Health Initiatives

Learn more about the initiatives in the various areas related to health, integrating modern lifestyle with healthy habits, curing diseases with medication and meditation, generating awareness, research projects and providing community services in the field of healthcare.

Global Hospital & Research Centre Trust

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J. Watumull Global Hospital & Research Centre (GHRC), Mt. Abu, Rajasthan
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Global Hospital & Research Centre trust operates and manages 7 health units and 2 educational institutes outside of Mt Abu.

Some of our service highlights include:

Our Health Units & Educational Institutes

Our health 1
RM Mehrotra Global Hospital
Trauma Centre, Abu Road
Dadi gulzar corona primary care centre of orc e1635676154663

Dadi Gulzar Corona & Primary Care Centre of ORC

Our health 2
BSES Municipal General
Hospital, Mumbai
Our health 3
RM Mehrotra Global Hospital
Trauma Centre, Abu Road
Our health 4
Shivmani Geriatric Home,
Abu Road
Our health 5
Shri Adinath Fateh Global Eye
Hospital, Jalore
Our health 6
SL Mehrotra Global
Nursing College
Our health 7
G V Modi Rural Health Care
Centre, Abu Road

Major Projects of the Global Hospital & Research Centre Trust

Health project 1

Rotary International Global
Hospital Blood Bank

This Blood Bank situated in Talha, Abu Road is the only Regional Blood Transfusion Centre in Rajasthan in the non-governmental sector.
Health project 2

Community Service

A mobile health consultation service caters to the medical needs of 56 villages in Abu Road, Pindwara & Reodar with a total population of about 150,000. Every year 30000 parents are benefited from this program.
Health project 3


It is an initiative for the early detection of tuberculosis and improvement of patients’ nutritional status. We cover a population of 200,000 in 62 villages, identify TB suspects and refer them to hospital for further investigation.


The Janki Foundation

for Spirituality in Healthcare
The Janki Foundation is a UK charity promoting the integration of spirituality into healthcare. It supports healthcare professionals through value-based dialogue and training, and contributes to general well-being through inspirational books, CDs and lectures. It also gives regular financial support to a hospital in Rajasthan, India, that has pioneered a healthcare model combining modern medical technology with spirituality and complementary medicine.

Aims and Objectives

Educational Activities

Janaki foundation
The Foundation’s activities are directed towards supporting compassion in healthcare, particularly through raising awareness. A team of volunteers, aided by scientific and medical advisors, run a range of events including seminars, lectures, workshops, training, conferences and retreats. These are primarily for healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients but open to others who may be interested. All activities are funded through voluntary contributions. The Foundation also works with NHS Trusts, hospices and other healthcare organisations to introduce ideas and understandings that help to sustain whole-person healthcare.

Values in Healthcare: a spiritual approach (VIHaSA)

Janaki foundation 1
Janaki foundation 2

The Foundation’s flagship project is VIHASA, a modular personal and team development programme. First published in 2004, the programme has been translated into more than a dozen languages and is in use in more than 30 countries. The results have been universally positive, with caregivers reporting a renewed sense of purpose, reduced risk of exhaustion and burnout, and improved patient care. For more info:  Click Here


Services are undertaken by Medical Wing of RERF


Established in the year 1985, the Medical Wing is one of the 20 service wings of the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation. More than 3000 members of the Wing include those practising modern medicine as well as other alternative branches of medicine, nurses, pharmacists and paramedical personnel. Most of them offer voluntary services to society when needed.

The Wing’s primary focus is on promoting health awareness and popularising the use of meditation along with medication. Meditation helps in quietening the mind and creating positive thoughts. The challenge in the current scenario of healthcare is to promote a holistic approach.

Activities of Medical Wing for the past 33 Years

Services table 1

3 Dimensional Healthcare for Healthy,
Heart, Mind & Body (CAD Research Project)

Preventive cardiology and cardiac rehabilitation is perhaps the only hope to combat the fast-spreading incidence of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). At present we in the medical field lack some dependable comprehensive plan for its control.
Cad 1
Cad 2
Cad 3

Glimpse of a CAD Camp held at Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan, Abu Road

Results 1
Results 2

Some of the results

Research 3d

The main focus of the research has been:


Diamond Project for Diabetes Management

We are well aware that the diabetes epidemic is rapidly increasing in many countries including India. In India, 69.2 million (8.7%) people live with diabetes as per 2015 data and it is alarming that more than 36 million people remain undiagnosed. So we require effective empirical studies to develop proper strategies to combat the menace of diabetes.

We have already conducted 4 camps at the Manmohinivan complex of Shantivan. Every month we invited 50 – 60 diabetes patients with their spouse and gave them proper training with morning and evening meditation and exercise, health education on healthy and balanced diet and lifestyle for diabetes patients, etc. We had a thorough laboratory investigation of all patients – ie HbA1c, Kidney function, Liver function, etc. We checked their blood sugar both pre meals and post meals all the 7 days of stay at our campus. We gave them the right medication according to their condition and at the end of the program, we found almost 100 % control of their blood sugar and blood pressure. We also assessed their mental status with various questionnaire by clinical psychologists and found tremendous improvement in their quality of life. We are regularly following up with these patients and find them to have good glycemic control and reduction of body weight in those who were overweight.

Methodology 1

Mrs. Anita Bhadela, State Minister (Raj), Dept of Women & Child Development, Dr. Banarsilal Shah, Dr.Shrimant Sahu, Dr. Gom Agarwal, BK Bharat, Dr. Savita & BK Manisha inaugurating the Diamond Project for Diabetes Management at Manmohinivan

Methodology 1 1
Methodology 3
Methodology 4

Glimpse of a Diamond Project Camp held at Brahma Kumaris, Shantivan, Abu Road



‘My India Healthy India’ Mega Project

Project 5
The main aim and objective of this project is to create awareness for total health and to eradicate all negative habits that are creating diseases in the society. So, with this burning desire, the Medical Wing of Brahma Kumaris has started a mega project, “My India, Healthy India”, covering cities, towns and villages, in order to create awareness about Healthy Lifestyle through Rajyoga Meditaon, Nutrional Educaon, Drug De-addicon Programmes and so on.

The first phase plan of the project is: Health Education, Life Style Modification (Diet, Exercise, Rajyoga Meditation), Nutritional Education Programs, De-addiction Programmes, Check up of School Children. This project is continued till date.

Healthy india table
Healthy india 1
Healthy india 2


Project 4

Under the ‘My India Healthy India’ project, ‘My India, Addiction Free India’ the campaign was launched which specifically focuses on children & youth. The campaign is based on an experiential methodology taught by Brahma Kumaris. It aims to create awareness and educate people about the ill-effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, the family, the workplace and society at large

An independent study undertaken by the specialist team of doctors of GHRC, who covered addicts from 25 states and 2 UTs of the country made remarkable conclusions. They were studied for ‘Effect of Rajyogi Lifestyle as taught by the BKs. It was found that 65% of the study subjects gave up the substance of abuse successfully within 1 month of starting the comprehensive practice of Rajyogi lifestyle & a total of 85% did so within 1 year. An extremely low number (3%) relapsed subsequently with almost nil withdrawals (less than 1%).

My india 1
My india 2
My india 3
BKs being honoured by Govt. of Maharashtra for their de-addiction services

International Day of Yoga

International yoga day
The International Yoga Day is celebrated every year on June 21 to highlight the fact that yoga can contribute in a holistic way to achieving an equilibrium between mind and body. Yoga is an ancient Indian practice which is very useful for curing many diseases and health disorders. Brahma Kumaris also celebrated International Yoga Day all over the country and across the world too by organizing hundreds of mass yoga camps. Besides this Central Council for Research in Yoga & Naturopathy (CCRYN), AYUSH Department, Govt. of India has sanctioned Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation Rs.1 lakh each on a reimbursement basis for 12 districts of India for organizing a 1-month yoga camp for the Celebration of International Day of Yoga.
International yoga day 1
International yoga day 2

Health Promoting Gardens

Gardens 1

Health Promoting Gardens is a novel concept by Medical Wing. Gardens promote physical health, mental health through relaxation and sasfaction. It can provide a harmonious space to relax, unwind, reflect and restore ourselves. BKs believe and follow cleanliness inside and outside. They are keenly interested in Environmental Health issues and offer lasting spiritual solutions to world problems. BKs have been entrusted with maintaining a number of gardens across the country.

Besides beautiful lawns, green trees, a variety of plants, play zones of kids, some of these gardens have special walking tracks (a combination of a variety of paths), reflexology paths, colored pyramids, yoga floors & meditation rooms.

Gardens 2
Gardens 3
Gardens 4
Gardens 5
Environment initiative

Environment Initiatives

Spirituality flourishes not just human nature, but also the nature we thrive on. Know more about our holistic approach to embrace environment and sustain Mother Earth.

Social ini min

Social Initiatives

Fulfilling a larger than life purpose, Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are working selflessly to uplift every section of the society and every aspect of life in various ways

Education initiative

Education Initiatives

Learn what we do for holistic development of individuals at all levels through various self-developmental programs and courses to cope up with the challenges of day-to-day life.