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Everybody is Smiling and Helping each other

I thought I should go once in my lifetime at Mount Abu for a retreat. Hence, went to the local Brahmakumaris centre and asked how can I go to Mount Abu and also learn meditation. I was told i would have to do 7 days basic Rajyoga Meditation course. After that i used to go to the centre for the daily spiritual class. I am not aware how i was selected for this IT program at Mount Abu, but i when i got the approval, i was so happy. It was a dream come true for me. I wanted to come here to see the environment. Its really amazing here, it is very peaceful. People are so nice here, everybody is smiling and helping each other. I Have been to many other places but the food and living area are amazing here. Very helpful knowledge is being shared through the sessions conducted here. I would suggest everyone to come here and experience this once in a life time experience.
Rachna Dua
Co-Founder, Routes Vacation

Moments & Memories From IT Conference