words and actions are not of as high a quality as we wish. In such cases, we forget that the foundation of a day full of perfect thoughts, words and actions is laid in the morning by beginning the day on a positive note. Here by positive we mean reading a paragraph or two of positive information. This is a like an exercise to shape our thoughts which keeps them fit for the whole day, which as a result keeps our words and actions full of purity and positivity. At the Brahma Kumaris, we make it a point to absorb spiritual knowledge before starting the day. This is because we have realized the significance of that, in keeping our thoughts, words and actions beautiful the whole day. Just like the garden requires early morning attention, the garden of our mind which consists of the flowers of thoughts, feelings, emotions and attitudes requires attention in the morning. This keeps our complete personal landscape consisting of words, actions and relationships, beautiful the whole day. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
01st Nov – Soul Sustenance
Don't Withdraw From People Over Differences A huge reason for relationships being fragile, is that we are becoming increasingly selective about the people we want to be with. If someone’s behaviour feels uncomfortable, we are withdrawing instead of adjusting or helping them. This habit blocks our love, sharing and caring. Not too long ago, we had a culture of joint families, with 20-25 members across three to four generations living under one roof and getting along. When differences in our natures, values and habits came up, we adapted. Today, we tend to withdraw from people, over minor differences.1. Meditate and study spiritual knowledge daily to empower yourself and increase self-respect. By doing that, accepting others and adapting to different personalities becomes easy.2. When someone’s behaviour is uncomfortable, understand their nature and the pain behind their act. People do not intentionally want to hurt or manipulate you. They are victims of their habits, perceptions and beliefs. Understanding is empathy.3. Even if you create hurt, counsel your mind - It is their nature. What is natural for me, is right now difficult for them. I delete the past. I heal them and our relationship. This is compassion.4. With empathy and compassion, you create pure thoughts for them. There will be no margin for withdrawing. You will make every effort to accept and be with them. Archives More
31st Oct – Soul Sustenance
Dealing With Peer Pressure In our efforts to get acceptance and respect in our social groups, fitting in can become a priority. We feel a desperate need to do what everyone else is doing. Peer pressure can drive us towards things we are not prepared for, leaving us anxious and struggling. No matter how famous it makes us, let us not succumb to it. Remind yourself daily - I am an independent being. I am free from peer pressure. I choose how to live my life beautifully. I set healthy boundaries in relationships and live by my choices. I remain unaffected by peer pressure. This will help you boost your self-esteem, honor your choices and establish clear social boundaries. You will overcome the urge to follow people around you. Have you been under different kinds of pressures from people, to do something you were not comfortable with? Had you yielded to their influence at some point, out of fear, helplessness or to feel accepted? How much has peer pressure affected you? Our family and friends have different perspectives and choices. They do certain things which we are not comfortable doing. No matter how tempting it is to follow them, saying no to peer pressure is our choice. This life is our journey, to be lived as per our choices. If we are always concerned about what people think about us, our self-esteem drops drastically. Let’s not comply with peer groups by compromising on our capacity, values or principles. We have the ability to decide for ourselves. Let us respect ourselves and not depend on others to feel accepted. Listen to your inner voice, respond based on your physical strength, emotional stamina, values, affordability, commitments and capacity. Choose your habits and lifestyle and do only what is healthy and soul strengthening. Your family and friends will support you. Even someone does not approve of your choices or opinions, accept your differences with them and radiate respect to them.   Archives More
30th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Pure Bites - 5 Tips For Pure Eating It is said - You are what you eat. This means that the energy of the food you eat influences your mind and personality. Given below are 5 tips for pure eating: 1. Choose only pure and saatvik food to feed your stomach. Avoid non-vegetarian food which carries vibrations of anger, hurt, pain, fear, which the animal has secreted inside its body, while it was being killed for it to be eaten as meat. 2. While cooking food, keep a pure and positive consciousness by remembering God and listening to words of spiritual wisdom or playing soothing meditation music or spiritual songs in the background. 3. After you have finished cooking the food, offer the food to God and absorb his positive energy in meditation. Thank God for the food and fill the food with God's energy. 4. Before eating, create a positive affirmation of health and happiness in your mind for about 10-15 seconds and radiate pure and peaceful vibrations to the food through your eyes. Thank nature for giving you something beautiful and healthy to eat, which will feed and nourish you - the soul and your physical body. 5. While eating food, talk less and make sure that your conversations with others are short, sweet and positive and without any negative energy. Make sure that the television is not on while having your meal. Also, do not read the newspaper or use your phone during the meal.   Archives More
29th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Do You Believe In God? Do You Feel His Presence? God is our spiritual parent and the Highest spiritual energy in the Universe. Over many centuries, God has been loved and respected by millions of people all over the world. Yet, some people say that God is a man-made creation and his imagination. Have you ever wondered that you are a spiritual energy and so is everyone in the world? We undergo changes in our personality, depending on our actions. Are we aware that we need to have a spiritual parent who can correct us, when we go wrong and make our personality positive and pure again? This is God's role in the Universe, to correct us and make us beautiful again. If He did not exist, we would keep falling down in qualities and powers. So isn't it wrong to question His presence? He is eternal and so are we and so is our relationship with Him. Some people feel that human beings created the concept of God so that they would have someone to fear and as a result they would not perform any negative actions. But God is a merciful parent, not someone to fear. Some people said that the creation of the world is a completely physical process and God has no role to play in it. On the other hand, some others gave the view that God created the world and human beings. Some people who find the second point of view difficult to believe, shifted to the first point of view. According to spiritual wisdom shared by God, both these ideologies are incorrect. God has revealed that three entities are eternal in the Universe - God, souls and nature and all three of them have never been created and will never be destroyed. Out of these three, souls and nature undergo change in their qualities from positive to negative and negative to positive and God is always constant in qualities and transforms souls and nature from negative to positive, whenever they become negative in the process of time. This is a process of spiritual creation or spiritual rejuvenation or making the old new again by God. This is a drama of life which we need to understand deeply and feel God's presence and transform ourselves by connecting with Him, instead of questioning His existence.   Archives More
28th Oct – Soul Sustenance
The I Inside (Part 3) If we continue to become attached to our specialties, our personality or our role for the most part of our life, then over a period of time we forget the real self which is waiting to be recognized. Every time I think I am one of the above, I become more and more disconnected with my real self which is going to give me a more permanent self-esteem and as a result a permanent happiness. The personality skills, the sparkling education success and the way I dress up, these are all temporary. This is because don’t forget life is a roller coaster where success can easily leave me within a short period of time. So, enjoy all of them because even they are attainments and enjoying attainments is not being materialistic or non-spiritual. But don’t become dependent on them for your happiness. On the other hand, the source of all the specialties and personality – the real I is a sum total of the basic qualities of the soul – peace, love and joy. All that is good inside which is eternal and also the relationship of the I or myself with a higher source - God which is also imperishable (un-destroyable) is what I need to be dependent on because it will never leave me. Don’t forget, in our earliest births, we were extremely skilled, very beautiful and very rich, so much so that everything good that a human being can have physically was with us. Yet we were completely detached from all these attainments, enjoying all of them. That too at a time when these attainments were imperishable, because that was the original world, a world of happiness. But, now all these attainments in our life are no longer permanent and can very easily go away from us in a split second because we live in a world which is unpredictable and with many ups and downs. No skill or role has with it the assurance of being permanent. On the other hand, it is the time when the imperishable I is the one which stands by us permanently. So, it is this I the hand of which we need to hold tight permanently and also connect the I with a permanent source – the Supreme Soul. As a result enjoy every moment of life with complete security, surety and safety.   Archives More
27th Oct – Soul Sustenance
The I Inside (Part 2) We all are used to seeing ourselves with the spectacles of others’ perceptions which are all based on physical attitudes and clouded by the worldly view. Today, we look at ourselves with a lot of respect for all that we think is good in us and based on what others tell us about us. And then, suddenly someone criticizes us and we become depressed and lose our mood to the other person’s perception. All this because we have learnt to identify with things other than the real I. Suppose I identify with what specialties I possess e.g. I am a good debater (speaker) and this specialty has bought me a whole lot of praises from people around me all through my academic career. Over a period of time people start praising you regularly for that and the identification gets stronger. Identification means losing yourself in the object of your attachment so much that you completely forget that this is not the real you. In this case, the skill of debating (speaking) with confidence is a characteristic which I possess, which can easily lose its importance if I don’t get an opportunity to express it as I become older or am out of school or college. So, what happened to the object of my attachment with which I identified myself? Suddenly it gets back at me and the same object starts giving me sorrow if the praise that I am used to receiving because of it is no longer available. In this situation, wouldn’t it have been better that I shouldn’t have attached myself so much to this characteristic in the first place. The more the identification, the more the sorrow experienced. So, a simple way of not experiencing sorrow in the above case is being happy and feeling lucky for what we possess. At the same time keep a relationship of detachment with the characteristic of speaking well i.e. how we express ourselves through our words and deliver our ideas through our voice. A relationship of detachment means not losing myself in the characteristic but playing my role with it and even keeping a pure pride that I possess the characteristic. This can also be called self-esteem, but at the same time not get over-awed or over self-impressed by the characteristic. That would lead to a healthier relationship with my attainment. Even if it is reduced or is lessened by any chance or not praised any more as much as before, it will not harm my self-esteem and give me unhappiness at any point of time. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
26th Oct – Soul Sustenance
The I Inside (Part 1) We all live our lives at a fast pace, finishing one scene and entering the next one after forgetting the first scene and sometimes carrying its memories into the second one. But have we wondered or stopped to ask ourselves that is our identity which we use to perform our actions one of our profession or role or how we look or dress up or for that matter our gender or the country or caste which we belong to? When we use the term self-identity, two words come to our mind – one is what we call self or me or I. The other is identifying with what i.e. I, the self, am identifying with what? Very often I am identifying with what I am not or what I seem to be but I am not in reality. The looks and the personality as well as the education are acquired but what I am really is what I am before I learn my education and shape up into the physical characteristics that I have. So we need to train ourselves from today to do is to start seeing ourselves in the mirror of spirituality and start observing the real I or me. This is the I that is invisible to the physical eyes but is the core of what we call ourselves – human beings. As in a coconut, the softer inner surface or the core or center is what gives us strength whereas the hard exterior is what is not eaten or is lesser important. People who are used to the common practice of seeing in the physical mirror before starting their day are reminded of so many physical characteristics mentioned above. As a result they forget that behind the acquired exterior is a non-visible interior that also requires cleaning up and being dressed up. This is because that is what comes into contact with people’s hearts – people whom we meet everyday. Also it is the inner face that will impress people after they have temporarily been impressed by the clothes we wear and how we look. After all it is the smile that is more important than the shirt. What use is a good looking suit if the person wearing the suit is egoistic and jealousy filled? Living life in the essence of the inner self is the way of reaching out to others with love and compassion and remaining contented yourself also. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
25th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Shifting From Control To Concern When people sense that you are concerned for them, they come closer. If they feel that you are trying to control them, they move away. We have the best intentions for people, in pointing out how they can change and what they need to change, but our concern can turn into control at times. 1. People can only be according to their capacities. Create the right quality of thoughts of love and compassion for them. When you remain stable and then share with others why or what they need to change, then it is only for their benefit and not for your own happiness. 2. When expressing concern, remove the energy of - My method is right, you have to follow it -from the foundation of that relationship. Accept that your and their method is different, only then they will be receptive to your concern and they will make an effort to follow your method, which you have suggested. 3. Although you may not be angry with people, if you create a thought that they are wrong, an energy of control reaches them. They try to move away as no one wants to be controlled. After sending this energy to them, even if you express concern politely, they will defend themselves. 4. Concern is solution-oriented, whereas Control is problem-oriented. When you try to control someone, you attack their habit or behaviour, so they will attack yours in return. Your logic will be countered by their logic, and an argument gets triggered.   Archives More
24th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Light The Lamp Of Divine Wisdom Within (Part 2) Spiritual Message On Diwali - October 24th (cont.) Lighting Diyas or Lamps made of clay is the most important aspect of Diwali. A single diya holds immense beauty and it removes darkness. Spiritually, what is the darkness that we need to remove? It is of our ego and spiritual ignorance. The clay which the Diya is made of, represents our physical body. The wick which is lit inside the diya represents our true identity as a soul.  Oil signifies the spiritual knowledge that we are all souls whose original qualities are peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. We need to keep adding oil to ensure that the flame is burning. It means we need to keep applying divine qualities in our every thought, word and action so that we the souls remain illuminated. This light of knowledge gives us the power to light up other souls. Another important message is that the flame representing the soul remains the same, regardless of the Diya. It burns the same way and gives the same brightness. This implies that we the souls are all equal, regardless of our external appearance, status, gender, nationality and religion. Bursting firecrackers is a message to burn and finish past hurt. Like one flame can burst an entire chain of crackers, similarly one thought – Past is finished, can end burdens of the past pain we have been carrying. It makes forgiveness and acceptance easier. Holding resentment makes us emotionally weak and we are bound to negative thoughts about others. When we let go, we set our mind free.  Businessmen settle old financial accounts and begin new ones. It is symbolic that we settle our old karmic accounts by resolving conflicts, forgiving ourselves and each other and fill our relationships with vibrations of love, trust and respect. When we celebrate the festival this way, we win over the darkness of our ego and spiritual ignorance and light the lamp of divine knowledge within. We return to Self-Rule or rule over our inner world. That is when we truly invoke the divinity of Sri Lakshmi in ourselves. It means we welcome new ways of thinking, living, behaving, being and becoming – to experience abundant happiness, health and harmony.   Archives More
23rd Oct – Soul Sustenance
Light The Lamp Of Divine Wisdom Within (Part 1) Spiritual Message On Diwali - October 24thDiwali or Deepavali is here, a time to brighten our homes and hearts. The messages of beauty, newness and freshness carried by the festival are being observed and celebrated differently in various parts of the country. Mythology shares that it honours the return of Sri Ram to the kingdom of Ayodhya after a 14-year exile, when people expressed their joy by lighting Diyas (lamps) to welcome him. So it is a celebration of victory and return of self-governance or sovereignty. But like every other festival, rituals followed during Diwali hold deep spiritual significance. When we understand their purity and imbibe them, it becomes truly festive and more meaningful.Preparations begin with cleaning, painting or even renovation in many houses. What does this spiritually signify? It is a message for us to clean our mind. We need to cleanse it to remove thoughts of anger, criticism, rejection, resentment, hatred, hurt and jealousy. The weight of all this negativity we have been holding on to, is weakening the soul. Paint the mind with new colors of peace, love and compassion. We also need to clean our words, actions and behaviour. This has to happen every day and not once in a year, so that we eventually reach a stage where we have a constantly clean and pure mind and body. Regular practice of meditation and imbibing spiritual knowledge shared by God helps us achieve the stage. Gifts and blessings are exchanged during Diwali. Spiritually, it is a message for us to empower and care for each other. A blessing is a high and pure energy vibration which we create in our thoughts and also express it through our words. We have all experienced that blessings of saints, parents, teachers, family and friends have created miracles in our lives. Irrespective of people’s sanskars and behaviours, when we create only pure thoughts and words, we empower them to change their sanskars. Our blessings radiate to them to become their reality and change their destiny. Not just on a festival, but our every thought and word everyday should be a blessing. Giving blessings is the easiest way to receive blessings. Also, by connecting with God or the Supreme Soul we receive His blessings of peace, love and power. (To be continued tomorrow …) Archives More
22nd Oct – Soul Sustenance
Inner Power In Students (Part 2) We understood how students can fare well in exams while retaining inner powers of peace and emotional health. It is beautiful and important to remain that way even during exam results. Let us see how to make that happen.Role As A Student -1. Talents and capacities of students differ, so I should never compare my result with others' results. The only question to answer is - Had I performed to the best of my ability?2. If I had given my best in the exams, no need to worry. Creating anxiety before results are announced will impact my health, not improve my scores.3. If I had not given my best and hence scored low, I should not go into pain. From time to time, my mind will create thoughts of guilt. With understanding, I immediately change the thought to - I will not waste energy or time dwelling in the past. It is over, finished. I focus on what to do at present, so I excel in future exams.4. If I had performed to my highest potential yet scored low, I should not feel guilty but create one thought - I am proud of having given my best and will continue doing so, without losing enthusiasm.Role As A Parent (or A Family Member) -1. Students with poor scores fear parents' impulsive reaction more than the result. By creating anger or hurt, by discussing results often, or even by thinking about it, I radiate rejection to my child who is already in pain.2. My first role is to accept the situation by responding with emotional stability, realizing that my child now needs empathy.3. My second role is to empower my child by radiating unconditional love and compassion, which boosts my child's inner power to perform well next time. It also builds a strong emotional bond between us.4. Exams and good scores are very important. But I cannot allow poor results to affect health, happiness or harmony at home. Archives More
21st Oct – Soul Sustenance
Inner Power In Students (Part 1) Students at the brink of exams or results always have two choices - to remain calm or create chaos. Their inner emotional power determines what they choose. Emotionally empowered students bravely face any exam, whether in academics or personal life. Today the focus is chiefly on physical aspects like physical health, admission in the best institute, long study hours and diet. Emotional health is ignored, leading to creation of stress, anxiety, fear, even disinterest in studies. Let us explore ways to increase inner power in students before and during exams. 1. Wake up early. Thereafter make the most of morning hours to study as a fresh mind has the highest absorption power. Go to bed early at night. Staying up late is not wise, as a tired mind takes longer to grasp or retain information. 2. Before studying and before writing an exam, connect to God to take His power and blessings. 3. Prepare affirmations such as - I am a powerful, knowledgeful student. I follow discipline in my study routine. My concentration, memory and grasping abilities are excellent. I learn everything with respect and interest. My performance in the coming exams will be the best. 4. Repeat the affirmations 3 times as the first thoughts in the morning. Do not dilute them with doubts or negativity. Revise them after every hour. At night, go to sleep with these as last thoughts. 5. When pausing to revise affirmations, check the quality of your thoughts. Stop and change negative or waste thoughts to prevent leakage of energy. 6. Stay away from distractions of every kind. Negative conversations, conflicts and gossip deplete the inner power needed for studies. 7. During study breaks, do not consume negative information. Listen, watch or read positive information. It increases inner power. 8. Remember: Peace is our internal creation, exam is an external event. So exam or hard work never causes stress. Our thoughts of anxiety or fear causes it. In tomorrow’s message we will look at how to face exam results with stability.   Archives More
20th Oct – Soul Sustenance
A Perfect Personality For Success (Part 3) A very important and other aspect of our daily lives is erasing or removing the negative personality characteristics that exist inside us. We also need to ensure that they do not come to the surface and do not cause a hindrance or obstacle in our everyday dealings. In this particular sphere of self change, there are some people who are more sensitive to their weaknesses. They are always keen to transform or remove them completely while some are less sensitive and are unable to realize or check their weaknesses and change them. Spiritual power is a later step in self transformation, but the first and foremost power is the power to realize that a particular weakness exists inside me. If I don’t realize I will not work to bring that power inside me. Also, once the realization is there, we need to think about possible thought patterns and efforts at the level of words and actions, which will take us to a perfect personality. We need to remove the flaws or weaknesses that give us unhappiness and make others also discontent. Lastly, the most important tool to be used in self-transformation is taking power from a higher spiritual source and then using that power to change our thoughts. Also the power helps in changing the seed of the thoughts – our personality. Once the personality is changed, our thoughts start taking shape accordingly. Once the thoughts change, our feelings, attitudes, vision, words and actions move towards a positive direction. Self-effort is not so difficult but it can seem difficult if spiritual power is lacking. So, meditation is the foundation of all self change, whether it involves imbibing new qualities and powers or whether it is becoming a better person, by removing weaknesses. Meditation is a connection at the level of the mind and thoughts with the Supreme Soul or God, who is an ocean of spiritual power or strength.   Archives More
19th Oct – Soul Sustenance
A Perfect Personality For Success (Part 2) A very important spiritual strength that sometimes we need and are lacking is the power to mould as per the other person’s personality and behavior. To mould yourself means adjusting your nature according to the need of the situation or as required in dealing with a particular type of person. Suppose someone is angry because of a certain behavior of mine. I may be right also in such a situation and may feel it is wrong for the other person to find fault in me. In such a case, to mould oneself means to argue less, to bow down, to be humble, to sacrifice the I am right consciousness. On the other hand, also give respect, to be positive, to keep the other person ahead are signs of an adjusting person. Also, a third strength or power is the power to discriminate between good and bad, right and wrong and to select the right in the form of thoughts, words and actions and bring them into practical. Suppose I know that in a certain situation, especially in dealing with people, I have two choices. In such a case, a good practice is to use the spiritual wisdom that I possess in my intellect and discriminate correctly and take a right decision. Other powers include power to tolerate a situation or a person. Sometimes, in many cases we are not able to able to cope up with a person’s different attitude than us and we react or respond negatively. In such a case, it is the lack of this power. Also, the power to face is a significant power, a lack of which can cause us to become fearful of difficult situations. Sometimes, two people can experience and perceive the same situation differently because they are lacking in the same power to different extents. We all are lacking in some power or the other and it is only through practice and consistent self-effort that we can become very very strong and full of all important powers. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
18th Oct – Soul Sustenance
A Perfect Personality For Success (Part 1) Living a life full of different types of situations and meeting different types of people can bring with it certain challenges and the need to change your personality. Also, we need to increase our strengths and skills at the level of the personality so that we can adapt ourselves. Apart from inculcating different types of new personality characteristics, which are not there with us, we need to work on certain negative personality features in us also and remove them completely. These negative aspects influence us negatively and cause instability in our relationships. So different missing powers and virtues, which we require at times but we are unable to emerge them in our thoughts, words and actions at the right times are required to be first realized. Then using techniques of mind empowerment like meditation and spiritual knowledge tools, those powers and virtues can be made a part of our nature. The first and foremost power in any difficult situation is the power to change or transform one’s thinking as per the needs of the situation, into a positive one. Then, creating a positive thought or a series of positive thoughts and preventing the situation or negative scene seem difficult to overcome in the mind. This is spiritual power in action or bringing it into practice. Also, the power of good wishes should be used to bring peace and harmony with those people with whom our relationships are not positive. Good wishes are virtues in action and make us loveful and humble. So, the more qualities and powers we fill inside ourselves, the more complete and spiritually skilled we become and the more successful we are. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
17th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Creating A Positive Environment With Meditation We are all spiritual energies or souls with thoughts and feelings, and we radiate vibrations to the environment. The quality of our vibrations depends on the quality of our thoughts and feelings. We create thousands of thoughts in a day and every thought carries a feeling with it. Some of these thoughts and feelings are beautiful, pure and positive and some are impure, negative and waste. All of these travel to the environment and touch other souls and physical nature. So, do we ever think about what we should do so that we purify our environment with our vibrations at every moment of our lives? Let us see 5 basic steps - 1. The original qualities of the soul are peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. Let us create thoughts filled with the essence of these 7 qualities. They radiate the highest vibrations, which empower the environment. 2. Feel yourself as a soul and start seeing everyone as souls. The more you do that, the more your aura gets positively charged and your vibrations charge the environment with positivity, and it even gets purified. 3. Make every word and action of yours clean, sweet and full of contentment. By doing this, the energy of your positive consciousness touches others' consciousness and you as well as others feel these qualities within themselves. As a result, the environment gets filled with these qualities. 4. Respect for every soul and nature means that we take care that we do not give any soul and nature anything that they do not like. Taking care of the environment in different ways and spiritually sustaining it is very important. 5. Making world transformation an important aspect of our spiritual self-transformation journey is also very important. Meditation and meditative lifestyle should be full of giving and radiating what we take from God to others.   Archives More
16th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Transform Knowledge Into Wisdom We all know someone who has high knowledge but doesn’t come across as wise. Knowledge is a bundle of data or information stored in the mind. Our intellect then goes through the knowledge base, uses only the useful information, to apply it wisely in every situation. Knowledge is about accumulating facts and information, while wisdom is about using judgment in applying that knowledge in life’s situations. This means knowledge is a gift that comes to us with a big responsibility – of churning on it, applying it in life and converting into wisdom. Wisdom shows us how to think and how to live right. 1. Meditate every morning for 15 minutes and study spiritual knowledge every morning for 15 minutes, to fill the mind with God's knowledge. Thereafter, your mind thinks right and perceives every situation clearly. Your choices and decisions will be based on logic and reasoning. 2. Discriminate what is right or wrong, based on your inner wisdom. Don’t use acquired information, people’s opinions or belief systems created by society. They may or may not be right for you. Ask the question, silence your mind and wait for your intellect to give you answers. 3. The process of seeking and obtaining wisdom is a life-long effort. The more you gain it, the deeper your inner qualities of humility, honesty, love, compassion, truth and courage become. These help you stand by your principles and stand for what is right at all times. 4. When you read or listen to deep messages on media or social media, don’t just be in awe of them. Ask yourself - How is it relevant to me? and apply it in your situations. Imbibing knowledge makes it your own wisdom, your truth and a part of your personality.   Archives More
15th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Don’t Copy Other People, Be Your Own Good Self Each of us has grown up with values, and taught to be kind to everyone around us. But we often exhibit a behaviour of dependency – we are nice to people only when they are nice to us. If they behave wrongly with us in small or big ways, we feel an impulse to strike back in the name of tit for tat or an eye for an eye. We copy people’s wrong behaviors and give up our inherent goodness. From today, start living by your own value-compass, no matter what. Holding on to your qualities when you are tempted to copy others’ wrong behaviour, increases your inner power. Remind yourself - Irrespective of my environment and people, I use my original qualities in every situation. Irrespective of the other’s behavior, I am caring and kind to them. When someone is nice to you, are you extra-nice to them? And if someone is not nice to you, do you get back in a big way? Do you catch yourself becoming an imitation of the people you meet, as you reflect their mannerisms? People behave with us differently on different days, depending on their mood, nature, circumstance, perspective or environment. They may argue, betray, scold or ignore me. There is always a chance of them being rude or disrespectful. We have three options: To reflect their behaviour and deplete our virtues, To absorb their behaviour and go into pain, and To transform their energy by radiating our inherent goodness. If we keep copying people’s behaviors, we lose our own identity and virtues. It’s their life, their energy, their karma and their destiny. We need not respond the same way as they behave. We have the power to be nice to everyone, including with those who are not right to us.  Understand people and don’t hurt them back. Let them be their way, you be yours. Let your behaviour be a reflection of your personality. Don’t copy their behaviors and don’t reflect their personality. Using my qualities consistently keeps me happy, contented and successful and earns blessings from other people.   Archives More
14th Oct – Soul Sustenance
New Beginnings After Mistakes In Relationships Sometimes we make mistakes in our relationships. Despite taking care, we tend to use wrong type of words with others or criticize people. In such situations, we become self-critical and guilty. It is not possible to create beautiful relationships with others, till we are happy with our self. Realization of our mistake is important. But more important is to release the guilt and make a new beginning. 1. Creating guilt or self-criticism about the past depletes your power. You need the power to realize and transform, so as to not repeat the same mistake again. Conserve energy by not being guilty or self-critical and strengthen yourself to change. 2. Guilt leaves you feeling bitter about yourself. You have made a mistake, but you have also realized it and are ready to change. Repeatedly thinking about your mistake is not realization. Realization means you put an end to negative thinking and heal your pain. 3. Meditate daily to remain aware of yourself as being a pure and powerful soul. The awareness gives you the strength to change. You will also understand that you are a good person who has done a wrong action, thus separating your identity from your action. 4. Apologize to the other person verbally and send very powerful, loving vibrations that will help them make a new beginning too. Give them the time to heal. Make a new beginning by erasing the past from your mind.   Archives More
13th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Regaining The Lost Paradise (Part 3) We all know about the day night cycle and the cycle of four seasons. Day is always followed by night and then day after that and the four seasons always repeat every year. In the same way, the day of happiness of the world has existed in the past and was followed by the night of sorrow. In fact the world has also passed through four stages – the morning, afternoon, evening and night. And as the world passed through these stages, sorrow kept increasing and happiness kept reducing. In fact, the first two stages of the world history, which is the unrecorded history, the true knowledge of which is known only to God, have been of complete happiness. These two stages are called Heaven or Paradise or often referred to as the day of humanity. The last two stages saw negative karmas or actions being performed and the fall of human virtues happened, not all of a sudden but gradually. These two stages are often referred to as Hell or the night of humanity. As souls went through the process of birth and rebirth, they forgot their original spiritual identity and instead started considering the physical body as their identity. This wrong identification caused souls to come under the influence of different types of weaknesses or negative personality characteristics. I am a soul was forgotten and I am this body which I occupy became our incorrect belief. This is how we started falling down the steps of sin and sorrow and came to the end of the night of humanity, which is the present moment. Today, inspite of immense scientific advancement, there is a lot of sorrow of the mind, body, wealth, relationships and roles in the world and sin has also reached its peak. Also, today many people in the world feel that we cannot go further down anymore. It’s at this moment when God is performing His role of changing the world and bringing the day of humanity back because the cycle of time repeats itself. Day was followed by night and night will be followed by day. This is also the objective of the Brahma Kumaris – to change the world, to make it a beautiful and joyful place to live in and regain the lost paradise.   Archives More
12th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Regaining The Lost Paradise (Part 2) Let’s go back into the history of the world. We are not talking about only recorded history. Let’s talk about those moments of the world which are not in our history books. Who is the one who knows those moments the best and with complete accuracy? Not any of us, but only the One who has seen those moments without playing a part in them. God has seen those moments. He has seen us play a role in those scenes which took place in the world. Those moments are called by different names – Paradise, Heaven, Swarg, Jannat in different religions and countries of the world. This world existed before our recorded history. It was a world where the seven basic virtues of humans – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and truth existed in abundance. Also, because human souls were full of these qualities, they never experienced sorrow because no negative actions were performed. This is the world, where richness and health were also present in complete positivity with no trace of poverty and illness. This is the world that was created by God and that is why God is also called the Heavenly God Father and the world that He created is called Heaven. In this world, there was complete unity and love amongst humans and no wars were fought and no natural disasters ever took place. This is because nature was complete pure. Also, the physical bodies made of the five elements of nature were not only very beautiful and pure but also completely free from any type of disease or illness. Even animals lived in complete harmony and peace amongst each other. Also, the population of this world was very small and everyone in this world was holy. This is our unrecorded history which is never spoken about so much. It is only mentioned in our scriptures or shastras. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
11th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Regaining The Lost Paradise (Part 1) We live in a world full of different types of people belonging to different countries and religions. All of us aspire to create an existence for us, which is very beautiful and completely free from any sorrow and peacelessness. We all want to live united and share peace and happiness with each other. Also, all of us want to live like a big family, where there is no difference of opinions amongst people and everyone loves and respects each other a lot. Many world leaders in the world’s history have also tried to create a world of peace, love and joy. So, one thing is certain that the desire is there in everyone’s hearts. Most importantly God is the world’s Spiritual Father, who wants His every child to be happy and free from any sorrow or the pressure of difficult circumstances. But it is also true that there are certain factors like violence of different types, natural disasters, over population, scarcity of world resources, differences of opinions and conflict of interests, which stop this from happening. Also, wars are being fought in certain corners of the world, which prevent this from happening. Along with that, the deteriorating natures of people in general, where anger, ego, greed, jealousy and hatred have become a part of the personality of a lot of people is also not letting this purpose to be achieved. So, what should be done so that what we want, we are able to fulfill. This dream cannot become a reality without spiritual power. And the only one who can provide spiritual power to the world and its people is the One who is completely full with it i.e. our Supreme Father or God. He is called the World Almighty Authority or the most powerful one and here we are referring to spiritual power and not physical power. Physical power cannot achieve this purpose, as we have already seen happen in the world in the past. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
10th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Purifying The Soul With Rajyoga Meditation We are all spiritual energies or souls, who take different births in the World Drama and perform many actions in these different births. The soul originally resides in the soul world and comes down in the physical world to play its different roles in different physical bodies. The actions of each soul are different depending on its original purity and its unique sanskars. All souls go through different relationships and give joy and sorrow in different births to different souls who accompany them in the journey. Also, souls interact with nature's five elements in every birth and depending on what energy they radiate to it - positive or negative, they create karmic accounts with it, which is a very important factor which determines how impure the soul becomes in its journey of birth and rebirth along with karmic accounts created through other negative actions, either individually or in relationships with other souls. Over thousands of years, many people all across the world have wondered about what the soul should do to purify itself and return back to the soul world. The soul cannot return back to its original home till it purifies itself completely. God is our Supreme Father and the Supreme Soul and does not come in the cycle of birth and rebirth like human souls. That is why God's purity never reduces and He is the eternal Ocean Of Purity. He is the only One who possesses the complete wisdom of each and every human soul and its different births and also its different actions and how pure each soul was originally. Also, He knows that actions based on soul consciousness are right actions and actions based on body consciousness are wrong actions and make the soul impure. At the present time, when souls have become extremely impure at the end of Kaliyug or the Iron Age, God teaches the practice of Rajyoga meditation, which is a technique of experiencing oneself as a soul and remembering God, the Supreme Being in the soul world. In this meditation, the soul visualizes itself in front of God and experiences God as a Supreme Point of Consciousness and absorbs His vibrations of positive spiritual energy. This cleans the soul of whichever sanskars it carries of negative actions performed in its past births and as a result the soul gets purified and becomes clean again.   Archives More
09th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Choosing Assertiveness Over Arrogance In our various roles in daily life, we need to exercise influence on people, so that we achieve desirable results. We all begin asserting ourselves humbly, but at times we find ourselves becoming pushy or arrogant. 1. Assertive communication is a skill you can master with practice. Think clearly and speak humbly. Choose fewer and right words to state your opinion, needs or feelings. Be confident and respectful. Focus on achieving the goal rather than winning the conversation. 2. Remember that you are speaking to a pure being. The other person may resist, oppose, or question your views. They may even be rude. Have compassion for their behaviors. Be your loveful self and listen patiently. 3. Detach from your point of view to see their perspective. Identify their concerns and address them. When they feel valued, they respect your point of view and become more receptive. 4. Once everyone is in agreement, calmly communicate responsibilities, set timelines, establish rules and discipline people with dignity. 5. Do not compromise on your values. Stand by them firmly, without fearing consequences. By choosing assertiveness over arrogance, people will be comfortable being with you and working with you. They will respect you because you respect them for who they are.   Archives More
08th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Give Blessings, Receive Blessings Blessings are positive energy vibrations which we share with each other and they create goodness in relationships. God shares some beautiful methods of exchanging blessings with each other. Let's understand some of them - 1. Whenever we come in contact with another soul, the first thought that comes to our mind is of a past interaction with them, or of some work we have with them, or sometimes we look at them based on something we know about them or have heard from someone about them or of some weakness of theirs. Instead let us have a thought first of their specialty or their goodness, which we have seen in them at some point of time. This radiates blessings to them. 2. When we interact with someone, radiate to the other person a pure and positive feeling that you are a very special and beautiful soul and also keep a good wish for the person in your mind that you will find happiness and success in everything you do. Both good feelings and good wishes are form of blessings that fill spiritual love in interactions and bring back blessings from others. 3. Also, when meeting others, see others as God's children, whom God loves a lot and keep your vision subtly at their spiritual form or the soul, a being of pure spiritual light at the center of their forehead. The more this spiritual vision becomes your habit, the more your positive energy will radiate to the other person and in return, the other person will send back positivity and goodness. 4. A sign of a good natured soul is to give something to everyone they meet. Depending on what the soul is lacking in or what they need in that particular scene of life, give them peace or joy or love or power through your eyes, face, words and actions. These are beautiful blessings. 5. Lastly, give support to everyone and co-operate enthusiastically with everyone. Today, souls in the world need our positive energy and we also benefit from their positive energy which they radiate to us. This is an important way of giving and receiving blessings.   Archives More
07th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Check Your Adaptability Quotient When you need to change – a habit, lifestyle, job, house, city, social circle or make changes in your thoughts, emotions and attitude, how open are you to change? In a world of rapid changes in people and events, adaptability is a very important quality which we need to possess at all times. 1. Anything you repeatedly do becomes your habit. Once you create a habit of who you are, what you do, how you work, where you live, whom you interact with – you settle into a comfort zone. The day any of these changes, it demands you to adapt to the new reality. How willingly do you adapt? 2. When there is a change around you, there needs to be a change within you – an inner preparation. Your mind may say - I don't like this change. Teach the mind that you have created so many changes in life, this is just one more. 3. Instead of sticking to comfort zones created by past experiences or past beliefs, be flexible. You have the power to adapt to any person, any place, any job, any environment, any situation. Within a few days this change will become your comfort zone. 4. Meditate daily to increase your power to accept, accommodate and tolerate. Adapting is a matter of breaking old and rigid thought patterns. Remember that you are always only one thought and one decision away from adapting and flowing with life.   Archives More
06th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Withdraw From Outer Chaos And Inner Emotions The ability to withdraw can be correlated with the behaviour of a tortoise. When it senses any danger a tortoise withdraws within its tough shell. Introspection is about stepping inside and meeting myself a few times during the day. This inner quietness recharges our battery. By going deeper inside and concentrating on the self, we draw closer to God and receive a current of pure energy that dissolves negative sanskaras. Practicing regularly for a minute every hour helps us to conquer wrong habits. Once we get into the habit of connecting to the self and God, we can do it in the midst of any situation. Using this ability we continue to be with people and amidst challenges but withdraw internally from the energy of the situation. We step back from our emotions, detach and see if we are creating any turbulence. If so, we understand that our ego is causing pain and hence remind our self that peace is needed, thereby emerging thoughts of peace.Withdrawing offers us the ability to examine a situation from all perspectives. It brings us clarity to create and choose the right response. So we do not react impulsively using old patterns of behaving. We also do not get sucked into the energies present around us. We connect to our inner self and experience stillness when we withdraw from outer chaos and our inner emotions. It is in this stillness that we will find creative solutions to our problems. The ability of being with people and withdrawing from their energy protects us. The energy of peace with which we respond to them empowers them also.Go into your shell and ask yourself today – Do I have any habits that have a negative impact on my daily behaviours? How can I start to shift or dissolve this habit? Archives More
05th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Burning The 10-Headed Ravan In Our Personality (Part 2) Spiritual Message On Dussehra - October 5th (cont.) In the Ramayan it is shown that during the 14 year exile of Shri Ram, Shri Lakshman and Shri Sita in the forest, one day Shri Sita sees a beautiful golden deer with silver spots close to her hermitage. The golden deer is actually the demon Marich whom Ravan has sent in the form of an attractive deer to deceive Shri Sita. On seeing the deer, Shri Sita gets attracted to it and she sends Shri Ram in search of it. Later she sends Shri Lakshman to protect Shri Ram, when they both hear Shri Ram's cries for help. These cries are actually Marich's. Marich changes his form from deer to demon and mimics Shri Ram's voice, after Shri Ram shoots the deer with his arrow in the forest, far away from the heritage. He does this so that Shri Lakshman can leave the hermitage and come to rescue Shri Ram. Marich gets killed by Shri Ram’s arrow. Before leaving the hermitage, Shri Lakshman draws a Lakshman Rekha around the hermitage which no one from outside can cross and instructs Shri Sita not to cross it, so that she remains protected inside the hermitage. When Shri Lakshman also goes away and Shri Sita is alone in her hermitage, Ravan comes to her hermitage disguised as a saint, asking for alms. Shri Sita does not recognize Ravan in his disguise. Ravan tries crossing the Lakshman Rekha, but he is unable to do so. Also, at first Shri Sita does not cross the Lakshman Rekha, which Shri Lakshman has drawn for her and gone. She starts serving Ravan without doing that. But she is cleverly deceived by Ravan, who persuades her to serve him with more respect. In order to that, she crosses the Lakshman Rekha to serve him and she gets kidnapped by Ravan, and he takes her away to his kingdom. In real life, the essence of this story is that when we get attracted to body-consciousness (shown as Shri Sita getting attracted to the golden deer), we become disconnected from God and we become alone (shown as Shri Ram leaving the hermitage). When we forget God, we do not recognize different forms of evil (shown as Shri Sita not recognizing Ravan) and we cross the boundaries of Godly purity and conduct (shown as Shri Sita crossing the Lakshman Rekha) and perform negative actions. Then evil imprisons us and we become sorrowful (shown as Shri Sita's kidnapping by Ravan). God rescues all Sitas or souls from evil's rule and control and gives them Satyug or the Golden Age as a gift, in which they live happily full of peace, love, purity, health and wealth.   Archives More
04th Oct – Soul Sustenance
Burning The 10-Headed Ravan In Our Personality (Part 1) Spiritual Message On Dussehra - October 5th Dussehra is a festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil, shown in the form of a battle between Shri Ram and Ravan, in which Shri Ram defeats Ravan and kills him by shooting an arrow at his navel. The navel represents the consciousness of the body, which is the root cause of the 10 main vices. The 10 main vices are lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred, deceit, stubbornness and laziness, which are represented by the 10 heads of Ravan. It is shown in the Ramayan scripture that when Shri Ram tried to bring down any of the 10 heads of Ravan, they came back. Ravan got killed only when Shri Ram aimed at Ravan's navel. Only when we become soul-conscious and remember God or the Supreme Soul and finish our body consciousness by doing that, that all our vices get destroyed. Shri Ram is symbolic of God and Ravan is symbolic of evil that rules over every soul's personality in the world today. When we imbibe God's goodness in our personality, we burn the 10-headed Ravan in our personality. Burning the effigy of Ravan every year is a symbolic representation of this process, which takes place at this time, when God performs the task of world transformation and establishes Ram Rajya or Heaven in the world by destroying Ravan or evil from the world and purifying all the souls of the world. Every year, the height of Ravan's effigy is increased as compared to the previous year, when it is burnt. This is symbolic of the vices in the world, which are increasing with every year and impurity and negativity in its different forms is taking control of human beings more and more with time. When God performs the task of world transformation at the end of every World Cycle i.e. at the end of Kaliyug or the Iron Age, every soul who is the child and also the beloved of God, who is represented by Shri Sita in the Ramayan, is in sorrow and under the negative influence of Ravan, imprisoned by him. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
03rd Oct – Soul Sustenance
The Mind In Control (Part 3) A very good practice in your everyday life is to connect your mind with a peaceful source of spiritual energy. God is such a source and not someone with a physical form. His form is a being of spiritual light which is invisible to the physical eyes but can be experienced through the mind. So, connecting with this being of light which is full of spiritual qualities like peace and power at regular intervals in the day will help your mind become silent. This is because the moment you connect with this Supreme Energy, His spiritual energy starts entering the mind. As a result, your thoughts which are related to your physical body and physical role in life and relationships start becoming less and we become calm and peaceful. This is called silence of the mind and not only silence of a physical nature, in which you don’t do anything physically and don’t talk. Remember true silence is few thoughts and only positive and necessary ones with no unnecessary and negative thoughts. Also, this technique of remembering God, who is a point of spiritual energy and light, makes you more and more powerful also. The ability to create only those thoughts which are necessary in any difficult circumstance of life is sometimes difficult for some people. The moment we are faced with difficult situations, different types of thoughts which are related to the situation but are negative and unnecessary in nature come into our mind. How do I prevent that and what is spiritual power? Spiritual power means creating only those thoughts which are positive and necessary in any situation. This brings silence of the mind. So peace and power along with joy and love also, absorbed from the Supreme, keep us not only light but also full of contentment, which is our original nature.   Archives More
02nd Oct – Soul Sustenance
The Mind In Control (Part 2) We all live our lives with lots of aims and objectives and sometimes these life purposes can dominate the mind and its creation of thoughts. So always give the mind some positive thoughts to think of and experience those thoughts to nullify the influence of life’s different situations. These are those situations which require the use of your mind a lot. So, choose some positive thoughts depending on life’s different situations and strengthen the mind using them. E.g. if you work on a computer the whole day, say to yourself that – I am a pure and peaceful soul, which is performing the action of working on the computer using my eyes and hands. This consciousness will make you detached from your work and not let the work influence your mind. You will perform your task but not come under any type of pressure or stress of the work. Another e.g. is you are driving a car and you have to give the energy of your mind in doing the same. In this case talk to yourself – I am a powerful spiritual being or energy which is controlling the steering wheel and other parts of the car, using the hands, feet and eyes. This type of remembrance in the mind will make you empowered mentally and spiritually and you will drive the car in a very positive consciousness without being affected by the different challenges of driving safely. These are different examples of a higher consciousness which keep us disconnected from negative situations and their pressures. As a result our thoughts of an unnecessary nature reduce. As a result our mind remains silent and focused on the task we are performing instead of thinking about many other things when they are not necessary. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
01st Oct – Soul Sustenance
The Mind In Control (Part 1) A very important and challenging part of our lives is managing our thoughts and feelings as per how we want them to be. Very often, our mind is full of scattered thoughts which we have to reduce and focus on a task. This is because when we are working on a particular task of work we need to have a few thoughts only which are related to that particular task. Sometimes these few thoughts are accompanied by thoughts of the past actions or of future actions to be done or of other people and their words and actions. Then we take greater amount of time to perform the task at hand. Also, it is seen that efficiency at the workplace or in offices is greatly reduced because of this. It is said that if a person works for 8-10 hours in a day in his or her office, the actual time being given to the work is less than 100%. Because of this, there is a great need of techniques like meditation and mind relaxation, which will help in reducing the speed of thoughts and hence as a result the number of thoughts.Presently, we are all in touch with technology a lot. The more this is happening and the more different media touch our minds constantly, the more our mind becomes filled with thoughts. These thoughts are difficult to stop at times for many of us. So, a connection at regular intervals during the day, with a peaceful source of spiritual energy is required. It is said that there are two sources that we are disconnected from at the present moment of time. The first source is inside us and is our own spiritual self and the second source is outside us and is the Supreme Soul or God. The spiritual self is originally very peaceful and by remembering it, we experience peace and the Supreme Soul is an ocean of peace.(To be continued tomorrow …) Archives More
30th Sep – Soul Sustenance
8 Steps On The Road To Success (Part 3) The road to success is filled with major changes which we as travelers on it need to be able to adapt to and face, without the changes affecting us negatively. There are people who are very weak at adapting to change because of lack of spiritual strength and the tendency to look at the changes negatively. It is said at the Brahma Kumaris that the one who moulds becomes real gold or valuable or in other words spiritually pure or powerful. So, the ability to mould or the ability to change as per the different milestones one sees on the road to success is a spiritual power which we need to fill ourselves with. Also, as with traffic signals, what is required is the ability to stop on the road to success on passing certain signposts. These signposts convey to us that crossing them at that moment of time at the speed at which we are, will cause an accident in the form of an ill physical body or a broken relationship. Also, they may cause a stressful mind or a harmed professional or personal role which is being used to reach the destination of success in any sphere of life. This can bring the journey to the destination of success to a standstill. Another spiritual ability is the ability to inculcate new creative and constructive sanskaras as per the demands of what side-scenes are seen on the road to success. These side-scenes may sometimes be surprising for many. The type of sanskaras which may be required to be inculcated at that moment of time could be simple like remaining egoless or keeping love maintained with everyone. Also, avoiding the negatives of someone and also not spreading them, not getting frustrated or tired and remaining patient, not creating thoughts of failure and accepting each one’s role with ease. Some other sanskaras are emerging the power to discriminate between wrong and right or remaining economical in using resources like money, time and energy etc. Also, just like any other journey, sometimes it is also important not to get stuck in these side scenes. We need to ignore or let go of them and carry on with determination on the road to success with our complete focus on the destination of success which our whole journey is dedicated to.   Archives More
29th Sep – Soul Sustenance
8 Steps On The Road To Success (Part 2) Just for a minute stop what you are thinking and ask yourself is a goal or an achievement so significant that you do not mind losing some of the important relationships of your life. Also, what use is an achieved mission if in the process I suffer sleep disorders or my digestive system is weakened or I suffer from high blood pressure or diabetes? Also, I may even suffer from mental illnesses like depression or sometimes even end up attempting suicide. The same purpose of life can be achieved without losing mental peace, even if the achievement takes place at a date later than the one intended. So, the first step on the road to success is revising your purpose to one that can be achieved at a slower speed than the speed we might see others working at. Of course, it’s needless to say that the wrong energy with which we are working that is giving us hurry and worry sickness is nothing but competition. Competition is not at all an un-required energy in mainstream society but when competition is accompanied by or mixed with comparisons, it becomes negative or self-harming. So compete, competition is healthy but do not compare, comparisons are unhealthy.  Also, ensure that while moving towards the destination of success it is important to set smaller goals to be achieved instead of targeting directly at the bigger cause. This is important because this keeps us extremely light in our journey and keeps us on the road to success and does not let us become tired when the going gets difficult at times. This is a way of unburdening oneself while travelling on the road to success which can be long at times. Another important feature of a relaxed journey to success is satisfying people who are a part of the journey and not developing cold relations with them. Very often, people are so obsessed with work or professional targets that a 12 hour day at the workplace is a common practice with busy professionals with no time for their family members. This causes distancing and differences between them and also very often children and husbands or wives are affected negatively by this and remaining dissatisfied. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
28th Sep – Soul Sustenance
8 Steps On The Road To Success (Part 1) We all live a life which is filled with different actions which we perform from the morning to the night. Every action either in the personal, professional, social or financial sphere is filled with the energy of an intention or a pure desire that I have to achieve what I aspire or aim for. But things go wrong when the ambition starts becoming  an obsession and it starts affecting our relationships, health and mind sometimes individually and sometimes all together. With some people, the desire to succeed is so immense and so obsessive that it tends to influence their thoughts excessively. They lose interest in performing any action which takes them away from this aim. They say success for some comes at a price – a broken soul, a stressful mind, an unhealthy body and harmed relationships. For some, life is like a continuous challenge to be overcome. Challenges are good; they bring out the inner powers and help in tapping the hidden potential inside you. But at the same time, a life which eats, sleeps and breathes challenges and goals is the wrong road to success. A main cause of professional burn out at a young age is an obsession to achieve and dream big. This is even causing a lot of people to become severely depressive, unenthusiastic and disinterested after a certain period of time in their careers and family lives. Many people are taking to meditation and relaxation techniques because they lost the balance at sometime in their lives. They left the right road to success with the destination of success remaining away from them instead of coming towards them. In the next two days’ messages, we shall explain 8 different steps one needs to take on an emotional level so that success is achieved. At the same time it is a success without any of the side effects in the form of love lost in relationships and physical and mental illnesses.   Archives More
27th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Invoke The Divinity Of Navratri Within (Part 2) The diya reminds us that the body is made from physical elements and I the soul is spiritual light. Lighting the diya means awareness of being a soul and leaving ego of all that we have acquired physically – body, wealth, relationships, roles etc.Upvaas or fasting is up-vaas meaning to stay connected with God, who stays above in the soul world, and be close to Him. With the strength of this connection, we pledge that we will not use vices in any thoughts, words and actions and never radiate negativity to others. This is a permanent fast we keep in our lives.Satvik Food and Purity – Everything we see, read, listen, speak, eat and drink should be full of high spiritual energy to increase purity of soul and body.Jagran – Darkness symbolizes absence of the light of values, ignorance of what is right and wrong. Jagran means awakening to a new way of thinking and living, based on true spiritual wisdom shared by God and imbibed in life.Raas or Garba dance – A form of dance where each person has to co-ordinate their steps in harmony with the next person’s steps. If any step is missed, the dance gets spoilt and it can cause injury. This symbolizes our relationships, in which we adjust according to the other’s sanskars, which is also called Sanskaron ki Raas. If we adjust and tolerate, life will be a happy dance, else it can turn into conflicts. Archives More
26th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Invoke The Divinity Of Navratri Within (Part 1) The divine vision, the royal clothes, the weapons, the unique chariot (vaahan), the hand of blessings and the face of dignity, love and law – Ma Shakti. Preparations for the festival of Navratri (September 26th to October 4th) involve creating the sacred space for the idol, laying seeds of wheat on banana leaves, above which a pot is placed from where droplets of water constantly fall.  Garlands of flowers are placed in this pot. A diya or light is constantly lit. Prayers and fasting take place for the nine-day period. Looking at the spiritual meaning, these rituals speak volumes on how we can invoke our divinity. 1. Shiv and Shakti means God and Soul. Each deity is a kumari (unmarried) but called Ma (mother) and shown with weapons to kill the demons. When I the Soul (Shakti) connect to the non-physical Supreme Being or God (Shiv) and remember Him, I emerge – purity (quality of a kumari), love (quality of a mother) and power (weapons that kill the demons). Purity, love and power are the original qualities of every soul. 2. Shakti is with 8 arms which symbolizes the 8 powers each soul has - power to tolerate, power to accommodate, power to face, power to discriminate, power to judge, power to withdraw, power to pack up and power to co-operate. 3. Shakti holds a weapon in each of the 8 hands and conquers the demons. The weapons represent tools of wisdom. When we use these tools, we finish the demons of lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego and many other negative habits and sanskars. 4. When we allow the waters of spiritual wisdom to fall from the mud pot (representing our intellect) on our thoughts (seeds), our thinking becomes clear, positive and powerful. The seeds germinate which means our efforts bear fruit and we experience success in every sphere of life. The flowers symbolize the emergence of divine virtues inside us, through this process. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
25th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Abstain From Gossip And Criticism Often our conversations revolve around other people. When we think or speak about habits and behaviours of other people, which we believe are not right, we consume their negativity into our energy field. Gossip is the simplest way to deplete your energy and to pollute the environment. Have you felt the urge to share a spicy story about someone? Did you struggle to keep it a secret from your social circle? In other words, had you indulged in gossip? No matter how skillfully we polish and present a negative opinion about people, gossip cannot turn into gold. Negative conversations not only dirty the reputation of the other individual, but also lowers our moral credibility. For one, if we really need to say something, we might as well share the many positive characteristics about people. Secondly, is it ethical to talk about a personal detail of someone’s life just to make us look socially aware? Focusing on people’s goodness makes us look good in our own eyes. Remind yourself - I care for everyone’s feelings and privacy. I refuse to gossip, judge people or indulge in small talk. Sit back and program your mind to speak only niceness about others, abstain from gossip. Increase your self-control and will power. Protect your energy field from the behaviors and energies of people around you, just by not thinking and speaking about them. Repeat every hour - I am a powerful being. I focus only on the goodness in people and speak only the positives in them. Create only clean thoughts and speak only pure words about others. Protect yourself and your environment. Your positive thoughts and words about others raise your energy and the energy of everyone around you. Make your every thought and word a blessing for others and start vibrating at the highest emotional frequency.   Archives More
24th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Keep Your Aura Clean And Clear Just as we ensure protection and wellness of our physical body, we also need to take care of our energy body or aura that surrounds our being. Our energy of intentions, thoughts, words, attitudes and behaviours create our aura. Our aura is like a lens through which we perceive our world. It’s also like the perfume we wear, radiating to everyone around us. Holding on to our own negativity or absorbing negativity from people and situations, dirties our aura. Releasing them cleanses it. Your aura is white and clean, it shines brightly around you and has a footprint of your divinity. Energies from people and situations shouldn’t harm you and stain your aura. Your energy field is stronger than all other energies. With regular meditation and spiritual study, you can empower your energy field. Your happiness, peace and power are protective shields around it. Keep your aura untouched by lower energies of anger, fear, stress and pain. Rise above them. Do not entangle with other people’s auras. Let what they did in the past or what they are doing today not affect your energy field. It’s a part of them, not a part of you. When someone gets angry at you, do you protect your energy and stay calm? Or do you react, lower your energy and stain your aura? We are responsible for keeping our aura clean, just as we keep our surroundings clean. In all our interactions, let us be the ones to think and respond with stability. Let us see goodness in others and radiate our goodness. This is the easiest way to protect our aura and experience health, happiness and harmony. The emotional clutter of unwanted thoughts, negative emotions, unpleasant memories, unforgiving attitudes and limiting beliefs stain our aura. We need to release them regularly to cleanse it. Remind yourself everyday - My aura is perfectly white. I clean it and strengthen it every day. I am a powerful being. My clean aura helps me experience ever-lasting peace and happiness.   Archives More
23rd Sep – Soul Sustenance
5 Keys To Constant Happiness Promise yourself everyday that even though the world changes negatively around me, I will remember a beautiful point of spiritual wisdom in my mind always and experience its depth and feel full of happiness and strength, without getting affected by the negative situations that are there in my life. The best gift I can give myself is a blessing that I am a beautiful soul filled with many specialties and I am loved by everyone, including God. Let me bring my specialties in my words and actions and radiate the light of my specialties to others. This is the key to happiness and contentment. The more I progress in life, there will be many challenges in all spheres of my life - mind, body, relationships and role. Let me bring one quality or one power in every situation of my life for constant happiness. My positive and happy aura has the power to impact negative situations and make them positive. My most beautiful and constant companions in life are I myself and God. The more I connect with them and make them my best friends at every step, the more happiness I will feel inside myself and my face and spiritual personality will radiate happiness to everyone in my home and workplace and everywhere else I go. When I begin the day in the morning, let me remind myself that in the entire day, I will look at others qualities and not look at their weaknesses. The more I think and talk positively about others, the more I will receive everyone's blessings and experience happiness and lightness.   Archives More
22nd Sep – Soul Sustenance
You Have More Time Than You Need Have you found yourself not doing things you liked to do? The belief of not having enough time is more a mental block than our reality, preventing us from using time the right way. We all want to exercise, meditate, go for a holiday, but time seems a barrier. By repeatedly creating the thought - I don't have time for this, we have programmed the mind to believe so, and eventually manifest it into our reality. 1. Constantly complaining about lack of time radiates an energy of rejection towards yourself or towards others. It gives a feeling of not being available for yourself, family, friends or colleagues. 2. Time is not the reason to not do something. The real reason is that the task has not been your priority. The day you say - This is my priority… I will exercise, I will meditate, I will spend time with my family… you will make time for it. 3. Cultivate a good relationship with time by valuing it. Do not waste it in wasteful thinking or activities. When you respect time, it co-operates with you and you will be able to focus better, complete tasks in lesser time and be more productive. 4. Select one activity for which you have been saying you don’t have time. Firmly believe you have more time than you need and visualize yourself doing that activity.   Archives More
21st Sep – Soul Sustenance
Beauty In Character (Part 3) We live in a world where we are all closely connected with each other. We all want to have a good nature but what is stopping us from changing ourselves? Is it a lack of determination or is it because we see everyone around us performing different types of negative actions which prevent us from seeing our own weaknesses. We think its fine to make mistakes and that’s the way the world works. Is it not high time we took on the responsibility of self change and bought positive changes inside ourselves, which others can see and we also know and realize are happening inside us? So, let’s make a promise to ourselves that we will look inwards and check where we are making mistakes. We will check deeply and not only on the surface. And then we will take the help of God and use our own spiritual strength to bring those changes in ourselves. Let’s do this favour on ourselves. Good human beings are few but they will always get the love and respect of all those whom they come in contact with. So, perform a simple practice for the next few months. Take one quality which you want to see in yourself and for one week, keep attention on yourself that you will bring that quality in your thoughts, words and actions. Then in the week after that, take one weakness and ensure that is not seen in your personality for that particular week. Do this for some time and see the difference it makes to your personality. Choose different qualities that you like and different weaknesses that you dislike and work on them separately. This will make you a perfect person. Of course, the tools that will help you in this process are introspection, spiritual wisdom and methods like meditation. So, let’s make a start today. When we change, the world changes. Self transformation will lead to world transformation.   Archives More
20th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Beauty In Character (Part 2) A person with a good heart will always carry good and pure intentions for everyone. Before performing any action, check how honest and how innocent your intentions are. A person who is of good character will not perform any action with any false desires in his heart and mind. Am I the type of person who is jealous of the other or am I a person who is keen that the other person move ahead, so much that he or she can even go ahead of me in any field? Am I so big-hearted? When seeing someone in pain, that someone who has harmed me or insulted me in the past, am I able to empathize and sympathize with such a person? Or do I internally, somewhere in the corner of my heart, feel slightly pleased when such a person goes through pain. These and many more are some of the questions to which I need to give honest answers. These answers are never revealed to anyone, but we know them inside. Am I a nice person just on the outside or am I truly sweet not only in my words and actions but in the inner corners of my heart? This is the space where no one enters and only I am a witness to what is happening. Purity in character means no trace of revenge or anger or jealousy or hatred for anyone, even in my thoughts and feelings. Am I truly like that? Your mannerisms are external and visible but your character is not just what is visible but what only you know and are aware of. So, do a check – Do I reach upto God’s definition of a good person, which we have explained in this message? Do remember one thing. Everything we think about others, the slightest negativity in thoughts and feelings as well as attitudes reaches the other, even if we hide it from them externally. So be a good person with nice mannerisms and purity in character not only in words and actions, but in your thoughts also. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
19th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Beauty In Character (Part 1) A very important part of our lives is touching each one we meet with our love and good wishes at every step. We all know what a good natured person is and that we should be one and give happiness to everyone. We all also know that people all over the world, who are nice natured, differ from the rest of the world and stand above everyone else. They are respected more and also they get the blessings of everyone much more. How often do we say, such a person is extremely kind hearted, is always giving care and support to all those whom he or she comes across. Have you ever thought of becoming pure in character? We all know that a person who speaks and acts with purity is seen as someone with higher sanskaras or inner personality. What use is physical or material success, if the person who has succeeded does not fulfill the criteria of a good person, with nice mannerisms and a nice nature?  Such a person may win material wealth, fame and a tag of success. But does he or she win everyone’s heart and blessings? Because unless you are loved and respected as a person, you will never experience inner joy and satisfaction, even if you have succeeded externally. After all, isn’t it often said – The one who wins hearts is the blessed one … ? On the other hand, the one who wins praise but not love does not receive the gift of blessings and will always remain discontented and unhappy. So to fly high in love, keep taking the blessings of each one by having a beautiful inner personality and being a positive person, gifting virtues to everyone. Let there not be a single person, whom you dislike or who dislikes you. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
18th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Accepting Failures With Positivity And Strength One of life’s main lessons is that we are all bound to fail at times, no matter how hard we work or how much we resist it. The good news is we have the ability to turn failures into successes, weaknesses into strengths, by accepting the setback and retrying. Otherwise the pressure of a failure or unmet goal hampers our wellbeing. Many of us believe life is a competition, and success is essential for happiness. These misconceptions make us fear failures in life. We treat failures as enemies, rather than as teachers to learn lessons from. But it is said that when we fail, experience and learning are our rewards. 1. Don’t create guilt over mistakes or failures. Guilt leads to a feeling of I am not good enough. When you understand that you have just done wrong, you will be able to correct it or do it right the next time. But if you believe that failure means you are not good enough, it lowers your self-esteem. 2. Talk to yourself everyday to take responsibility of your thoughts and feelings. It helps you realize that your self-worth is independent of your success. You will also realize that your peace and happiness are states of being, created while working towards the goal, not a feeling to be experienced after achieving the goal. 3. Failure is unavoidable at times. Check that you had done your best. If so, accept yourself completely. Take the experience, the lessons and promise yourself to not repeat the mistake. Conserve energy by not weakening, blaming, questioning or going into guilt. Use that energy to strengthen yourself and move forward. 4. Understand that situations and people are not in your control. How you respond to them is in your control. True failure happens only if you give up, not if you are ready to re-try. 5. Set goals, plan, execute, achieve and enjoy the success. But don’t make the task or its result more important than your own physical and emotional wellbeing.   Archives More
17th Sep – Soul Sustenance
5 Positive Affirmations For Good Health I am a soul full of all qualities and powers ... I nourish each cell of my body with my qualities and powers, making my mind and body healthy and filled with positive energy ... My complete positivity makes my immune system strong and my life long ... I am a powerful and pure energy situated at the centre of the forehead ... I radiate the beautiful white rays of my purity and power to my physical costume ... My entire physical body is cleansed ... All my body systems experience good health ... I am a soul with positive thoughts, feelings and attitudes which make my aura beautiful and radiant ... My aura influences my physical body to fill my body with beautiful vibrations ... These vibrations protect my body always ... I radiate my vibrations of peace and stability to everything I eat and the medicines which I take for my body ... They absorb these vibrations and benefit my mind and body to make them healthy, happy and strong ... I always attract positive health help at the right time and in the right way ... I am a blissful being, the child of God - The Ocean Of Bliss ... My mental and emotional lightness influences my physical organs and makes them light and relaxed ... Others who meet me and see me get inspired to bring lightness and health in their lives ...   Archives More
16th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Mindset Of Surviving Or A Mindset Of Serving We live by the philosophy of Survival of the fittest, which makes life a struggle. Spirituality teaches us that the one who serves is the fittest. We are taught in the world that service to humanity is service to God. We are also taught survival of the fittest. This belief made us compete with people rather than serving them.1. Our original nature is to be generous. The more we give, the stronger we become. If we believe that only the fittest survive, we go into the taking mode and we develop a sense of competition and desire to overpower others.2. Our mindset of survival is a barrier to our nature of service. We thought the more we accumulate, the more successful we will be, the more satisfied we will be. We have accumulated a lot physically today, but we feel hollow within, because of the void created by going against our nature of serving.3. Meditate daily and fill yourself to nurture qualities of sharing, caring and co-operation. You will find ways to serve not just materially, but also emotionally – just with your vibrations of peace, love and joy.4. Serving does not mean you suppress your aspirations and give away what you have. Set goals, earn money, enjoy comforts and achieve everything you can - without competing. Co-operate and empower people along the way. Archives More
15th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Change Your Life With Rajyoga Taught By God We are all staying in a world made up of two realities - the inner reality and the outer reality. The inner reality is of our thoughts and feelings as well as our inner personality or sanskars and the outer reality is of our physical body, the roles we play at home, at our workplace and in society and very importantly our relationships. We work very hard the entire day to create and sustain our beautiful outer reality, but it's very important to realize that without having a beautiful inner reality full of peace, love, joy and wisdom, we cannot create an outer reality, which is permanently successful and happiness giving. What are the steps we should take to change our inner reality is a very important topic of spiritual introspection all over the world. One of the reasons for that is that all human beings like living a life full of contentment and another very important reason is that life is full of lots of ups and downs, which can cause instability and make the soul weak over a period of time, because we are not equipped to face these ups and downs easily. So inner strength and deep inner goodness are two important treasures we need to be full of if we are to survive in this old and tiring world, in which life is becoming more and more unpredictable as time is progressing. At the Brahma Kumaris, all of us have realized this through the wisdom and inspirations of God that equipping ourselves with the right methods and tools for bringing about inner self empowerment is very important for experiencing constant contentment in our minds and constant success in our lives. Rajyoga with its four subjects - spiritual wisdom, meditation, inculcation of divine virtues and spiritual service of others is being taught by God at the present time. We are learning it and progressing everyday in its study and also making it a beautiful part of our lives. It is making both our inner reality and outer reality beautiful. Rajyoga is taught at all Brahma Kumaris centres and anyone from any background, profession or religion and of any gender and age can learn it by visiting any of our centres.   Archives More
14th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Rising Above Limits And Mental Barriers (Part 3) When a mental limit has been set in our minds, the first thing one needs to do is look inwards and check it. The next step is to change it with the help of mental strength and spiritual power, without which the limit continues to dominate our personalities. This process is called – check and change. So, the weak personality characteristic in the form of a mental barrier which is influencing our thought patterns is first checked. It is then erased (removed) or transformed (changed) into a powerful nature characteristic which then is able to dominate the limit set and bring it down. Also, we need to stand back from the weak thought patterns, observe them and steer or change their direction from a negative frame of mind to a positive one. This is another method of working on winning or lifting the barrier.  A person who is constantly thinking about failure needs to check that personality characteristic. Also, he needs to check the number of thoughts that he creates in one particular day which are focused on the possibility of failure in his life. He then needs to change them to affirmations or positive thoughts of success. These thoughts should be accompanied by visualizing the success repeatedly in a complete day with no room for the weak thoughts and images of possible failure to enter his mind. There are 3 types of people – the first type are neither able to check and as a result they are not able to change. The second type are sensitive enough to check but they do not have the power to transform or change the direction of the thought patterns. This is either due to lack of the power of determination or they are determined but lack the mental strength to do that. The third type can check and change both and overcome the limit and mental barrier with their mental strength. There are various methods of increasing mental strength. Some of them are – creating positive and powerful thoughts related to the virtues of peace, love, joy, bliss, purity, power and truth. Also, thinking deeply or churning spiritual knowledge listened to or read in the morning. Another method is meditation. Meditation is a connection between the soul and the Supreme Being or God.   Archives More
13th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Rising Above Limits And Mental Barriers (Part 2) A significant reduction in our success rate in coming out of difficult situations is brought about by confusion or a lack of positive conviction. This lack of positivity is caused by different types of positionings of the mind which are harmful to our power of determination or faith. You know the story about the elephant whose one leg used to be tied using a small rope since the time he was young and he used to experience a lack of freedom in moving around wherever he wished. At that age, the small rope was enough to tie the elephant. As the elephant grew bigger, he possessed the physical strength to break the rope and wander around freely but instead of making use of his strength to break the rope, he did not do so. He remained confined to the same small region where he used to be tied because his mind was conditioned that he cannot break the rope, which is an example of a mental limitation. In a similar manner, the inner region of our mind is the place where we as children got used to being tied with the different types of ropes of a lack of optimism or positivity. E.g. I cannot do well or I am not good enough or I am not as successful as others or I am low on self-confidence or I am an under-achiever. These ropes in many people are so strong that a time comes when situations of success have arrived in their life in different forms as they have grown up and they have achieved reasonably in different spheres of life. At that time they can easily break these different ropes, but they still remain low on optimism. This lack of optimism restricts their freedom to succeed and ability to achieve bigger and upto the potential they possess and as expected by their friends and people whom they are close to. The reason why our hidden potential remains untapped in most cases is a weak consciousness. This weakness is caused by emotional limitations in the form of weak thoughts and feelings over the years. These thoughts and feelings have been expressed sometimes without us realizing how each thought and feeling is having a powerful negative effect on the situations around us. Also they keep coming back to us negatively in the long term. Limits are self-created and not imposed by society or circumstances on us as some of us might think and seem to experience from our life journey. We often say I feel I am weak because the following person has dominated me all my life. The dominating person is not the cause of our low self esteem. It’s what shape we have given to all his words and actions in our minds since we have been with him, is the cause of us seeing ourselves in a poor light and feeling under-confident. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
12th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Rising Above Limits And Mental Barriers (Part 1) Rising above mental limitations, which are obstacles in our life journey and slow our progress towards our life goals, is an important spiritual skill that we need to be trained in. A limitation or a barrier is a self created thought which reduces our power of determination and power to succeed in any life sphere. Suppose I have a broken relationship with a loved one, like a parent or a sibling (brother or sister) or a life partner. This causes a belief to set inside my mind that I have been unsuccessful in handling a relationship well. The belief can result in a negative perception that all relationships are sorrow giving. When that perception then starts flowing in our actions and people whom we are close to do not receive the positive energy from us which they should, it starts affecting relationships negatively. Also, sometimes we do not know why a particular person is distancing himself from us when our words and actions towards the person are what they are expecting? In these cases, our mind has been imprisoned by an incorrect belief like the one shared above and that has affected our perception of the other person negatively. The energy of that perception constantly travels to the other person and hits him or her which causes the other person to respond to us in a manner which is different from what we would like them to.  So, the mental limit is in the background in these cases. It is a self-limiting thought or series of thoughts which we constantly create either consciously or sub-consciously. Suppose, I have fared badly in a school exam in one year. As a result, I have formed a series of mental barriers in our mind like – I am not so sharp or competitive or I am a nervous exam giver or I am not so intelligent or I cannot succeed. Such barriers are strong mental forces which are like hammers hitting on our mind and personality. This causes a negative impact on future events of the same nature, in this case the giving of another school exam. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
11th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Experiencing Compassion For People Who Are Different Only by acknowledging how you fundamentally view the world differently from others can you develop the awareness to have compassion for those who are different from you. Different means everyone you come in contact with. Being judgmental or critical about others behaviours comes naturally to most of us and we always feel we are right in what we feel about them. Very easily we label people right or wrong. But right or wrong according to who? According to our perspective. The same situation is perceived differently by different people and we are not able to understand them because we can only see things through our perspective. Our perspective is created based on our sanskars and past experiences. These sanskars become the lens through which we will see the situation. Different people will perceive it differently and we often find ourselves saying - we just don't understand them! Let us understand that there is no right or wrong, we are just different. Parents are right, children are wrong; Husband is right, wife is wrong; Boss is right, subordinate is wrong - these rights and wrongs make us withdraw our trust and respect in relationships. We are only different, each of us is carrying different sanskars and can see the situation only through the lens of our own sanskars and so each of us is always right from our perspective. When we start seeing each one with this understanding we will shift from criticism to compassion, and our love and respect for them will remain constant. However unreasonable we might find them, let us remember they are feeling and behaving through their sanskars and so they are absolutely right.   Archives More
10th Sep – Soul Sustenance
The Mistaken Belief System All our layers of stress come from one seed belief and that belief is about our identity. A tree has many layers of branches and leaves and while they grow over time they all come from the same seed. Similarly, all our layers of stress creating beliefs and perceptions come from one seed belief, one core belief, one wrong belief. Fix that belief and it fixes everything. And that belief is about our self. It is the belief in who we think (believe) we are i.e. our identity. We learn to identify with many things during the course of our life but we are mostly not aware that we do. It starts with labels like gender, nationality, race, profession, looks, status, religion etc.  We know that we identify with any one of these the moment they are threatened or insulted, or there is the possibility of loss, and we feel either tension or anger, or some sadness as a result. Who am I? Name – a label used to refer to me; it’s not I Profession - I am a Doctor, Businessman - it’s my profession; it’s not I Relation – I am a Parent – it’s my relationship, it’s not I Nationality - I am an Indian – I live in India; it’s not I. Religion - I am a Hindu - it’s my religion, a way of living that I practice; it’s not I Body – it’s my hand, my eyes, my face, my body; it’s not I Everything that was mine, I thought it to be I – we mixed the my with the I. My body, my name, my relationships, my country, my caste, my profession…. Who is the I to whom all these belong? Remove all these labels and let us start feeling the real I, the soul or the spiritual being.   Archives More
09th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Relationships Are Built By Thoughts Today we are doing quite a lot to keep loved ones happy. Despite expensive gifts, vacations, shopping and dining out frequently, our relationships are weakening. This is because relationships are built by our each and every thought for the other person, rather than words and behaviors. How do you assess the strength of a relationship? Is it by how the other person speaks to you, or how you respond, or how long you have been together for? The simplest way to assess is to take stock of your thinking patterns for each other. Our thoughts determine how we bond. Thinking right towards people is more important than speaking or behaving right. If we hold pain or anger about them in thoughts, and speak sweet words, conflicting energies radiate and weaken our connection. If we don’t pay attention, we judge or blame people unawares, and radiate negative energy. This is why we fail to develop good relationships with some of them despite external efforts to be nice. When we learn to focus on people’s goodness and think pure for them, we don’t need to worry about our words or behaviors with them – they will automatically be right. Remind yourself - I have perfect relationships. My every thought for people is a blessing for them. Program your mind to create strong relationships on the basis of pure and respectful thoughts for people. Let your purity flow into all your relationships. When your interactions are based on thoughts of love and care, then your powers of tolerance, adjustment and compassion increase. Remind yourself - I am a pure being. I think good and bless everyone in my relationships.   Archives More
08th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Tolerate With Pleasure, Not With Pressure We are living in a world of constant change and increasing stress and dealing with many people with different types of personalities who are facing different types of challenges in their lives. In such a world it's commonly seen that people get angry and easily upset with us at times. How do we deal with such people easily and tolerate them without getting pressurized? Let's look at 5 steps - 1. Fill Your Mind With Spiritual Love For The Other Soul - The moment someone criticizes us, insults us or taunts us, emerge your soul conscious vision for them and see them as beautiful souls with beautiful original qualities and remind yourself that their anger and ego is a temporary form of impurity, that was not a part of their original, pure nature. 2. Surrender The Situation To God And Do Not Judge Or Analyse Too Much - The moment you face someone's negative behaviour, tell yourself that you have surrendered all your relationships to God, and you don't need to think about the person or situation too much. Just be connected to God and experience His love and power and feel the right perception of the person and situation from Him. 3. Remember A Point Of Wisdom And Experience Its Power - There are various different points of positive self-respect in God's wisdom, which we read or listen to. Remember any one point and don't repeat the negative words or actions of the other person in your mind. 4. Give The Other Person Your Support And Co-operation - The best way to win the love, support and co-operation of the other person is to give the same to them through your thoughts, words and actions. Do this for some time and the other person will transform completely from negative to positive. 5. Radiate Vibrations To The Person In Meditation - For a few minutes everyday, visualize the other soul with yourself and God in meditation and radiate vibrations of goodness and positivity which you take from God to them. This will change their consciousness and bring them closer to you and help them finish their negative perception of you.   Archives More
07th Sep – Soul Sustenance
Keeping Your Mood Happy And Positive Always Do you experience wavering moods from feeling joyful to sad, or from feeling peaceful to restless? If occasional mood fluctuations are not addressed, they may lead to frequent mood swings. It is important that our mood is always positive and energizing. Otherwise swinging from one mood to another can leave us feeling discontented and tired.1. Variation in moods is a result of your fluctuating thought quality. Check what thoughts trigger a mood change, list down your bad moods, and reflect how you behave when you experience mood swings.2. A bad or low mood created in one scene, if not corrected, gets recorded on your subconscious mind. Any small trigger re-activates it and makes it your prevailing mood. This means, if you stay in a sad mood for long, it becomes a frequent state of mind and eventually gets ingrained into your personality.3. By feeding your mind with pure, positive thoughts and feelings every morning through spiritual study and meditation, you will consciously choose a right thought and right feeling in every scene. Your mood will not be dictated by people, objects or situations.4. Situations change constantly and can often be challenging. If you let them be your source of happiness, life becomes a roller coaster of good and bad moods. But if you realize that happiness is your nature, life becomes smooth and comforting always. Archives More
06th Sep – Soul Sustenance
7 Vitamins For The Soul Vitamins are sources of nourishment for the physical body and fill it with strength. We take vitamins through various sources of food. Spiritual wisdom and meditation are both connections with God, which nourish the soul with 7 spiritual vitamins - 1. Peace - An experience of deep calmness where there are no questions asked, there is a deep contentment and subtle acceptance of everyone and everything. A beautiful thought of peace is - I am a soul full of peace ... I feel, experience and radiate peace to everyone. 2. Joy - An experience of overflowing lightness and enthusiasm, where there is a feeling of connecting deeply with the qualities of the self, others and nature. An affirmation of joy is - I am joyful and light ... I touch everyone with my inner positive energy. 3. Love - A deep feeling of goodness for the self, God and everyone and everything around, where the heart feels like benefitting and fulfilling. A deep reflection of love is - I am an angel of love ... I care, share and express myself deeply for the benefit of others. 4. Bliss - A beautiful emotion, where one feels that one has found everything that the heart desires and does not need anything else. A very deep feeling of bliss is expressed as - I am a blissful soul ... I connect with God and fill myself with everything He possesses. 5. Purity - A deep experience of cleanliness, where the soul has erased all its negativity and has become perfect. A positive affirmation of purity is - I am a pure spiritual energy ... I learn and experience God's wisdom to clean myself of all sins and mistakes. 6. Power - An emotion of strength and stability, where the soul has stopped fearing and is tolerant at the same time. A positive reflection of power is - I am soul conscious and completely free from body conscious ... no situation can shake me and touch my inner strength. 7. Truth - A feeling of becoming an embodiment of the wisdom of the soul and God and experiencing that wisdom in every thought, word and action. A deep thought of truth is - I know all truths from God and remain in self-respect ... at the same time I am humble.   Archives More
05th Sep – Soul Sustenance
The Beauty Of Giving (Part 3) A personality of giving comes natural to some people and for some it is the most difficult thing to do. There are people who live only for others. Every single moment they give to others what they require. It’s not about only donating wealth and clothes or food for that matter. But here we talk about giving love and happiness to each and everyone you meet. It can become the most beautiful intention of your life. Love in the form of sweet words and warm gestures that make people happy. Even if you have a problem in your life which you are facing since a few days, keep giving during that time. It will ease your problems. You can actually spend many years of your life serving each one with these two qualities – love and happiness. Also, other qualities which people would like from you are peace and power. Today, the world is lacking these two qualities immensely. Peace in every individual’s life can be given to them by remaining silent yourself. Silence does not mean talking less only but also remaining free of any unnecessary thoughts which are not important at a particular point of time i.e. they are irrelevant. Such a person with fewer number of thoughts will automatically transmit the energy of peace to others. Also, people today are lacking emotional strength and they weaken under life’s pressures very easily. Are you ready to be the one who can stand as a pillar of strength for others by being powerful yourself? So take up this responsibility and deepen your spiritual personality i.e. make yourself full of spiritual treasures. Become a giver.   Archives More
04th Sep – Soul Sustenance
The Beauty Of Giving (Part 2) A different set of personalities or natures of all the people you meet will always be there and the adjustment of natures with them is what will always be required. Suppose there is an acquaintance of yours who is a little egoistic and at times she can be difficult to please. You give a lot of love and regard to her but she never seems to return it. Such a person can be difficult to interact with and she also may be conditional. She may make the relationship with you dependent on the type of behavior you may show to her. Suppose one day you praise her, she will be very good to you. On another day, you point out her mistake and she will show a different behavior. In the same way suppose you have a close associate who loves people giving him admiration and a lot of remarks about his personality and wealth. One day, someone does not do that and instead praises someone else in front of him, he would feel insulted. This is the way some people will be. They are not givers but they always want something from the other on an emotional level or even on the level of words and actions. Also, the method of becoming a giver and not someone who is always asking for love and respect from others is to start filling oneself with those treasures first. One can do this by connecting with a Higher Source or God, who is full of those treasures Himself and that too permanently. God never, even for a second, asks for treasures from any human being. He has only one intention - to fill others with everything good he possesses. He possesses every virtue that will ever be seen in any human being – He is an Ocean of all those virtues. We need to train ourselves to make our personality like God’s by having a deep relationship with Him though a medium of remembrance. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
03rd Sep – Soul Sustenance
The Beauty Of Giving (Part 1) Have you ever wondered why is it so difficult to forgive someone who has wronged you in any way? There are people who do not seem to bother about the hurt and pain that they may seem to receive from people around them. After all pain is our response to people and pain is not given by others to us. Then there are people who can carry the memories of a negative incident for a complete lifetime so much that it can affect their physical health and moods to a very large extent. Is it not easy to forgive and forget? Or is it for some the most difficult thing to do? Why the difference? There was once a shopkeeper in a little village of Southern India who used to sell coconuts to people. Once while selling his product to a rich trader, he was asked by the trader – Can you lend me a few coconuts for a day? I will return them to you in the evening. The shopkeeper replied – I can sell the coconuts to you at a lower rate if you wish but I cannot lend them to you. The trader needed the coconuts just for a function as decoration. In the same manner, at times we are like this shopkeeper. We indulge in trade in our relationships. We want something in return for everything we give. We want love in return of love. We want happiness when we give happiness to someone. When this does not happen we are hurt and cannot forget what happened. Also, another energy that we often transmit to others is one of begging. We beg for peace, love and joy all the time. What that means is we are always asking for positivity from others, which will not always come. Suppose you are a part of a group of friends with different personalities and a lot of positive and negative characteristics which everyone possesses. Do you always get what you expect from each one? No. So how does one handle this? (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
02nd Sep – Soul Sustenance
The Divine Significance Of Ganesh Chaturthi (Part 3) Invoke The Vighna Vinashak In Your Personality (cont.) 7. The large stomach of Sri Ganesh represents the power to accommodate. We should not talk to others about people’s weaknesses and their incorrect actions. 8. An axe, rope and lotus are shown in Sri Ganesh’s hands and his one hand is giving blessings. Axe represents the power to cut negative habits. Rope is symbolic of remaining tied to the discipline of a pure lifestyle. Lotus life means living in the muddy surroundings but untouched and pure. The hand of blessings means irrespective of how others behave, our thoughts and words for them should only be a blessing. 9. He is shown sitting with one leg touching the ground and other folded. This is a reminder for us to remain grounded and humble. To be in the world and yet detached from it. 10. The modak placed in one of his hands represents success as a result of hard work. But he is never shown eating it, which means achieve success but don’t take credit for it. Modak also symbolizes unity and co-operation since all 5 fingers are needed to make a modak. 11. The mouse which is shown close to Sri Ganesh’s feet symbolizes victory over vices and desires. Just as a mouse quietly enters a house even through a tiny hole, vices enter a soul who is not alert. When we imbibe all the qualities of Sri Ganesh, we will overpower our vices and desires. When we start experiencing and expressing the divine qualities as symbolized by Sri Ganesh in our every thought, word and action, our obstacles get destroyed and we enjoy purity, peace and prosperity at every step in our lives.   Archives More
01st Sep – Soul Sustenance
The Divine Significance Of Ganesh Chaturthi (Part 2) Invoke The Vighna Vinashak In Your Personality Yesterday we explored the true meaning of the birth of Sri Ganesh. Sri Shankar Ji cut the child’s head and placed the head of an elephant on his body, which symbolizes that The Supreme Father finishes our head of ego and replaces it with a head of wisdom. 1. The large forehead of Sri Ganesh signifies wisdom. When we study the spiritual knowledge given by the Supreme Father and inculcate it in our every thought, word and action, we become full of wisdom. 2. Broad ears shaped like sieves (filters) mean that we consume only that which is good in every person and situation. Imbibing pure information keeps the mind clean. 3. Small eyes are symbolic of farsightedness, which means see the future result of each karma, before we do the karma today. 4. A small mouth of Sri Ganesh is a reminder for us to speak less and each word should be a blessing for our self and others. 5. The trunk is powerful enough to uproot trees and soft enough to pick a child. This means we need to be soft and strong emotionally. We need to keep a balance of love and law while performing our responsibilities. 6. Sri Ganesh is shown with only one tusk. It signifies that we should not be caught into dualities of likes and dislikes, pleasure and pain, pleasant and unpleasant, good and bad. We have to overcome these and develop contentment and remain peaceful in all circumstances. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
31st Aug – Soul Sustenance
The Divine Significance Of Ganesh Chaturthi (Part 1) True Meaning Of The Birth Of Sri Ganesh We celebrate the advent and birth of Sri Ganesh with great faith and enthusiasm, invoking him to destroy obstacles in our life. Most of us are familiar with the mythological story of his birth and his physical form. Like every other festival, Sri Ganesh Chaturthi (August 31st to September 9th) holds deeper spiritual significance. Sri Ganesh represents the divinity originally present within each of us. His appearance, symbolic of several virtues, is full of guiding principles for us to imbibe and follow in our own lives. The story goes that Sri Parvati Ji wanted someone to guard the gate when she wished to bathe. So she created a child out of the dust on her body, breathed life into him and instructed him to stand as a guard. Sri Shankar Ji returned home from an intense meditation of 10 years, but the child Sri Ganesh denied him entry. An annoyed Sri Shankar Ji cut off the child’s head, killing him. But upon learning facts, Shankar Ji placed the head of an elephant on the child’s body and brought him back to life. Although it is an interesting story, we need to pause and question the flow of certain events in it. How did the deity Sri Parvati Ji have dust on her body, so much as to create a child out of it? How was it possible for the deity Sri Shankar Ji to become so angry soon after returning from years of meditation? Also, he is a merciful deity, why did he kill an innocent child for a minor reason? Why did Sri Ganesh Ji get an elephant’s head and not his own head back? Introspecting on the essence behind the story shows that answers to the above questions are relevant to our own life. The child that Sri Parvati Ji created from her body represents body-consciousness. His ego did not let him recognize his own father. This symbolizes that when we the souls are body conscious; our ego prevents us from recognizing our own Supreme Father who is the Almighty God or the Supreme Soul. The head represents ego. Sri Shankar Ji cutting the child’s head symbolizes that God finishes our ego and replaces it with a head of wisdom. Wisdom gives us the strength to destroy all our obstacles. The birth and virtues of Sri Ganesh teaches us how to become a Vighna Vinashak or destroyer of obstacles. Tomorrow we will explore how to invoke the Vighna Vinashak in our personality with wisdom.   Archives More
30th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Ruling And Controlling The 5 Senses Our 5 physical senses which are our organs of perception, play a vital role as we discharge responsibilities. They help us know the world. When we control and use them rightly, we experience peace and happiness. When we lose control, they start influencing our thoughts and decisions, and thereby create illusions, attachments and suffering. Each of us has the same amount of power and control over our senses. It’s all about our intent in using it. When we say it is difficult to rule over the senses, difficulty becomes a reality. We then become slaves to sense organs and deteriorate our quality of life. 1. Meditate daily to stop the wandering of mind and senses. You will experience bliss as your innate nature, and thereby go beyond the feelings that you experience through senses of sight, taste or touch. 2. Study spiritual wisdom every morning for 15 minutes to fill your mind with pure thoughts. Purity in the mind ensures purity in deeds. It’s only when the mind is weak that we give in to sensory pleasure, easily getting attracted to distractions and dependencies. 3. Use your sense organs with a consciousness that you are the ruler and controller. Gaining control over them needs to begin with your thoughts. Remind yourself - I eat only what is healthy for me…, I watch TV for ... minutes, I spend ... minutes on social media. Stick to your decision. 4. Consciously monitor your sense organs to give them the right direction. Even if they drift towards sensory pleasures like people, places and things, bring them back. Even if you fail, don’t give up.   Archives More
29th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Beautiful Intentions Create Good Karma Karma is energy of thoughts, words and actions. When we evaluate our self we do it at the level of words and actions. We take care that we have spoken the perfect words in the perfect manner and behaved in the perfect way, but we do not check whether we created perfect thoughts. Most of us have mastered the art of thinking and feeling negative, and yet speaking very sweetly. We always thought people can’t see what we are thinking. For e.g. We can say to someone that it was wonderful meeting them and actually feel that it was the most boring evening. We can insist on guests to stay for dinner and actually be waiting for them to leave. We thought it was good karma because we spoke and behaved right. We create about 25 to 30 thoughts per minute and speak about 4 to 5 lines per minute. When we look at the flow of energy, we have sent out 25 negative arrows as thought energy and 5 positive arrows as word energy. Karma is the thought or the intention behind the word and the act. People can say the sweetest words and yet hurt us with their negative energy. There are people whose words may not be very perfect, but their energy is full of love and compassion. Our relationships and our karmic accounts with other souls are based on the foundation of how we think and feel. Let us check whether we are able to speak what is on our mind. Instead of converting negative thoughts to perfect words, first convert negative thoughts to perfect thoughts and then speak out our thoughts. Then our thoughts, words and actions will convey the same message. Thoughts, words and actions will be in harmony. Whatever may be the act – a gift being given, help being offered, charity being done, appreciating others, let us check the intention behind the act. If the intention is to please others, or to get fame and appreciation, then it is an impure intention behind a pure act. So let us clean our thoughts and feelings, so that before our words, its our perfect energy which reaches other.   Archives More
28th Aug – Soul Sustenance
5 Steps To Becoming A Perfect Angel (Part 3) Keep A Daily Chart For Your Progress - The key to perfection is self-observation and under the eye of self-observation, weakness stop existing. So, keeping a daily mental chart about your self-progress is a very important key to becoming a beautiful person without any imperfections. E.g. I become angry very easily. If this afternoon I observe myself and make a note in my mind that I have been very peaceful and loveful since the morning and will continue to behave in the same anger-free manner for the rest of the day, it makes me more careful. Such a mental chart of regular progress over many days, makes us spiritual engineers who construct bridges of goodness that help us reach our desired stage of perfect human beings easily. 5. Give A Gift To Everyone You Meet – The best way to become a beautiful human being, who does not make any mistakes at the level of the personality is gifting a virtue, a kind word, a lovely smile, a warm and pure vision to people you meet. When you make everyone richer with your love, joy and cheerfulness, they will return the same to you and you will become further richer. Spiritually rich people with the wealth of every virtue in their heart are created by donating that wealth to all. Also, the more others take this wealth from us at all times, the more we become careful that we do not make mistakes that reduce this wealth in anyway. So, take these 5 steps to becoming a perfect angel! Start the journey today and keep enjoying it!   Archives More
27th Aug – Soul Sustenance
5 Steps To Becoming A Perfect Angel (Part 2) Remember God Is Watching You - The best way to start becoming perfect is to know and remember that our spiritual parent, the soul’s Father and Mother is watching us and always wants us to imbibe positive qualities. This is what even any physical parent would want from his or her child. The child should become beautiful within and not just on the outside in terms of looks and personality. Also, as a teacher, God is watching us. He wants us to excel in different ways, as someone who gives respect and gets respect, who makes others content and others are also content with and also as someone who radiates goodness to others, in every sphere of life. Thirdly, as a Guide, God is watching us and wants to be a perfect example of the right way of living. Others should get inspired by how we lead our lives. As a friend, God wants us to hold His hand and show the world how true Godly companionship is the need of the hour. It is the key to remaining light and blissful, when surrounded by life’s pressures of the physical body, wealth, role and relationships. Remind Yourself You Are On The World Stage - We are all actors of the world and our every act is like a performance in the eyes of the world. Remember even every thought and feeling of yours is constantly being felt and perceived by people around you. It’s as if you are on a stage and just like you notice everything that others do, others are also doing the same. When we remain in this actor consciousness, we will see our every action with greater respect and responsibility and not be careless in the way we present ourselves to people. Also, the slogan that - What we do, others will also see and do the same - will become a positive reality on our lives. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
26th Aug – Soul Sustenance
5 Steps To Becoming A Perfect Angel (Part 1) A very important aspect of our lives is giving respect to everyone we meet in the day and showering praise on each one as they interact with us. People often talk to us and everyone is looking for and expecting love filled behaviour from us. So, to serve others with my nature and good wishes radiating from my inner positivity, I need to be full of the treasures of all the qualities that exist in human nature. There should not be a single positive nature characteristic or virtue that I should be lacking. When we became full of all qualities, people will experience perfection from us and get inspired to become perfect themselves. Sometimes a single negative word, action or even facial expression can distance people from us and also make them inclined towards negativity. In this message, we look at different practical methods to become a perfect human being or angel, who satisfies everyone at every step and becomes an example for others to follow: Create The I Am A Soul Feeling - The first and foremost step towards becoming perfect is seeing oneself as a spiritual being and not a human form only. This is because it is the soul which performs all actions. To remember that it is me responsible for everything I do, through soul consciousness, will make me positive and powerful and always willing to bring positive changes in myself. The soul is an energy with immense potential to bring about any thought and personality change through the power of self-wisdom and the power of determination. So, right from the time you wake up every morning and throughout the day, keep the I am a soul feeling in your mind, and make actions beautiful and perfect. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
25th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Understanding God's Beauty And Experiencing It We are all God's beautiful and special children and we are protected by God's love and power at every moment of our lives. There is not a single day when we don't experience His help. Have you ever wondered that how beautiful God is, who helps and protects billions of souls in the world at the same time. Let us see 5 ways in which we can understand God's beauty deeply and experience it - Create A Thought Time-Table For The Day - Every morning, before you begin the tasks of your personal and professional life, make a timetable of how you will keep God in your thoughts and feelings in the day and follow the timetable. This will keep you connected to God and you will experience His beauty constantly. Talk To God In Meditation - To explore God's beauty, experience Him in 7 different relationships - Father, Mother, Teacher, Guru, Friend, Beloved and Child. Talk to Him in these different relationships in meditation and feel His response and goodness which He vibrates. Become A Beautiful Person Who Radiates Divinity - To experience God's beauty and His closeness in your heart constantly, it’s important to be full of divine qualities like purity, humility, kindness, truthfulness, forgiveness and selflessness. Where there is goodness inside the soul, there is deeper God's experience. Experience God In New Ways Everyday - Everyday experience God in a more new and beautiful way than the previous day. Think of different personality characteristics of God and also His different qualities and powers and discover His personality deeply and absorb His vibrations in new ways everyday. Share God's Beauty With Others - To experience the beauty of God more each day, bring others closer to the experience of God's beauty through your thoughts, vibrations, vision, words and actions. The more you do that, God will give you deep experiences of His love and closeness everyday.   Archives More
24th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Creating The Destiny Of Your Choice (Part 2) We want a destiny of peace, love, happiness, health, wealth and harmony. To change our destiny, we will need to create the right thoughts and to make that happen in a natural way, we need to consume pure information. Stop and check the quality of information we are feeding the mind daily. Very often, we are feeding our self with information full of terror, violence, hatred, ridicule, impurity, manipulation … which is reflecting in our destiny today. The next time we receive any information, we need to check whether it is the right diet for us to be spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially healthy. If not, let us not read or absorb it, like we refuse to eat food which is not right for us. Reading negative information and sharing it with friends is creating a deep karma of radiating negative energy and this collective energy makes our world what it is today. Let us begin the day with ten minutes of healthy information. Spiritual information can be our friend on this journey. Information full of wisdom and deep insights which nurture the mind and empower us to create right thoughts in every situation and choose a beautiful destiny daily. Facing a challenge or just a little confused … our friend is always with us. Just read a little piece of spiritual information and read every word and feel the mind getting strengthened to cross the challenge in a dignified way. Creating a destiny of our choice … It’s only one thought away!   Archives More
23rd Aug – Soul Sustenance
Creating The Destiny Of Your Choice (Part 1) In this information age, we have an overflow of knowledge. Do we pause and check the quality of the information we are consuming? Does it matter or can we listen, read and watch everything that is fed to us. Like food is a vital part of our body, information is the food for the mind. Every piece of information we consume becomes the source of our thoughts. Our every thought is followed by a feeling. Feelings over a period of time develop our attitude. Attitude comes out into action. Any action done repeatedly becomes a habit. All our habits put together is our personality. Our personality radiates energy and as will be the energy we send out, so will be the energy we receive according to the law of karma, which becomes our destiny.  Let us be aware of this inner process and see the impact of our thoughts on our destiny and the influence of information on our thoughts. Simple formula Information = Destiny. Let us take simple scenes of our life and check how we react – Your child has not reached home and phone is not reachable … are thoughts of worry, anxiety and mishap natural? You have worked very hard on an assignment and you get criticism in return … are thoughts of hurt natural? You expect someone to behave in a particular way and they just do not seem to understand … are thoughts of irritation and anger natural? We live in a world where uncomfortable emotions like stress, anger, rejection, hurt, jealousy, resentment are being called natural. This chain of emotions means we are creating a disturbed mind, diseased body and conflicting relationships. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
22nd Aug – Soul Sustenance
Change Your Belief Systems And Create A Positive Destiny The 3 factors which influence our thoughts are past experiences, information and belief systems. Our belief systems determine our thoughts which create our destiny. Some of our common belief systems about our emotions are responsible for our destiny of stress, pain and conflict in relationships. Let us explore a new belief system instead: Tension and worry is natural – Peace and calm is natural Anger is necessary – Compassion is necessary Hurt is obvious – Empathy is obvious Happiness is in position and possessions – Happiness is created in every thought Competition is the way – Co-operation is the way Criticism is a motivator – Appreciation is a motivator Love has expectations – Love is acceptance Guilt will bring transformation – Realization will bring transformation We all try to change the quality of our thoughts but are unable to do so permanently, because the thoughts arise from the belief systems. If our belief system says – anger is necessary to discipline. Without anger things go out of control, people will take me for granted and people will think I am weak. Then we will not be able to create thoughts of love and peace. Experiment with a new belief system – I am a peaceful and loveful soul and so is each one around me. Peace and love is the way to empower and get work done. Use this belief system and see your destiny change. The subconscious mind is full of a large number of belief systems about the self and others. Let us be aware of them and see what is causing us pain, and then explore a new one.   Archives More
21st Aug – Soul Sustenance
Keeping The Balance With Ease (Part 3) We are all action-conscious at times, forgetting that all the actions are performed by the inner being or soul. Actions may seem to be performed by our hands; words may seem to be spoken by our tongue and everything we see and hear seems to done by our eyes and ears. But, always remember, to keep a balance of all our actions and to maintain a positive and powerful as well as detached state of mind which does not get disturbed, we need to remember one thing. The hands, tongue, eyes and ears, all of them are being controlled by the soul or the real me. I am not Mr. X or Ms. Y. That is the name of the physical body or the physical costume I wear. The real I is the invisible being of spiritual energy or non-physical light – the soul. With this kind of soul-consciousness, I will look at all my actions and words from a distance and not be worried too much in their involvement. Things can go wrong at times. Work may go in the wrong direction, people can at times be negative towards us and our physical body can be ill at times. Also, there will be lot of actions to be completed at times. All this will happen at times. Also, there will be days when there is lots to do. But, if we remain soul-conscious, or in touch with the inner being, remembering our spiritual qualities and powers, we will remain at peace and in control. So, work hard, have beautiful relationships full of love and happiness and excel in every sphere of life. At the same time, remember to keep the balance by remaining introverted and detached. This is the key to contentment and a stress free lifestyle full of calmness and self-esteem.   Archives More
20th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Keeping The Balance With Ease (Part 2) How do I keep myself stable and constant when surrounded by lots of actions either in my personal life or my professional work or anything else? As per the knowledge of who I am, what we see about ourselves in the physical mirror is the way we look. Other than that, we know our education, our personality, our skills and even our work or the role we play. This is our physical self. But, inside this physical body and the one which plays its part through the physical body is the inner being or also called the soul. The soul is an energy which is a natural storehouse of all our qualities and powers. If I experience these qualities and powers inside my mind, which is a part of the soul, I will remain at peace and in a content state of mind. But what happens is that when we begin our actions, we lose our connection with the inner self.  We start acting on a physical level, without giving importance to the inner spiritual self. A very simple method to bring these qualities and powers into my consciousness and then into my actions is reminding myself. Reminding that I am a peaceful soul or I am a loveful soul or even I am a powerful soul. What this will do is make you that. These are called affirmations. The more I bring these qualities and powers into actions, the more my actions will become streamlined and I will not get over-involved with them. At the same time I will perform them accurately, because my mind is focused and full. This is called soul-consciousness and is a higher state of mind than being action-conscious. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
19th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Keeping The Balance With Ease (Part 1) Living a life which involves different actions, all of which are important in their own way, sometimes requires adjusting to them at every step. E.g. this morning, you have a meeting which is going to last for a couple of hours. After that you have to work on a project, which is pending in your office for a long time. And then, there are some phone calls to complete. This can go on and on everyday and for day after day. This is called being action oriented. I work and work very hard every day to bring success in my role. Also, I want to keep love and respect maintained in my relationships and at the same time maintain my peace of mind and contentment. All this, I do, also realizing that my physical body is to be kept healthy and also other different areas of my life are to be maintained. Also, my personal time space in which I just give time to myself is not to be forgotten. So, a lot of actions filled in a day are tiring us at times. The above is a typical day in the life of a working professional. The day just starts and ends before you know it, with no free time. Also, nowadays, an added dimension in almost everyone’s lives is travel time. Then, there are things to be taken care of like diet, rest and sleep and even taking care of what everyone expects from me, fulfilling their demands and satisfying them. Amongst all this, the one thing that remains constant is I, the inner being. Spirituality teaches the technique of keeping myself stable and rich with my internal treasures like peace, love, joy and power. I need to do that when everything around me is so changeable and constantly moving. Everything moves around me, whereas I remain constant. That means I remain in one positive state of mind constantly. Also, I don’t react, but only respond. I act, but don’t become action oriented. I remain soul conscious, or inner being conscious. (To be continued tomorrow …)   Archives More
18th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Let's Become Beautiful And Divine Like Shri Krishna Spiritual Message On Shri Krishna Janmashtami - August 18th Shri Krishna Janmashtami is a day of great importance, celebrating the birth of Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna is a beautiful deity who is remembered for his divinity, radiance and beautiful qualities. We all love Shri Krishna a lot for his specialties and also know that he is a very special deity soul who was full of goodness, bliss and love. When we celebrate Shri Krishna Janmashtami, we need to remind ourselves that we should take inspiration from him and become beautiful like him. God shares the beautiful wisdom of the soul, Himself and the World Drama with us at this time. By making this wisdom a part of our lives, we can become spiritually royal and divine like Shri Krishna. What does the wisdom teach us? Let us explore and take steps to become like Shri Krishna - You are a pure soul and a child of God, who is the Ocean Of Purity. Start experiencing yourself as a soul and connect with God in every moment of your life to become pure again. You were a deity or devta in the Golden Age or Satyug, also called Heaven, which existed in the past. Emerge those Golden Age qualities inside yourself so that you can go in the Golden Age which God is establishing again at the present time and can become a deity again. Check each thought, word and action of yours in the entire day and fill it with angelic goodness and divine purity. Make your thinking, seeing, walking, talking, eating, sleeping and everything else you do in the entire day like a royal deity. Make God a very special part of your life and take His divine guidance in meditation. Learn from Him how to remain happy always and radiate that happiness to others. Dance in the bliss of spiritual wisdom and God's remembrance always. Create a picture of the Golden Age in your consciousness based on God's wisdom. Visualize the beauty of the Golden Age everyday - how you have played a role over there with other deities and also visualize the facial features and physical beauty, the clothes, the ornaments, the food, the perfection in health and wealth, the physical nature and scenery, the animals and birds and also the science and its divine gifts over there.   Archives More
17th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Do Not Absorb Or Reflect Negative Energy, Transform It Do Not Absorb: It's easy to absorb and recreate the negative energy of others especially if we take it personally. The best real-life example in the world is watching television and being exposed to other forms of media. That's where many people practice getting sucked into the drama of others and recreating the emotional states of others within themselves. And then, when they step out into real life, they are conditioned in judging and perceiving others that way and generating negative energy of their own towards others. Do Not Reflect: If we send back negative energy what will they do? Likely send it back to us. And what will we do? Send it back to them.  And so on.  It's called the ding dong of relationships. And how long does it go on for?  Sometimes years in corporate organisations.  Sometimes lifetimes in families. 3. Transform: Each of us has the ability to transform energy.  When the child throws the angry tantrum does the mother throw it back?  No, she accepts the energy of the child's mood, receives it, turns it around, and gives back love in the form of understanding or empathy or support.  So if we can do it with children why not with everyone? Someone has to break out of the repetitive cycle and what usually becomes a habitual creation and projection of negative energy. In any relationship let us be the one who transforms and sends back positive energy. Archives More
16th Aug – Soul Sustenance
5 Types Of Sanskars Of The Soul The soul has 3 faculties - mind, intellect and sanskars. Very often we say we can’t understand each other and sometimes we can’t understand our own behavior. It is because we are not aware of the sanskars or personality traits each of us carries. Each soul carries 5 types of sanskars: Sanskars we get from our parents and family - We often find certain habits of ours very similar to habits of members of our family. They could be physical habits or our way of thinking and personality traits.  Sanskars which are created because of the environment we are in - country, caste, culture, city, locality, school, friends and social circle.  Sanskars we carry forward from our past birth - We understand that we are not this body, but the spiritual energy that uses the body, energy which is not created or destroyed – energy which is immortal, eternal. Death means the soul leaves the old body and has a new body ready for it to use. When the soul leaves one costume, it carries its sanskars with it. This explains why even identical twins have very different personalities, bodies are identical but each soul is carrying a different past.  Sanskars created by our own will power - We may carry any type of sanskar from the past, family or environment, but if we wish to change, we can create a new sanskar with our own will power. Original sanskars of the soul - The above 4 types of sanskars are acquired after using the body, but each soul has an original set of sanskars - peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom. These 7 sanskars are the original sanskars of every soul, and all the sanskars we see today of ego, anger, greed, jealousy, fear… are acquired sanskars. When we become soul conscious and remain aware of our original sanskars, they start to emerge again. Let us remember who am I – I am a pure, peaceful, loveful soul, and so is every soul I will meet today.   Archives More
15th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Let's Create A Beautiful And Free World Spiritual Message On Independence Day - August 15th We are living in a world full of billions of human beings from different countries, speaking different languages, following different religions and performing various different types of actions in different spheres of life. God is our Supreme Father and Supreme Guide, who is above all of us and looking after all of us. He looks at us from up above and sees the world advancing in different ways and almost every human being having access to latest technology. Also, the world has become extremely well connected in the last few years and is moving ahead at a fast pace. But today, in a world of increasing conflicts, health issues, relationship problems and increasing stress in all spheres of life, people have started to get tired, and some have also started to feel that although we know about goodness and we even talk about it, we need someone who will teach us how to perform good actions and bring peace, love and joy in everyone's lives, which is lacking. Only God, who is the Ocean Of Wisdom, can perform this role. God is the Spiritual Father of the World Family and knows that only when we realize the inner spiritual self, understand God and connect with Him and create spiritual brotherhood in the world, only then the world will become a perfect place to live in. In such a world, every human being will be full of wisdom, qualities and powers and because of that everyone will be free of different evils like lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy and hatred and many other forms of impurity and negativity. This is the freedom that God wants to give every human being of the world. This is only possible when every human being becomes spiritually wise by making spiritual wisdom the most important aspect of their lives and performs every action based on that wisdom and in the remembrance of God. So let us all hold our hands together and as a close-knit world family take steps towards this highest spiritual goal, which will help us make our lives beautiful and the world also beautiful and completely free - a perfect, pure and blissful Heaven created by God.   Archives More
14th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Accept With Ease And Remain Free From Expectations The art of acceptance gives us the ability to remain calm and flow with life. It helps us to live light and travel our journey remaining light as it frees us from a baggage of expectations, anxieties and anticipations. We learn to accommodate people and situations rather than resisting them or judge them as right or wrong. We also do not hold them responsible for our emotions. Acceptance also carries shades of appreciation, motivation, love and respect. As we experience and practice acceptance, we experience greater acceptance from others.  Also, we accept and then act. Whatever the present moment contains, it teaches us to accept it as if we had chosen it. Acceptance does not mean everything is perfect, it means our state of mind is perfect. Acceptance does not mean to let things be the way they are, it means keeping our mind stable and working on the situation. Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to start working towards the solution. We need to accept our own self along with our mistakes or difficult sanskars first, and only then focus on corrections. Else we go into guilt and regret which deplete soul power. Acceptance moves us towards transformation. It allows us to be free from the shackles of denial and move forward creating a new path. Accepting other people means we accept that they are different from us. It does not necessarily mean that we agree with them. It also does not mean we accept people’s negative sanskars and let them be their way. It only means our mind does not get disturbed, it remains detached from their sanskar. Art of accepting situations means we understand this is it, rather than question what is this and get into why, where, when, how. When we accept the situation, our mind is silent and stable. Our efficiency and decision making power increases. Our focus shifts from the problem towards the solution.   Archives More
13th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Resolve Issues To Have Perfect Relationships A perfect relationship is not that you never get angry, upset or irritated with each other. It’s how fast you resolve and bounce back to normal. Often after an argument or if we have been cheated, we feel hurt or let down, we choose to remain hurt or angry for hours, months, even years. We feel our hurt is justified, it was their mistake, they need to make things right or sometimes we even feel things can never be the same again. Irrespective of what had happened it takes only 1 thought to get back to normal. The mind will ask questions, give it the answers. (1) Why should I be doing it, it was their fault? Because my relationship is more important than my ego.  (2) Why so soon, let them at least realise their mistake? Because every passing moment is causing me and them pain and weakening our relationship. (3) Will I be considered weak if I give in? Forgiving, forgetting and moving on is strength, let me give myself and them that strength. (4) If I become normal, will they do the same? They may take their time, but if I get to normal, the process has begun and very soon they will get back to normal. (5) Will I be taken for granted? If people can take my love and care for granted, it’s my fortune. I have given them a reason to believe that I always love them. There can be many questions, but we have the answer to every question if we have decided that our relationship is our priority, their happiness and our own happiness matters to us more than what was right or wrong.   Archives More
12th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Health Is A Matter Of Choice, Not A Matter Of Chance The effect of thoughts on our physical health is well established.  Each thought has an effect on the cells of the body. A large number of diseases today are psychosomatic, which means persistent negative emotions like stress, anger, fear, hurt, mistrust, jealousy, guilt, manifest in the form of disease. Let us now focus on the effect of positive feelings on health. Love, peace, happiness, forgiveness, acceptance, appreciation, trust, enthusiasm - each powerful and positive thought is having an effect on the cells of our body. It’s not about the right thinking when we are not well only, but it’s about our thoughts at all times. Let us begin clearing our emotional blockages, past hurt, resentment, not being able to forget and forgive, it’s only a thought away. The situation may have happened days or years back, but if I am able to feel that emotion even today, then I am carrying an emotional blockage, which has already begun creating a physical blockage of energy in my body.When we talk about healing, we always focus on healing the physical ailment, but if we don’t remove the root of the ailment which is an emotional blockage, the physical ailment can recur. Each time we are choosing compassion over anger; forgiveness over resentment; trust over doubt; co-operation over competition; appreciation over criticism – we are choosing health over disease. Let us be aware of every thought that we create regarding our body - whether it is about the way we look; about our health; an addiction we wish to give up – it is a message to the body which the body will obey. So, let us detoxify the mind and erase every past memory of pain, because detoxification of the mind begins the process of detoxification of the body. Archives More
11th Aug – Soul Sustenance
The Spiritual Essence Of Raksha Bandhan (Part 3) Spiritual Significance Of Raksha Bandhan Greetings - Radiating divine greetings in the form of blessings in thoughts and words, irrespective of people’s behaviour, helps us maintain our purity. It finishes our attachment and hatred, both of which cause sorrow. Our pure and positive vibrations influence others to emerge their purity and positivity. Tilak - Applying tilak of a paste made from fragrant sandalwood, on the forehead, reminds us of our fragrant and beautiful qualities as a soul. It awakens us to the reality – I am a pure and powerful soul. I use my body to play my roles and responsibilities and we start seeing others also with that soul-conscious vision and start understanding them. This shifts us from expectations to acceptance. Rakhi - Tying a Rakhi is symbolic of our promise to God to follow the path of purity, self-control, truthfulness and discipline. Keeping this promise empowers us to finish our attractions and dependencies. Sweets - As we share sweets, our words need to be filled with sweetness – radiating unconditional kindness and empathy, no matter what other people have to offer. Gifts - An ideal gift would be to surrender any one habit or sanskar which we know is not comfortable for ourselves and others and replace it with a beautiful sanskar that we will always use, regardless of situations and people. Spiritual In-Dependence or self-dependence means to be dependent only on our inner qualities and powers to respond to any behaviour or situation. In-Dependence means we have the power to give blessings to those who betrayed us; we can share and care for those who rejected us; we can co-operate with those who are jealous of us; we can be calm and soft with those who get angry with us. Let us not celebrate Raksha Bandhan just for one day today but let us remember to honour our pledge throughout the year. Inculcating purity and power are the simplest ways to become self-dependent.   Archives More
10th Aug – Soul Sustenance
The Spiritual Essence Of Raksha Bandhan (Part 2) Purity And Protection Of The Self We are living a life of external dependency as we often blame people and situations for how we are feeling. Our vocabulary is - I am angry because of … I am happy because … my work is stressful … they hurt me … they are irritating … and so on. Every such thought is reaffirming that we are ruled and controlled by scenes of life. We keep saying I cannot do without or I cannot live without or It’s not in my control, which reveals our dependency on people, substances, objects and technology. The more we become dependent, the more we will look for peace, love, happiness and power in achievements, people, places and possessions. The more we look outside, the more stress, aggression, hurt, expectations, jealousy and insecurity we will create. We need protection from these bondages of emotional dependencies, attachments, attractions, addictions and expectations. The protection can come only by connecting to God or the Supreme Being, emerging the purity and power within, and making happiness and love a way of life. Independence means taking my own personal responsibility – I am the creator of my thoughts, words and behaviour. I create my calmness, acceptance, compassion and kindness. As the creator, I have the choice of how to respond correctly to every situation. As we know, the rituals of Raksha Bandhan involve greeting each other, applying tilak, tying the divine Rakhi, offering sweets and sharing gifts. But only when we imbibe the significance of all that we do, the true essence of Raksha Bandhan can be experienced in life. In tomorrow’s message we will see the spiritual significance of every ritual of Raksha Bandhan.   Archives More
09th Aug – Soul Sustenance
The Spiritual Essence Of Raksha Bandhan (Part 1) Bond Of Protection  Raksha Bandhan (August 11th) is traditionally celebrated between sisters and brothers as a bond of purity and protection from all evils. But rituals in earlier times were quite different. Every family had a priest who was invited home for prayers and purification of vibrations. The priest would tie a sacred thread - a thread of pledge - on everyone's wrist. Raksha Bandhan is tying a thread in the divine remembrance of God, pledging purity in thoughts, words and actions. Pure karmas and sanskars are our biggest protection. Karmas create our destiny. If every karma is pure, then destiny is positive and protected. If we broaden the horizon of our thinking, we realize that not just brothers and sisters, but every soul requires purity and protection. So Raksha Bandhan is relevant to all - men and women, young and old equally. We are presently celebrating 75 years of Bharat’s Independence, the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, fuelled by the spirit of Atmanirbhar Bharat. The word Atma means I, the soul. Nirbhar means dependence. Who am I dependent on? On the spiritual self or soul. Thus, it translates to self-dependence. Each of us wants freedom in every sense and we dislike any form of bondage. But interestingly, Raksha Bandhan is one bondage that we enjoy. So, this year as we tie the divine thread of Rakhi, let us liberate ourselves from emotional bondage and take a pledge of Spiritual Self-Dependence. In tomorrow’s message we will see how our purity is our protection and how it makes us spiritually self-dependent.   Archives More
08th Aug – Soul Sustenance
5 Ways To Be Assertive In Situations Put Your Point Across Peacefully And Respectfully - Often in different life situations we become angry when others do not agree with us and do not respect our opinion. We feel this is wrong and feel the urge to do something about that. We can share our opinion and also explain why that is beneficial in the situation, but without having any ego and with a lot of peace and respect. Make Sure The Other's Feelings Are Not Hurt - Spirituality teaches us that being aggressive is against the goodness of human relationships and being assertive is not wrong if used in a correct way without giving pain to the other person and without dominating the other person's feelings. So, assertiveness can be used wherever required and situations can be taken to their destination of success. Take Time To Give Your View, Do Not Be Judgmental - A very important spiritual dimension of relationships is to think before you speak because words once spoken do not come back and also once the other person has heard them they do not forget them. So being assertive is good but we shouldn't misuse the power and make it a part of conversations in a positive way. Make God's Love A Part Of Your Assertive Nature - Remember that assertiveness should be filled with God's love and goodness. Only then it is effective. God's love is important because it also fills us with spiritual love for the other soul and also makes us caring which is very important while being assertive. Also, the love in our heart ensures we are not blunt while being assertive but are very soft. Listen To The Other's Opinion And Understand Them - In relationships, it is very important to listen and deeply realize what the other person is trying to say. Otherwise, assertiveness can be very wrongly used and affect relationships negatively. The more we listen to the other person's heart's voice, the more we will be able to satisfy them with our assertiveness and mutual understanding.   Archives More
07th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Dealing With Impatience Between managing home, office, children’s classes, shopping, friendships, and other tasks, do you wish for time to tick as per your schedule? How do you feel whenever you need to wait for anything? Living in a world that expects instant gratification, our patience seems to be fading out. Impatience is more about our lack of self-control, than a lack of time. We want what we want, and we want it immediately. Racing to and fro from one task to another, and one thought to another – we are only adding to stress, aggression and pain. Running towards my goal is not worth leaving patience behind. Let’s learn to wait, trusting that everything is accurate, precisely happening when it is meant to. Patience with self, people and situations bring peace, compassion and acceptance. It also gives the power to handle life in the middle of challenges when we don’t deplete energy creating impatience, in other scenes. Practicing patience makes us confident and likeable. It is also a sign of royalty and dignity to wait rather than impulsively react. Remind yourself, I am patient in every scene today. I don’t hurry myself or others. I handle delays with an energy of ease.Among the very valuable qualities you nurture, is patience one of them? How easy do you find to remain patient with people and situations on a daily basis, especially when they are not your way? We all exhibit different levels of patience but to practice it, we need to finish the obstacles that come in its way – mostly as irritation, anger, anxiety, fear, doubt or judgment. Even comparison and competition deplete patience. We routinely say – I am busy, I have no patience to hear you…I cannot wait for this traffic to clear… I can’t tolerate that music… If we don’t want to listen, wait, or persist, we give up our powers to tolerate, adjust or accept. The mind tries to control things which it cannot, and becomes restless. The body receives energy of turbulence from the mind and health suffers. Relationships become fragile. People are doing their best and situations are the way they are meant to be. This understanding creates compassion, kindness and respect. From today, prepare yourself to use patience in every scene, no matter what the day brings. Archives More
06th Aug – Soul Sustenance
What You Believe Is What You Achieve Do you wonder where the set of beliefs gathered along life’s journey have come from? Whatever you believe about happiness, love, respect, anger or stress were mostly thrusted on you based on your social conditioning. Have you paused to evaluate them, to accept what is right and discard any limiting belief? Every situation is perceived through our belief system. Quite literally our lifestyle relies on it – the quality of our thoughts, feelings, attitude, habits, personality and finally our destiny. This means what we believe has a dominating influence on our destiny. We cannot afford to hold a single wrong belief. The society spread limiting beliefs like: Anger is necessary, Happiness is in achievements, Stress is natural, People and situations decide how I feel, and so on. Believing Anger is necessary, we used anger repeatedly. So even if we wanted to be peaceful, it was temporary. Experiment with a new belief: Anger is damaging, love is the way to get work done. This will make love and happiness natural. Let us replace layers of incorrect beliefs with empowering ones. Remind yourself: I evaluate every belief and adopt what is beneficial. All my beliefs keep me happy, healthy and in harmony with my world. Have you paused to check how many beliefs you have adopted and lived with, since childhood? Have you evaluated beliefs about yourself other people or about the world, before owning them? Or do you just accept the beliefs instilled in your mind by your family, education, society or your past experiences? Our beliefs are the absolute truths for us. Belief System is comparable to a computer’s Operating System. It drives our life - our thoughts, words and behaviour. Holding a single wrong belief can be very damaging. Let us consciously check and change limiting and incorrect beliefs that are holding us from living a beautiful life. Sit back and prepare your mind to check and clear beliefs that are obstacles to your own growth, wellbeing and success. Archives
05th Aug – Soul Sustenance
How To Study God's Wisdom Everyday? God is an Ocean of Wisdom and the Highest and most knowledgeful and powerful soul that exists. Because He is eternally bodiless and does not come in the cycle of birth and rebirth, He knows the World Drama very clearly. God shares His wisdom on Earth at the end of Kaliyug or the Iron Age, with the help of which all souls of the world get purified and the world gets transformed into Satyug or the Golden Age. Let us look at 5 tips for studying God's wisdom everyday - 1. Meditate For A Few Minutes Before Spiritual Study - When we meditate for a few minutes before listening or reading spiritual wisdom, our thoughts slow down and our concentration increases. This helps us in understanding and absorbing God's spiritual wisdom clearly. 2. Revise Your Purpose Of Studying The Wisdom - After meditating, tell yourself that God Himself is going to teach me today and also remember that this study will make me pure, perfect and full of all qualities and powers and I need to study with complete mental and physical alertness. 3. Feel A Beautiful Closeness With God While Studying - Also, remember and experience God as a loveful parent and teacher while studying His wisdom, which is full of depth and beauty. Absorb God's vibrations and His feelings behind every word. Do not only listen or read. 4. Note Down Important Points Of The Wisdom - When you study spiritual wisdom, it’s important to note down a few points of the wisdom, which you feel you want to revise in the day, think about deeply and apply in the day's actions and interactions. 5. End The Spiritual Wisdom With Thanking God - After you have finished studying spiritual wisdom, take God's sweet blessings of love, thank Him in your heart and promise Him that you will follow everything that He has taught today and will not leave His hand anytime in the day. Archives
04th Aug – Soul Sustenance
Changing Negative Thought Patterns (Part 3) To create positive sanskaras, we need to first take the foremost step of determination. Determination means a strong promise to the self that I will change my thought patterns from negative to positive. That is the first realization. Then, we need to select one particular sanskara of weakness that disturbs us and does not let us be powerful. For e.g. if I have the habit of being impatient in difficult situations, then first I need to fill myself with that quality through self-effort. Until I do that, no matter how much I may try to be patient in any situation, because I am lacking the quality at the level of the sanskara and since the weakness has not been erased completely, it will be difficult for me to be patient. Let’s say on a particular day, I am faced with a traffic jam. If I say to myself that all these vehicles on my way should get cleared in the next five minutes, but they take half an hour, will I be able to remain calm in those extra twenty five minutes, which I did not anticipate or expect? So, what I require is patience. If I say to myself, in those twenty five minutes that I have to be patient, will I experience that virtue? I will not unless that virtue is in my sanskara or part of my personality. So, it is like filling myself with a lot of happiness and then I will experience that quality. I cannot say to myself - I am the happiest person who exists in this world and experience happiness alone. I need to first fill myself with that quality and then happiness will come naturally to me. So it’s about being natural and not theoretical alone i.e. I should be an embodiment or a practical form of every quality and power and not just repeat inside my mind that I have that quality or power. This applies to all the different qualities and powers which are required in crossing negative situations or circumstances. Meditation fills us with these qualities and powers very easily. This is because meditation is a beautiful relationship and connection with the Supreme Source of spiritual energy and power – God. God is full of those qualities and powers and never loses them ever, unlike us, who need to fill ourselves when we lose them. Archives
03rd Aug – Soul Sustenance
Changing Negative Thought Patterns (Part 2) A life facing difficult situations requires each one of us to equip ourselves with powers and strengths and not only spiritual wisdom, which is found so much all over the world. You can read spiritual knowledge telling you how to face difficult situations for many years together and yet not be strong enough to face them when they actually come. Spiritual knowledge shows us the path to becoming powerful. But the actual spiritual power to change one’s own thinking and the sanskaras which are the source of this thinking will come with strengthening the mind with powerful thoughts and experiences. There is no substitute for correct thinking when there is a difficult situation in front of you. You think negatively but try to act according to the spiritual knowledge you have read. That will not make you successful in overcoming the situation. Also, your inner habits of creating thoughts of fear, pessimism, hopelessness and impatience will not reduce, although you may temporarily feel positive based on what you have read or learnt. Inner habits are very deep which have been inside the inner spiritual being or soul since many many births. Each time we have performed a negative action or created a negative thought, a sanskara was created based on that thought, word or action. And that sanskara then caused a similar thought to be created by me and action being committed, again strengthening the sanskara. This is the cycle of repetition. And this cycle keeps having a more and more powerful negative influence on us the more times it is repeated. We need to now change these negative cycles into positive ones. How do we that? We will explain that in tomorrow’s message.                                                                                                                                                       (To be continued tomorrow …) Archives
02nd Aug – Soul Sustenance
Changing Negative Thought Patterns (Part 1) Experiencing a life full of different types of events, which can be negative at times, can be demanding and also make life a difficult journey of ups and downs. There are some people who like life to be full of stability and even a little bit of instability can cause sorrow to them and also unsettle them. Once upon a time, there was a saint in a far off land who taught people the way of living life in a peaceful and positive manner. There were many people who respected him and looked upto him and approached him to get a glimpse of him and learn the way of right thinking and living from him. Once a follower approached him and asked him a simple question – Why is it that difficult situations in everyday life seem to disturb us a lot inspite of the fact that we make efforts to think positive and remain untouched by them? Tell us a way by which we can turn our mind to a positive direction in the middle of negativity and instability of life. The saint replied and gave him a very simple answer – You look for solutions to problems outside whereas the solutions lie in your thinking and the change you bring in them over a period time. It’s very easy to say to yourself – do not think negatively but it’s another thing to actually do that and not feel the pressure while you do that. The follower was confused and thought to himself that life without the pressure of negative situations is like a sea without water, next to impossible. And as we also realize that we are able to withstand and tolerate situations and it’s not only a few people but all of us try to some extent or the other. Of course, there are some of us who fail completely also. But most of us are successful to different extents in feeling joyful and light when negative situations surround us. Also, there are some who may not be joyful when they face a difficult situation but can nonetheless be stable and also free of too many negative thoughts and thoughts of a weak nature.                                                                                                                                                       (To be continued tomorrow …) Archives
01st Aug – Soul Sustenance
Comparisons – The Cause of Sibling Rivalry And Low Self Esteem Children born in the same family, have similar present environment, same parents, but both are carrying a bundle of sanskars of many past births and their own karmic accounts. One could be introvert, the other extrovert; one could be brilliant at studies, the other creative; one could be sincere, the other lazy… it is because of the sanskars which the two souls are carrying before they came into the same family. Comparison between them is therefore not justified. When we appreciate one more than the other, even if the intention is motivation, it creates deep wounds. The child grows up feeling that the parents love the other child more. How much ever you try to explain that you love them equal, the wound is very deep. If one child was appreciated more, means the parents love that child more. This becomes the cause of sibling rivalry. The child considers his sibling to be the cause of his parents not loving him. This child grows up with an inferiority complex, and the other grows up with a superiority complex, and always tends to dominate the other one. Comparison and criticism become the main reasons because of which the child does not develop a strong self respect. Never compare your child to the sibling or friends. Appreciate the qualities of each individually and help them to create new sanskars. The appreciation, motivation and creation of the new sanskar has to be done in individual capacity without references to anyone else. This helps in making the child emotionally strong and develops a high self esteem. Let us take a decision, from today to never compare anyone. Each one’s past is different and so even if everything in the present is identical, there is no comparison. Archives
31st Jul – Soul Sustenance
Pause Choose Respond There are things coming to us from outside, and those that we are sending out. Situations and people come from outside, so what we get from them is not in our control. But what goes out from us – our thoughts, words and behaviour in response is always our choice. We think someone else caused our happiness, anger, pain or fear as we are in a habit of blaming. Also we are not aware that our response is our internal creation. Let's consciously choose to respond with peace, calmness and happiness today. Nobody else can create our emotions or make us feel a certain way. We create them but wrongly believe others are responsible for how we feel. No emotion is obvious and no response is natural. Let’s take personal responsibility of our thoughts, feelings and behavior. He wronged me so I was obviously upset, Her behavior angered me should not be part of our vocabulary.Our situations do not determine our happiness; our response to the situation determines it. The response begins with the thoughts our mind creates. Feeding the mind with good thoughts to begin the day is like planting healthy seeds in a fertile space. The outer environment is often a reflection of our thoughts. We reap the fruits of happy thoughts that attract happy experiences. Sit back and program your mind for a perfect day. Set the foundation of emotional stability to build your responses. Situations and people can be imperfect but your state of mind should remain perfect - calm, happy and peaceful. Your thoughts, words and actions should radiate positive vibrations, influence people and situations, and attract more peace and happiness. Archives
30th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Overcome Artificialness And Manipulation Believing that we need to please people to be happy, we look to hide our mistakes, project ourselves to be perfect, and while doing so we lose our originality and integrity. We desire to be authentic and convey what is on our mind but fail at times. We end up pretending or manipulating in order to please people. More than cheating others, we cheat ourselves. 1. Check for artificialness in your behaviors. Do you fake a smile when holding pain within? Do you project yourself in ways that don’t align with your personality? Or do you wonder - Should I say this or should I not…? Artificialness depletes your inner power drastically. 2. Each time your words are different from your feelings, you are depleting your inner power. You suppress your thoughts and speak perfect words. Do not convert at the level of words but change your thoughts to make them of the quality which can be spoken. 3. Meditate every morning and study spiritual knowledge to understand and realize your true nature of purity and perfection. In every interaction, promise yourself that you will create right thoughts. And you will develop the power to be your authentic self. 4. Say what you think and do what you say. When you are who you are, you will accept people as they are. Life will become simpler and you will feel lighter to live the truth. Archives
29th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Creating A World Of Forgiveness (Part 4) A world of forgiveness cannot be created without the power of truth. While peace and love transform our emotions, we cannot forgive someone or not get angry at someone who has wronged us without rock solid self-esteem, which is the energy of truth in action. There are some who tolerate and forgive, but they give in to the pressure associated with it by indulging in occasional outbursts. Doing the same with pleasure and not with pressure requires regular inputs of true spiritual wisdom from the Supreme and their inculcation. Over a period of time, such an individual becomes filled with the power of truth and is able to withstand the pressures of coming into contact with a difficult personality. He is able to not only remain introverted while connecting with such a person but also radiate good wishes to the other person and smile softly in the process of doing the same. There are some common sayings based on truth - the one who is truthful dances in joy, the boat of truth will rock (shake) but will not sink, the one who is truthful will emerge victorious. Such a person, who is an ocean of truth, is the one who can experience forgiveness easily and help in creating a world of forgiveness. Archives
28th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Creating A World Of Forgiveness (Part 3) There is a saying in India that in a home where the fire of anger exists, pots of water also dry up. Anger is a name given to a large collection of desires that exist inside the human consciousness which prevent us from forgiving. Filling the emotions inside our mind with love and pacifying the emotions of subtle desires is the second step in creating an environment of forgiveness wherever we are. Imagine a world without the numerous desires that exist in our lives - I need, I want, I own, I expect, I am right, I envy – these are subtle fires that burn up the energy of pure soul-to-soul love, that exists inside us instinctively, because we are children of God, the Supreme Soul, who is an Ocean of love. So waking up in the morning and starting the day with a warm Good Morning to this Ocean of love and having a heart-to-heart conversation and a deep loveful communion with Him and filling myself with the deepest pure love existing in this complete Universe, is paving the way for my heart to be cleansed of the various ego-based emotions. And also for it to become moulded as a forgiving one, because the more I fill my heart with God’s love, the more I am enriched with soul-to-soul love and the more sweet and humble I become. And such a transformed me, then is able to win the hearts of each one and create an atmosphere of love and forgiveness around me.                                                                                                                                                        (To be continued tomorrow …) Archives
27th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Creating A World Of Forgiveness (Part 2) We are all very much aware that forgiveness is a healing balm for anger. But to forgive, the first and foremost power that is required is the ability to apply a full-stop on my rough emotions when provoked. The control of my emotions, one minute every hour, is like building a dam across the river of emotions which becomes rough, while coming into interactions with a variety set of personalities and while becoming busy in actions, both of which cause an expansion of thoughts. The situation becomes worse when the interaction or action, during the past hour, has been a negative one, filled with conflict. So, every hour, a short one minute meditation, to fill the mind with the power of peace, is the first preparation of the mind to forgive easily. We suggest to you a few thoughts that you can create – I am a peaceful soul, a beautiful golden-white star situated at the centre of the forehead. I spread the rays of peace to my surroundings. I am the child of the Ocean of peace, the Supreme Soul. All the people in my office or in my family or in the world at large are also children of the Ocean of peace, their nature is originally peaceful. We all together, collectively, have to create an atmosphere of peace at our workplace or home or in the complete world, so that we can all create a world of forgiveness. Collecting 15 minutes of peace every day (one minute every hour), in this way, is extremely valuable. These 15 minutes are the bricks of the dam that you have to build for yourself inside your mind and keep the rough emotions in check. Try this for one month with an earnest heart and determination to transform the self. This peace-brick building exercise will not only control your emotions but will also slow down the speed of the flow of the river of emotions by healing the origin or source of the river of emotions, which is your sanskara of anger and transforming it into a sanskara of forgiveness, because thoughts of peace not only fill our emotions with peace in the short term but also make our sanskaras peaceful in the long term.                                                                                                                                                       (To be continued tomorrow …) Archives
26th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Creating A World Of Forgiveness (Part 1) God wants us to create a world of forgiveness, a world where each one is uncritical and does not keep a negative eye on others’ mistakes and weaknesses, a world where there is complete peace and harmony between everyone, inspite of their different natures or sanskaras. Based on spiritual knowledge and understanding, we are sharing with you few different virtues that are different colours of forgiveness and matching actions associated with them, which you could experience. Generosity - Be Forgetful Of Others' Mistakes Openness - Accommodate Others Thankfulness - Give Blessings And Take Blessings Warmth - Be Uncritical Tolerance - Keep An Easy Eye On Others’ Weaknesses Acceptance - Absorb Others' Virtues Giving - Fill Others With Virtues In order to experience these virtues, which means bringing these different colours of forgiveness into practice, we need the powers of peace, love and truth. These three powers together make up the healing balm of forgiveness, which heal our anger-filled emotions which in turn heal our peaceless words and actions.                                                                                                                                                       (To be continued tomorrow …) Archives
25th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Giving Unconditional Love To Everyone We are all special souls in this World Drama and as beautiful children of God, we all love each other spiritually and are a part of a global divine family of billions of souls. God is our Supreme Father and Mother and an Ocean of pure love, which He showers on us at every moment of our lives. Being His children, we should also not only love God but also love every soul on the planet. Let us explore a few ways by which we can do that - 1. Share A Smile And A Greeting With Every Soul You Meet - Every day we meet so many people of different types of personalities, some positive and some negative also. Gift a pure smile full of humility and a positive greeting through your words to each and everyone. Bless the other soul with goodness. 2. Look At Everyone As A Beautiful Soul And Wish Them Success - The most beautiful thing we can do everyday is seeing every soul's goodness and leaving a good wish in their heart whenever we meet them. If we wish good for others, they will wish good for us and our pure love will increase immensely. 3. Give A Feeling Of Belongingness To Every Soul - Although every soul is a child of God, today in the world the connection between God and human souls is not very strong. It’s our responsibility to give every soul in the world a feeling of Godly belongingness and fill them with Godly love, care and support. 4. Give Love And Receive Love And Create A Positive Bond - Sometimes some souls will not give you love and joy, but will dislike you. At such times don't ever absorb their negative vibrations but transform them with your positive vibrations full of love. Deep bonding with every soul will make them also loveful. 5. Give God's One Quality To Everyone Everyday - God is an Ocean of beautiful qualities. Our journey of connecting to Him by listening to the wisdom He shares and remembering Him constantly fills us with His qualities. Share one God's quality in the entire day in your family, social and professional circle. Archives
24th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Ability To Face - A Reflection Of Our Confidence And Courage The ability to face gives us the ability to focus on the solution and resolve it, but if nothing can be done we simply accept the situation with dignity. We do not get entangled, do not magnify, do not blame or do not complain about the situation. The ability is a reflection of our confidence and courage. It does not have even traces of anger or aggression, but uses assertion and discipline. Life at times presents unpleasant situations where the ability to tolerate or accept may not be sufficient. We need to step up and face them with courage. The courage to stand up for what is right and beneficial comes naturally with spiritual empowerment. We do not fear people or situations; we hold on to our values like a compass and move forward confidently. Using the ability to face removes deep-rooted fears of our death or that of a family member. It also helps us face and cope with loss of our possessions, position or breakup in relationships, we understand what is eternal and what is temporary. It is important to discriminate when to use the ability to face (confront) and when to use the ability to adjust – (1) When there is difference of sanskars, opinions and perspectives we need to adjust, not confront. But today we are confronting people for such differences and depleting the strength of our relationships. (2) When we know about our own weak or wrong sanskar, we need to confront our sanskar, not adjust. We need to constantly work on it and not give up until we finish or change it. If we give up, that sanskar grows stronger and weakens our will power. Let us pause and ask our self - Am I adjusting and living with my uncomfortable sanskars but am not adjusting with other people's weak sanskars. (3) If there is abuse, exploitation or compromise of values and principles, we need to confront, not adjust. If we adjust and accept these for social pressures, it is a sign of our lack of ability to face. We need to rise above their influences and do what is right. Archives
23rd Jul – Soul Sustenance
5 Gifts To God As we take a divine birth with God as a Sweet Mother and Father and then enter a divine childhood, God asks for 5 beautiful gifts of love, which will help us become a divine adult, filled with pure wisdom and all qualities and powers.  1. Complete purity in thoughts, words and actions Let me remind myself - I am a divine being, who has incarnated in this temple (body) of divinity ... I am the child of God, the Ocean of Divinity ... I radiate purity to this world with my every divine thought, word and action. 2. Sitting up in meditation at the early morning sweet nectar time I affirm to myself - God is a sweet Ocean of Love, who waits for me at the early morning pure time everyday ... I have found Him after thousands of years ... I connect with Him and fill myself with the light of all spiritual attainments. 3. Dancing to God's wisdom flute tune every morning I talk to myself - God incarnates in this physical world for me ... He shares the pearls of wisdom with me which I have searched for a long time ... I am the luckiest soul on Earth as I hear God's wisdom and experience the deepest bliss. 4. Creating a pure temple for the soul by feeding my body a pure diet I remind myself - I am a deity soul of the original deity religion ... my every food I eat and liquid I drink is charged with angelic goodness and is saatvik ... I remember God, the Ocean of Goodness before eating and drinking anything. 5. Filling every action with God's beautiful remembrance I tell myself - I am a very special soul, God's chosen one ... I make every action precious by remembering God in every sphere and every role of life ... His love and bliss makes me complete and I share it with everyone. Archives
22nd Jul – Soul Sustenance
Spreading The Fragrance Of Happiness (Part 3) Happiness filled interactions make you completely free from the different worries and tensions life will sometimes bring in front of you. Also, a life rich with happiness is the best to make yourself extremely stable and emotionally powerful. Just try this one day for yourself. Give happiness to each one you meet and try on another day, not doing that. The day you are busy in sharing and receiving happiness, that day you will feel stronger from within. Also, you will face all obstacles of different types easily and with more stability. Also, such a day will pass very fast, as if you are on a joyride, sharing gifts with everyone, gifts that are invisible and of the inner personality. Gift your specialties to everyone. Don’t keep them with you. Have a big heart in giving them to others. Suppose, a person has the gift of speaking confidently, don’t keep that specialty to yourself. Use that speech to give happiness to each one and make everyone enthusiastic. Or you are very humble and have pure good wishes for everyone. Don’t keep the good wishes to yourself or inside you. Express them through your words and interactions and make everyone feel the happiness of your goodwill. Also, suppose you are very intelligent, help others through your personality and all the wisdom you possess, of different things of the world. These are ways of spreading happiness. Remember each specialty of yours should serve and not be kept inside you for your use only. Spread the fragrance of your specialties to everyone around you and life will become lovely and joyful, not only for you, but for others around you, also. Archives
21st Jul – Soul Sustenance
Spreading The Fragrance Of Happiness (Part 2) Whenever you begin your day, fill your mind with some happiness filled thoughts. Those thoughts could be – Today, in the entire day, I will gift a smile to each one I meet or Today, throughout the day, I will keep each one’s specialty in my mind and experience joy. They could also be - During the entire day, today, I will touch each one I meet with my positive good feelings for them. We could also think something like - All through the day, today, I will bring different virtues in action and experience lightness and give the same to others. It’s these types of thoughts which will make everyone around me happy and they will give me happiness in return. This in turn will make the atmosphere around me full of happiness. Happiness begins with the self and happiness given to others is happiness experienced by myself first. When you meet someone in the whole day, ask yourself and check yourself – Did I just meet the other person and interact with the person in a common manner? On the other hand, did I share happiness with the other person and make the person free from worries and burdens? After all, it’s my duty towards each and everyone I meet - giving unlimited happiness to others. This is the common emotion that binds all of us together - happiness. Giving and sharing happiness will make life beautiful and our existence meaningful. Very often, whether it’s in our work or any other activity, we tend to become busy. We may not perform any negative actions during that time. But because we lose touch with our inner virtuous self, our happiness reduces.                                                                                                                                                      (To be continued tomorrow …) Archives
20th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Spreading The Fragrance Of Happiness (Part 1) A beautiful aspect of each one of our lives is living a life full of enthusiasm and joy. Also we keep spreading the same to others through our entire personality and through our actions and attitudes. It is one thing being happy yourself and another to share that happiness with each one at every step. For some, it is a hobby to start the day with wishing everyone with greetings of happiness and give them a feel of love filled joy. By doing this, they spend the entire day ahead free from the tensions that they might face and full of lightness filled thoughts and feelings.Also, give a new flavor to each day, of different experiences filled with different types of qualities. Qualities such as cheerfulness, contentment and lightness, which are all different colours of happiness will make life a beauty filled journey. It is journey in which you are accompanied by others. Also, you along with others will share and receive these beautiful experiences. This giving and receiving will make this complete life journey full of something you look forward to and enjoy to the fullest. These experiences are like gifts that we share with each other and gifts always bring happiness. Physical gifts are limited to particular days and particular people. But these invisible gifts of different positive happiness emotions are unlimited and can be shared with each and everyone. We can do this in our homes, at our workplace, with your close friends or in society in general.                                                                                                                                                      (To be continued tomorrow …) Archives
19th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Release Your Expectations You always assisted a colleague to finish his project in time, but the one time you asked him for a favour, he refused. You reached home tired and expected your young child to behave well, but he threw tantrums the entire evening. Are these situations familiar or have you been in similar situations and wondered Why can’t people meet simple expectations? Why can’t they be my way? Our habits, personalities, perspectives, choices and priorities are different. So we cannot always act in the same way as others, irrespective of our authority, role or responsibility. It also doesn’t matter how simple and right our expectation is. Release expectations from everyone – family, friends, colleagues, society…. Let us be our way, accepting everyone as they are. We accept, advise, instruct and share opinion respectfully, but not get upset if people don’t meet our expectations. Let us drop from the belief expectations are normal and experiment with acceptance is normal. It helps us remain emotionally stable in every situation and have harmonious relationships. No two individuals can think, speak or behave identically. Yet we routinely wonder - How can he be like this? or Why did she say that? The load of such futile thoughts and expectations block our energy of love and peace. Let us remember that our state of mind has no connection with anyone or anything outside of us. Sit back and program your thoughts and feelings about other people. Do not succumb, do not hit back, do not expect, do not blame, do not complain. You take charge of your inner state and choose your response. You come out of impulsive, auto-pilot reactions to people’s behaviors. Your acceptance that people are different, sustains your happiness and influences them positively.
18th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Heal Your Mind To Heal Your Body You hit the gym and workout regularly. As a health-freak you routinely consume fruits and vegetables. You get a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Despite all the care, your body develops bouts of illnesses, aches and pains. Do you have a burning question on your mind - What more should I do to lead a healthy lifestyle? Our thoughts and feelings create a subtle energy body. While diet and exercise influence physical health, a clean energy body is needed to sustain a perfect physical body. Any emotional blockages like fear, pain, confusion, anger or jealousy creates energy blockages in the energy body. It then manifests as an illness in our physical body. Let us cleanse our thoughts to radiate happiness and love to every cell of the body. Release past hurt to strengthen every organ. Forgive people to heal aches and pains. Remain calm and stable to cleanse the body. We have the power to create a healthy mind, which then creates a healthy body and a happy life. Remind yourself - My every thought creates happiness and health. All my health parameters are perfect. My body is healthy. Also, if there is something troubling your body, do you know that you can use the power of your thoughts to influence your health? Each thought has an effect on the cells of our body. When we are physically unwell, we cure the body with medicines, but do we heal blockages in the mind? Just by thinking or saying – My cholesterol is high… My fever isn’t coming down, what will happen next… How will I manage to walk with this back pain… we radiate an energy of sadness, worry or anxiety to our body. These vibrations slow down or block healing. Changing our thinking is as important as treating the body.
17th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Don’t Justify Impulsive Reactions We find ourselves in situations where it seems impossible to hold back our words or behaviours, and we react impulsively. Instead of accepting our mistakes, often we justify our reactions. In today's times when our roles and responsibilities seem to be very demanding, many of us rush through life. We think quickly, speak instantly and act impulsively. We don’t pause to choose a right response to the scene, and we even justify our reactions. 1. When you react out of impulse, acknowledge that nothing and nobody else were responsible. Otherwise, first inner power gets depleted because of reactive behaviors. And secondly if you justify by blaming external factors to be the cause, you again lose power. 2. After every hour, pause to check the quality of your responses and change them as needed. Remind yourself - I am a powerful being. No matter what happens, I choose to respond rightly in every scene. 3. Appreciate yourself for all the right responses. If any action or interaction was not right, reflect and see how you could have responded differently. Mentally rehearse and visualize yourself doing it the right way. 4. Responding from your original spiritual qualities of peace, love and respect is a gradual process of attention and awareness. The first stage is not to react in your behavior, the next stage is not to react in your mind.
16th Jul – Soul Sustenance
5 Steps To Make The World Paradise Again 1. Create A Positive Consciousness That You Are An Instrument Of God - Creating paradise in the world is God's task. We are all God's children and also His humble and divine instruments for creating paradise in the world. Instruments are right hands of God through whom He performs the task of world transformation. When we keep this consciousness, that is the first step of creating paradise or heaven in this world again. 2. Imbibe God's Purity And Powers And Become A Spiritual Light-House - A soul who is given the task of world transformation by God should be full of God's purity, who is an Ocean of Purity and also it should connect with God everyday in meditation and imbibe His spiritual powers. Radiating the vibrations of both purity and power in the world through every thought, word and action is the second step. 3. Give The Key Of God's Spiritual Wisdom To Everyone - God says that I come into this world at the end of the Iron Age or Kaliyug to transform the world. God also gives the key of spiritual wisdom to His children to create a beautiful future in the Golden Age or Satyug. The more we give this key to every soul in the world, the more we bring paradise closer. 4. Make Your Home And Office A Beautiful Paradise Or Heaven - Your home and workplace are the two places where you spend most of your time. If I as a responsible child of God take up the responsibility of making these two places full of God's qualities like peace, love and joy, I radiate these vibrations to the world and help in creating heaven in the world. 5. Take God's Guidance At Every Step And Bring Everyone Closer To God - The Golden Age can only be created when every soul realizes the importance of connecting with God and also the need for a positive change in the world. It is our duty to do what God is doing at the present time - bring everyone closer to Him and unite everyone as a divine world family.
15th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Time Management With Ease (Part 3) Very often, apart from creating the right type of thoughts, which help in proper time management, what is required is a good balance. I need to check myself whether my time given to different actions is being distributed properly. These actions could be your work, your hobbies, your personal life, your health, your relationships and all other areas of your life. Very often we define success wrongly for ourselves and run after it with the wrong beliefs acquired over a long time. As a result, our time sometimes gets utilized in the wrong way. So, I need to check aspects like which relationships of mine are the most important ones. I need to also check how much importance do I give to my work and to what extent I give it time. Also, is the balance between my personal and professional life okay? I analyze all this, keeping in mind the correct definition of success, which is not only material success, but a content mind and heart. Contentment is inner success and more important than material success. Once I understand my priorities correctly, my time starts flowing in the right direction, in the right manner. I need to also check what I may gain or lose in every action of mine in the form of my internal mind’s treasures like peace, love and joy. Suppose I am running after my work ambitions in the search of success, but am I neglecting my relationships, my health or my peace of mind in the process? Also, some relationships may be giving me temporary happiness but are they taking me away from my relationship with God? After all, if my relationship with God is strong, all my other relationships will be successful. The answers to all these and many such similar questions lead me to a good time distribution in my life, also called time management.
14th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Time Management With Ease (Part 2) Whenever we are very busy, we need to take a break for a minute or two and talk to ourselves and give ourselves a few positive thoughts. In this way, the negative thoughts will be replaced and reduced in your mind. We need a concentrated mind and intellect to perform actions in a positive manner. E.g. if at a certain point of time, the requirement of your mind is peace, say to yourself - My real nature is peace and I am originally a peaceful being or energy. Also, look at everyone around you and create the simple thoughts - The energy of my peace is spreading to everyone around me and giving peace to them. In a similar manner, if you are stressed because of a relationship, talk to yourself - I am a sweet natured soul and I have to give love to everyone, even if I am not receiving the same from others. You could also think – I am radiating love to my home or my office and changing its atmosphere to a one filled with good wishes and good feelings. This can be done for one minute every hour. As explained in yesterday’s message, depending on what you need, create the relevant thoughts. Remember, these thoughts will make your workplace and your home as per what you think and feel. Also, before that happens, your own mind will become just like what you think. Your thoughts will influence your feelings and attitudes accordingly. Relationships will become successful and people will start co-operating with you much more. Also, you will be able to satisfy people much more with your words and actions. (To be continued tomorrow …)
13th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Time Management With Ease (Part 1) Living a life full of work pressures and deadlines in the present world of busy lifestyles and challenging relationships can be very stressful for many people at times. What should one do to remain free from stress and at the same time keep one’s efficiency at the highest? Whenever one starts a new task, it is important to take care of a few important things. E.g. if I am a project leader in my office, I need to analyze, apart from the various tasks of my work, many other aspects. The first and most important aspect is time planning, which means I know exactly how I will complete all the different aspects of the project successfully. I have to do this within the time frame I have at hand. A very important aspect of time planning is how I keep my thoughts as less as possible. This is because the more the thoughts that I have in my mind, the more time it will take me to finish any task. It is commonly experienced that by practicing simple techniques like meditation to silence the mind, work efficiency can be increased. That means more work will get done in less time. A simple method of relaxing the mind is stopping my work after every hour and performing a thought traffic control of the mind. Traffic control means creating few positive thoughts of different types of qualities like peace, love and happiness or even characteristics like success, victory and faith. You can do this for a minute and then continue working. This will keep you focused and charged mentally for the next one hour. This is a principle of the mind and its connection with the body. The more peaceful the non-physical mind, the more efficient the physical body will be in performing actions correctly. (To be continued tomorrow …)
12th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Why Are We Losing Self Control? Let us explore why and how do we lose self control. We know about pollutants in the air, but there is another crucial component which we cannot see but we absorb. That is the element of human consciousness which is formed by our intentions, thoughts, emotions that we radiate and create the Collective Consciousness of our city, country and the world. Analyzing the influence of Air Pollution, we can categorize people into 3 sets: Set 1: A significant number of people responsible for polluting the air. Set 2: Includes everyone, because everyone breathes the polluted air. Set 3: A few people who are physically weak and they fall ill due to the polluted air. Let’s take the same analogy to Emotional Pollution: Set 1: A significant number of people who have ego, lust, anger, greed in their minds. What is on the mind radiates into the atmosphere. So ego, lust and anger are in the air. Set 2: Includes everyone, because everyone gets influenced by the vibrations around them. Set 3: A few people who are emotionally weak at a particular time because of a crisis in life or mental or physical illness. Emotional weakness makes them vulnerable and they get affected by the environment vibrations more than the others, around them. What happens to people in Set 3 is important to understand. If a person affected by air pollution is asked to climb a flight of stairs, they get breathless; they are not their normal self. Similarly when someone in an emotionally depleted state, affected by the environmental vibrations has to face a slightly difficult situation, they lose control over themselves. They react in a manner which is not normal of them. Road rage, physical assault, or any other form of unplanned acts of crime happens when momentarily people lose control over their normal way of being. Moments after the act they realize, regret, go into pain and guilt. But it is those few moments which can affect many destinies. While we read about people in Set 3 and we condemn what they have done, it’s time to introspect am I a part of what has happened? Am I part of Set 1 which creates anger, violence, lust in the mind which affects some people to such an extent that they bring it out into action? If we want to create peace, respect and harmony in the world, let us remember it begins in our mind. If we want everyone to be healthy, we will need to curb the pollution we are creating. We the people in Set 1 will need to change so that there is no one in Set 3. I am a part of the Collective Consciousness. Let me Be the Change, Radiate the Change and become a part of the World Change.
11th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Create Success Inside And Outside If you introspect today on how successful you are, what factors would you look at – is it your achievements, possessions and positions? ...Or do you count your inherent good qualities and virtues? We always look for opportunities for success outside. But success is about who I, the being am, and not just about my doing. Each time we use our qualities of peace, love and happiness, we are successful. Each time we co-operate, show kindness or build a beautiful relationship, we are successful. Let’s not label the self as a failure just because we could not achieve something. Regret, dissatisfaction, fear and blame are barriers to success. Moreover, the brain and the body will accept it as our reality and failures repeat. When we are successful internally, we will be able to think, speak and behave right. Our inner energy matches our desires and creates physical success outside. Start believing and saying, I am a powerful being. I can do anything I choose to do. My success is certain. We all have our own beliefs and definitions about the term success. Many of us pursued success because we thought it would give happiness, since we have always searched for happiness in our achievements. So, we said I want to be a successful corporate professional, I will consider myself successful when I will have x amount in my account…. We looked at success in terms of what we possessed - qualification, designation, relationships, physical health, social status, recognition, bank balance, property and so on. One aspect of our success is outside in our actions and there is one more aspect of success which is within us, in our feelings – success in terms of our emotional stability, emotional comfort, happiness and contentment. If we are successful outside, it is not necessary that we will be happy inside too. But when we are happy, we will always be contented. This energy will help us to be successful outside. So today, let go of any limiting beliefs you have about your ability to do well. Your optimistic views and inner energy will attract people and circumstances that are conducive to create success.
10th Jul – Soul Sustenance
People Don’t Intentionally Harm Us People do not intentionally want to hurt us. Their behaviour through their nature and habits are what comes naturally to them. At times, people can betray, lie, reject or ignore us and it can leave us hurt and bitter. But they are not doing it intentionally. They are in pain themselves and are projecting their chaotic inner world on to us. 1. When someone is not being right to you, it could be more to do with what they are going through, and less about you. However, reflect if you have been right towards them not just in your words and behaviors, but in your thoughts too. 2. People might be hurting within due to their unhealed emotional wounds. At some point in their life they have experienced insecurity, jealousy, fear or anger. They are internally bruised and are victims to these feelings. 3. Someone who harms you is a pure being too but has temporarily drifted from their original qualities of peace and love. Remain stable. Once you see the pain behind their behaviour, accept it as a fact that exists, rather than a problem to tolerate. 4. Correcting people means being compassionate. Meditate every morning to shift your tendencies from control, discipline or authority … to being a facilitator, guide and a counsellor.
09th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Collect Your Treasure Of Blessings Everyday Blessings are a beautiful energy treasure which we receive everyday from ourselves, in our relationships from others and from God. The more we collect this treasure, the richer we become internally and also our inner power and happiness increase. As we begin the day, we create different thoughts for ourselves and everyone around us and we come in contact with people with different types of personalities. While looking at them, we find many specialties and weaknesses in them and it is very easy to get attached to people with goodness and experience hatred for people who act negatively with us. In such situations, sometimes we send negative energy to some people and we stop receiving their blessings. Also, we don't create the right type of thoughts or speak the right type of words or we don't perform the right type of actions and lose the blessings of God, who knows and sees everything we do, even on a very subtle level. Sometimes our actions make others detached and discontent from us and they start sending us bad and negative energy. Collecting negative energy from others can make us unenthusiastic and also sometimes fill our lives with obstacles. How do we always collect blessings from others and how do we increase this treasure everyday? The more we increase this treasure everyday, the better our lives will become and we will see light and goodness in every moment, adding value to our life and also a feeling of well-being. We give ourselves blessings when we think in a way or do something, such that we go closer to our original stage full of our 7 primary qualities - peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and wisdom and we receive blessings from others when we think in a way or do something, such that they go closer to their original stage full of these 7 qualities. Also, we receive blessings from God, when we do both. Such a life full of blessings is a life full of constant contentment.
08th Jul – Soul Sustenance
Don’t Label People, Give Respect When you meet someone even briefly – relative, co-passenger, neighbour, client, shopkeeper or anyone for that matter - do you make conclusions about them? Do you categorically label the person as being either calm, arrogant, not good enough, skinny, dishonest, wise and so on? Society today seems to insist on applying labels on everyone, especially negative ones, too quickly. The risk is that people start living by the negative labels they receive. The energy of labels radiates to them and triggers more of that particular behavior or habit in them. This means, if we repeatedly label someone as dishonest, we reinforce dishonesty in him or her. Let’s give people the privilege to be viewed as pure, perfect individuals. Otherwise we only perceive them through the lens of labels we give. Eventually we also attract that label into our energy field. Everyone has admirable qualities. Focusing on them, magnifying them and giving positive labels will uplift them and also elevate our thinking standards. If we look at how many times in a day, we judge other people, label them, criticize, compare or assess what they do, the number would be too high. We casually say - He is lazy, she is arrogant, that place is boring… Sometimes we tend to do it unknowingly as though it is very natural and obvious. We even tend to justify such behaviour by saying – I only spoke the truth, after all he or she is like this. It might be the truth but why magnify it and show that person in poor light? Let’s focus on ourselves instead. Today different sources of media are also being used to spread biased views about someone or something, influencing the society to perceive them in that way. By negative judgments and labelling, we not only lower our compassion but we also deplete our own inner power. If we find the need to talk about someone, let us highlight and spread words about their virtues and values. Let go of judging others and stop getting affected by others’ judgments. It is protection for you and empowerment for others.
07th Jul – Soul Sustenance
When We Change Others Change (Part 3) While being involved in action, make it a point to remain connected with your inner centre of peace, love and bliss which is the spiritual centre or the soul, by remaining in its consciousness. Also, feel the presence of God or the Higher Power in your life at each and every step without which we cannot succeed in our actions, especially in our relationships and interactions, where powers from both the soul and God are required. So, satisfying others with your behavior and through the energy that you share with them, will only be possible when you first carry positive energy inside yourself. You can try and do everything possible to make people’s ideas similar to yours and make them work the way you want them to, but a single action of yours which is full of goodness can achieve that much faster than you can if you tried through other methods. Say for e.g. a person in your family constantly has a habit of disobeying you and going against your requests and he or she does not believe in being on good terms with you and will always find a reason to differ with you in opinions. You have tried for many months to come to good terms with this person, but you have not succeeded. Now, you make yourself a sweeter and more tolerant person and work on making yourself more humble. Suddenly, what you could not achieve in such a long time becomes very easy and gets done in a few days. This is because seeing your practical change, the other person gets inspired to change him or herself much faster than by just persuading the other person constantly, to change. Remember when we change, others will change and until we do not do that, changing others will remain the most difficult thing to achieve and in fact it will be impossible. So, change yourself and set an example for others to follow.
06th Jul – Soul Sustenance
When We Change Others Change (Part 2) Handling people with different natures requires a lot of spiritual strength and can be the most difficult thing to achieve for some. It’s not just about physical skills like a way of speaking or presenting yourself, which are some measures we take in our office or in our personal relationships. But it’s more about virtues and powers as well as wisdom of different types of actions and their results. E.g. if you are preparing for a meeting in your office with many different office colleagues, then you will take different steps on a physical level - like seeing what is on the company’s agenda to dis