Rajyoga gives you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself and helps you re-discover and use the qualities and powers already latent within you. It enables you to build a positive attitude towards everything and develop new responses. Rajyoga meditation is an easy, natural, open-eyed technique that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Connect to GOD

Can we connect to God? If yes, how, when and where?

If all religions are pointing up towards God, see how a child puts two and two together, makes the connection and experiences God’s company. Then on, watch how his life changes and his responses to similar situations before and after the connection.

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Ongoing Campaign


It's time to repay Mother Nature for all that she has done for us. To restore land degradation join Kalp Taruh, a unique plantation initiative of the Brahma Kumaris, that combines the sacred process to nurture a tree as well as the individual through values. Let's make this a People's Project.


Inviting Bhagwat Gita scholars to submit Research Papers & win exciting prizes. The topic is 'The war described in Bhagavad Gita was non-violent. The violent Mahabharat war was different' or 'The God of Gita cannot be omnipresent'


Specialized offerings designed to facilitate spiritual experiences, suitable for individuals from all walks of life and vivid backgrounds

spiritual Wisdom

Access or download collection of Brahma Kumaris songs, commentaries, videos, classes, books, images and much more…

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08th June Soul Sustenance

08th June – Soul Sustenance

Crossing Negative Situations With Spiritual Power (Part 3) Situations are to be overcome without them creating a deep influence on our consciousness. It is said that tolerate situations with pleasure

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Brahma Kumaris (Estb. In 1936) is a women-led spiritual organisation, spread across 137 countries in 5 continents, with thousands of service centres committed to world renewal through spiritual empowerment of individuals. Our services are philanthropic and open to all irrespective of nationality, religion, caste, creed, color, gender, etc. We are designated official representatives to the United Nations, working as NGO in General Consultative Status with the ECOSOC & UNICEF.


Foundation of a LEADER

Foundation of a LEADER- Part II

‘Leader’- it isa word, a position, a label, a responsibility and much more. Last month, we had seen some important aspects of leadership. However, as it takes a lot more

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brahma kumaris WINGS

Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation (RERF), registered under the Societies Registration Act, XXI in 1982 is a sister organization of Brahma Kumaris, with 20 different wings to cater to the social, spiritual & educational needs of various sections of the society.

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Environment Initiative


Spirituality flourishes not just human nature, but also the nature we thrive on. Know more about our holistic approach to embrace environment and sustain Mother Earth.

Health Initiatives


A healthy mind stays in a healthy body. Learn the scientifically advanced measures and initiatives undertaken by the organization towards improving health of the society.

Education Initiative


Brahma Kumaris is a socio- spiritual and educational institution of international repute, committed to re-establishment of a value-based society through spiritual empowerment. Learn how.

Social Initiative


Fulfilling a larger than life purpose, Brahma Kumars and Kumaris are working selflessly to uplift every section of the society and every aspect of life in various ways.



Our services have a measurable mental, emotional, physical and societal impact. Explore yourself and be a part of it.

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